Sunday 26 May 2019


For which we say thank you kindly! So a nice long weekend. So what's been happening? Well we actually had another one last weekend as our daughter Lindsey treated us all to a Friday to Monday break in a thatched cottage 5 mins from the beach in Norfolk!

A lovely flint thatched cottage that was lovely and secluded.

A very pretty enclosed dog friendly garden.

The view of the back of the cottage.

Parts of the cottage were very old, I loved the kitchen window and old beams that were evident downstairs.

There were four bedrooms, although only three of us went along with the two dogs.We were lucky with the weather which was dry although a little cool on the Saturday. The table was set for tea when we arrived late Friday afternoon, with a lovely homemade Victoria sponge cake, which we slowly worked our way through over the weekend.

I don't know if you are the same, but whenever I stay in another place on holiday I  get inspired to make changes or resolve something once I'm back home , with my own house.

In this cottage there was a utility room just off the kitchen where the fridge/freezer was, along with washing machine etc but also the toaster. This helped settle in my mind, that I would move my toaster over to the 'breakfast' side of my kitchen to free up work surface by the stove. I said to Paul about doing this but had not got my act together but now my toasters been moved along with the coffee machine.

I also loved the flint wall across their back garden, here with Zak peeking through the gate, although in this case it's not something that can appear overnight once home but I'd love to be able to one somewhere in my garden one day.

It was the dogs first holiday and they just loved playing on the sand and also walking through the woods.But having the dogs long made it much harder to take my thinking through my doll photos, So I landed up taking photos as and where I could and working my story line round what I had which was why the photos are not as complete as they could have been.

I have been some what spoilt this week as I had not only Monday off but also Tuesday as I'm working next Saturday and due to staffing levels, I was given my toil day this week instead of in the coming week.Then I also didn't have to work this Friday just gone, so was able to go to visit my grand daughter Clara and spend the day.

While at my daughters I was telling her about how I intended to sort through all the old family photos and reduce them down to only keeping the best and throwing out the rest, after the girls have checked if they want any, and how I'd sorted out quite a few cookery and gardening books and given them away to charity, in order to get my new books on the book shelves and clear the space to move the Toaster etc.
She told me about a lady called Marie Kondo , on Netfick, who goes into peoples houses and shows them how to deal with their clutter and how she was now folding all their clothes , so she could find things easier. After Clara had finished her afternoon nap I looked at the now organised drawers and was very impressed.

These are a Marie Kondo photo of her folding method.

So I watched a couple of her programmes early yesterday morning and I'm planning to use her methods, apart from the thanking my clothes.. don't ask.. to help me de-clutter the house.
I have been slowly working my way through but her method may help me move on even more than I was.

So due to having a lovely weekend away we've not achieved anything on the kitchen this week although Paul is outside painting the first coat of blue on the top cupboard doors and since we don't have to work tomorrow, I'm hoping that they'll get fitted and a second coat added then!
We had planned to remove the lower cupboards and the sink and replace with the new ones but of course when I ordered them on Monday the delivery date was this coming Wednesday, too late for the bank holiday but we've plenty to be getting on with, so not really an issue.

Because I'm in the clearing out frame of mind, I'll be listing dolls on Ebay and my sales page later, not sure if any will be Sasha's but there needs to be a cull !

Despite the dogs efforts to destroy my circular Iris bed last year I'm pleased to say that it's survived and some of the Irises have been flowering this week.

I need to reset the brick border they've knocked about but at least the Irises are looking nice and healthy.

While away I wanted to get a photo of the dogs sitting nicely by front door of the cottage but needed Paul to get them to sit and stay, some of you will have seen this photo on my feed on FB, with the dogs totally giving the game away as to where Paul is 'hiding' !

 I did manage one with them looking ahead but had to move closer to get it! Which alas meant you cannot see the house.

So I have lots to do, so will wish you all a lovely healthy happy week ahead and go and start sorting!


Saturday 25 May 2019


It looks like Toby's arrived somewhere!

He checks the door and finds it's open...

He finds the table set for afternoon tea! Yum

Going into the kitchen he climbs up onto the window ledge and looks outside.

 He can see Dad in the garden with Rufus and Casper! How did he know they were here?

Watching he wonders if he should announce his arrival now? or go find somewhere to rest and wash his face?

At the same time, Zak , who managed to get out of the car while everyone was busy with the dogs watches through the garden gate.

He spots Toby looking out the window! How did he get here? He was sure no one else was hiding in the car!

Zak decides to climb the gate and sneak through the shrubs and plants to the back door , which is wide open.

Zak gets in and watches as Toby wanders round the hallways looking for a bed!

Creeping down the stairs Zak follows.

