Monday 30 April 2012


Today I went to visit my friend Gill for Lunch and I decided to take the reds for a visit .They were all very excited and quickly sorted themselves out, well all except Hattie who could not decide what to wear!
But soon we were on our way travelling through the early morning traffic.

My girls and boy took a moment to straighten themselves after their journey. While Gill's Reds had gathered in the conservatory to wait.

 After a few moments they all gathered together .

It was a bit stilted at first but they soon started chatting.

We managed to get them all facing front for a photo.

Whats this! Toby your hair is not red! Please move out the way!

Ok Toby if you want to be in the photo, get up on the back with Duncan and your sisters.

Gill's new boy Paddy has a chat with Duncan and Toby who have gone all shy!

Paddy tells them how he is loving his new home and brothers and sisters.

Paddy explains that he is off to his friends house for the afternoon but tells the boys he as left his football in the garden for them to play with, he leaves smiling.
Duncan and Toby go into the garden to play football, they look around but at first cannot see any football!

" Can you see the ball?" questions Toby " Must be somewhere" states Duncan leaning on the large round object!
It only when Toby falls over backwards that he sees the large terracotta football that they had been leaning on!

" That Paddy's a right laugh" says Duncan has Toby climbs up on the ball " he's left his football in the garden! Yeh! right "
Well we all enjoyed the warmer,dry weather and had a lovely visit.

Sunday 29 April 2012


Well I made the decision to sell a couple of Sasha's to put into a fund for any future Sasha purchase. So I would be ready should a Sasha, I wanted appear for sale!
While deciding which one's I would part with I picked one of the Gregor's who I call Ethan. So the sasha's and The Gregor were photographed and added to ebay and my page here for sale.

I have been talking about who I listed to my sister on the phone etc and the DH has been around and about but obviously taking note of what I have been saying.

Today he said to me " So which ones are you selling then?" I took him to where they were all standing and pointed to Ethan.
" Isn't he one of the twins?" he asked
"Well yes " I replied
" Well " he said " you should call yourself  Barnardo's because they split up families!"
Really! I was impressed that he remembered that the boys were twins ( their story is on an early blog) and amused that he was calling me a home for orphans!!

I had been feeling a bit bad that I was splitting up the boys, so I caved and took Ethan off of ebay ( don't really need much of a prod to remove a Sasha/gregor from sale!) so now he is staying...just hope the DH remembers his comment when I buy another Sasha and it comes out the family budget!!!

Well I'm off to find them some Dollydoodle gear! I know I have not got enough...Judith I hope there's some more basic's going on soon, there are two lad's here only half kitted out....


" Blimey! That was a close call" says Tristan giving his twin a hug " Thank goodness Dad asked the question before someone pressed buy now!"Gasped Ethan a little tearfully

" Just because we were upstairs and had not been out much thats no reason to split us up! " says Ethan crossly
" Yes Ben was upstairs with us and he did not get put on to sell" agreed Tristan.

" It's his Blue eyes and brown hair, all the ladies like that " States Tristan with authority
" Yes and he was half dressed in Dollydoodles gear " says Ethan " We need Some so we blend in and then she'll not try selling one of us again"

" That's right ! Lets go send Judith an email, I hope she's got some more gear! We'll have to mingle with the others until it arrives or it could be curtains for one of us!!" says Tristan
" What's it got to do with curtains?" asks Ethan bewildered
" No idea " says Tristan " come on lets get on the computer".

Saturday 28 April 2012

THE BOYS DO DOODLE................

What cold and wet weather we are having! It's rained here nearly all day and the ground has stayed wet and the air cold, so not much chance for the boys to play.
But they did manage to get outside for a very quick run round the garden and I nabbed them for a photo shoot.

They were hard to keep still.

" Toby, stop trying to run off! " I say. He had a grumble , they really need to have a good run but in this weather...

Zac, Ben,  Duncan and Adam are very good and stay still long enough for me to take a couple of photo's.

LtoR-Percy, Toby, Zac, Ben, Duncan and Adam

I love them in their great Dollydoodle outfits, looking like a little gang , it's taken a while but they now all
have a set of clothes each.In fact Zac has a top similar to Toby but I cannot find it!! I will have to have a proper search.


Well by now most if not all of you will have seen the the two most gorgeous np red haired Sasha's on Shelly's for hearts desire there in front of a price.........
I am a Sashaphile! so the scheming began......the first beauty was way out of reach but maybe just maybe I could find the money for the it began.....

1/ Look into Sasha fund..........empty!

2/ consider selling all the lovely clothes that the Sasha's own.......too nice cannot part with any!

3/ consider selling daughter that lives at home to white she'd too clever will find her way home and then I'm in trouble!

4/ Consider selling DH to white slavers......too old and hornery would not get much , may even have to pay them!!!

5/ How much would two nine year old Westies fetch?.......Hamish is a big coward and Izzy is short sighted, if she sees something she's not noticed before , she jumps and then growls until you show it to her!!

What to do What to do.....It will have to be the white slavers.. maybe I could get a package deal on the pair of them! well I was half way out the door, when I came to my senses...........

They are lovely and I do soooooooooo want them but It is obviously not meant to one is out there an old second hand shop, covered in dirt looking like she should be in the bin! but much nearer the price I can afford...

But I would say just one last thing.....I think the people in this house should sleep with one eye open until those Sasha's say sale pending or sold......

Friday 27 April 2012


I recently put a little blog about finding storage for my Sasha and Gregor shoes and boots, so that it would be easier to find the style and colour required when changing their outfits.
Well a Sasha friend sent me some photo's of her collection of shoes, boots, socks etc and their storage, she did not want me to show her pictures because she felt that she had so many!

Mmm the lady in question has been collecting Sasha's for more years than me and I think that if everyone was to put on pictures of their Sasha's shoes , we would all be unsurprised at how many we all own! Well I showed you my new little drawer store unit, what I did not show you was the box I bought to put the boots in.....see below....

There was not enough room in the box for all the boots, some are still being worn on Sasha's still waiting to be changed into more summery clothing.

I had to put some of the ugg style boots into another little box! and that still left me with the drawer that these had all come out of....

which is now much tidier and ...yes there is more....another drawer below but which I have not photographed because it's still a mess and also as other items not just shoes etc.

So there they are the shoes etc that my Sasha's need in order to be correctly dressed!!! and do you know the worst of it! I still have to take shoes off one Sasha in order to put them on another Sasha so she can have her picture taken with the correct colour matching shoes!!!!

All I can say is thank goodness they are so small because I would need a small room to keep that amount of shoes if they were all for me......My shoes could fit in a tiny cupboard and half of them , which when I bought them they were comfortable until I got them home and they cut me to ribbons!! So do not even get worn. At least I know my Sasha's shoes fit and I have yet to hear them complain that they hurt!!!

Thursday 26 April 2012


Claudia and Miriam have changed into dresses now that it's getting closer to May, hoping that they may see some sun soon.

Claudia is in a pretty yellow print dress and Rosie Bloom sandals and Miriam is in a lovely red and black print dress.

Claudia is a 1970 Sasha with lovely dark brown eyes.

Such lovely thick wavy hair ...But is falling....but there is plenty there at the moment.

Miriam is a 1970's sasha

" It's nice to wear some pretty clothes" says Claudia to Miriam
" Yes " agrees Miriam " hopefully we will get some sunny weather soon"

Hattie comes in " Hello Girls, you look nice in your new dresses"
" Thank you" they say at the same time.

" Are you going to change into a summer dress?" Claudia asks Hattie.
" No way! " replies Hattie " It's too cold and wet to be changing "

" I cannot go cycling in a dress!" she states
"It's too wet to go cycling" exclaims Miriam
"You'll get soaked!" worries Claudia

"Well I cannot stand about, I have to find Hoppit, so we can cycle round the village "
turning Hattie hurry's away.

Once Hattie as hurried away Claudia says to Miriam " Didn't Hattie look nice in her sweater dress and hat and boots.
" Yes " replies Miriam " But we had better not tell her or she'll realise that it's not 'Helena' and then she'll go and change!"
"Look the sun has come out! " " lets get our coats and have a quick walk in the garden"

The girl's rush off, who knows how long the sun will last!!!


Now the problem with being a Sashaphile is that you cannot resist Sasha's! They can appear at any time and on any site and Bam!
You want her ! You Crave Her !You must have her!...and then when she is on her way to you ,you suddenly remember that a box containing a Sasha arrived just that morning! So this would be number two and in as many days!!
The DH is a lovely, tolerent man but even he has his she arrives she goes into a cupboard only to see the light of day when you are able to play alone and unseen, which is not often.The trouble with this is that you do not get a chance to enjoy her and this can make you unsure about if you truely like her!
I could tell the DH that I'm coming out of the closet ! But he may get the wrong idea! and who knows where that conversation would lead........

So you are wondering ? We have seen the slate eyed Dorcas who popped out for a few minutes in the sun, is there another! When will it end!

Well yes there is another !, who was an impulse buy and who because I have had so little time with her , makes me unsure of if I truely want to keep her! But when I took the pictures today, I did feel more kindly towards her, I think she just need to come out the closet and be with the rest.

I have called her Bonnie and she is a 1969 Sasha thats been given a real hair reroot by Alison and with repainted eyes by Shelly.

She is wearing my very first dress outfit from Ruth Hartley a lovely dress and pants set with socks and purple sandals.
I am not very good at taking the close up pictures and in this one her eyes looks odd but that due to my photo not her eye!

She is going to have to start mingling soon, I may be needing her space in the cupboard, I have just seen a Sasha I Want ! I crave ! I really must have.............................................

Sunday 22 April 2012

APRIL 23rd

Where is little George off to?....

 Looks like he's been raiding the fridge!

But who is hiding in the bushes?

What's this George is sitting right where his brothers Toby and Zac saw a Dragon!!

Oh No! look who has come round the corner.....

Why he looks quite shy! and sad.........

" Your brothers ran away! " accused the dragon in his deep voice.
George smiled at the dragon .
" They did not bring me any dinner! I'm starving" cried the Dragon, his stomach rumbling like thunder as if in agreement.

George gives the Dragon a hug and tells him (in baby talk) that they had been frightened and not realised that the Dragon was a vegatarian and would not eat them.

Drago the dragon feels better after George explains what happened and starts to eye up all the nice things George has bought him for his dinner.

George laughs happily riding on Drago's back while Drago tucks into his dinner.."Mmm" sighs Drago " You are a saint for bringing me this lovely food George"

                                           GEORGE AND THE DRAGON


DONT MAKE ME COME ROUND THERE..................................


I saw a dress on ebay that was just right for one of my girl's, it is 60's in style and my 69 FCP Nancy told me she just had to have it,Please !
Well lucky for her I managed to win the bidding and yesterday before the rain came,she did a bit of modelling . Below is our photo shoot.

The boots came on a Sasha I purchased and the hat from Shelly's clothes page.

You can see that Nancy is really getting into this modelling lark!

Nancy is very happy with her new dress by Frances , now she tells me she needs a mini cooper painted in the Union Jack!