This door looks promising , thinks Toby

Reading the sign on the door, Toby says " Well thank you , I'm most happy to come aboard!"

Seeing the lovely big comfy bed Toby smiles" This will do nicely " he dumps his bag, climbs up and settles down for a long sleep. Zak grumbles as he settles down on the rug !He stomach rumbling...both fall asleep instantly.

and this is where Mrs Mum, whose received a call about two missing young villagers, finds them ! I won't show you the aftermath of this just tell you that there were tears, Zak's , red cheeks Toby's and a big dinner for one and a small crust of bread and jam for the other along with being banned from leaving the house for a month except to attend school !
All ended well but it could have been so different!


Alas not as adventurous as I'd hoped but I learnt that having two large excited dogs about can make it hard to get lots of photos , so I hope these few posts have at least given you all a flavour of Toby's Adventure and Zak stress ;)


Wednesday 22 May 2019


What's happened to the forest? It appears we're now at the beach..

Toby gives a big sigh ! The beach! It may be to cold to get out the swimming trunks but he loves to watch the sea !

He watches some dogs enjoying the surf , they look familiar?

Zak who just managed to wake in time to see which car Toby got a lift in and was able to grab a lift with a passing postman, decides it's finally enough! He's going to give Toby a telling off and demand he comes home with him!

Just as Zak's about to call out he sees someone he knows! realising he'd be in big trouble, he quickly vanished behind the rocks leaving Toby happily watching the sea!

Some how Toby's not seen and goes off along the beach towards the car park , while Zak spends his time looking over his shoulder and hiding between rocks following behind!

Casper looks down at a bedraggled Zak , wondering what he's doing at the beach? " you'd best hide in the back he tells him with a series of soft growls.

While Zak climbs wearily into the back  and hides under a cover, Casper watches as a certain other young villager wanders off down the road without a care in the world.


Monday 20 May 2019


The woods are big..

The trees tall and cover miles of ground...

 and look who is wandering through this shadowy place...

Keeping hold of his bag containing his very small stock of food, having already eaten most of it on his journey, Toby keeps a watch while he walks.

What this? wonders Toby heading towards it.

Shelter ! Toby stops and looks around... it's very quiet... was that a stick breaking? Maybe he'll keep walking until he gets out of the forest!

It seems a little brighter ! I must be getting closer to the edge ! Thinks Toby happily.

Hopefully It won't be long now says Toby out loud.

Why did I not just call for Mum ! Zak chastises himself ! I'm starving hungry , my feet are sore and I'd fed up !

Realising Toby hurried on while he's been daydreaming of a big fat burger with all the trimming, he wearily heaves himself over the fallen tree and follows behind.

 after another half an hours walking Toby finally settles down for a rest.

His bag is now empty but his tummy is rumbling. "this adventuring lark is hungry work! I wish i'd packed more food and money "
"Me too!"
Toby shakes his head... he was sure he heard someone agree with him! He looks around but no ones in sight!
It must be because I'm so hungry he decides, I'll just rest a few more minutes , then head to the road and thumb a lift!

Zak tummy is so hungry it's too weak to rumble , he wished he could remember what berries one could eat if lost in the woods!

Zak's so tired his eyes start to shut and he snuggles down against the tree, maybe he'll just have a quick five minutes rest while Toby sits around. Within seconds he's breathing deeply and out for the count.
Mean while Toby's decided he wants to find a lift before it gets too dark and has started walking towards the road, Zak dreams of a table covered with high tea, cakes and biscuits, tea and lemonade, his stomach makes a big growling sound... he almost wakes but no just one more cake ....he dreams...


Friday 17 May 2019


Zak " Toby  Toby !! Where you going? "

" Never you mind !" replies Toby not even turning

Then " I'm going on an adventure! there's nothing happening here but kitchen kitchen kitchen and now gardening!! So I'm off !"

What to do ! What to do! worries Zak...

What do you think Zak will do?

To be continued......


Monday 13 May 2019


Well another busy week , on Tuesday a stone hit my windscreen as a van passed me on the other side of the road and it made a loud noise, I couldn't see any damage but when I arrived at work , my windscreen had a long crack in it , in the middle at the bottom.
Of course I had to wait until Friday for it to be fixed, so missed a chance to visit my granddaughter and my daughter.

I'd intended to get some doll photos this weekend but alas the garden called me! Above is the tree peony's first full open flower.

The garden is thriving along with the weeds! Paul came out after I took these photos and cut the grass which so needed cutting and then by the time we'd tied this rose back, cut the that plant , emptied that pot, trimmed a bit of that hedge, pulled up some weeds,  the day was gone.

So wishing you all a lovely healthy week ahead.