Friday 31 May 2013


Edward and Mossy are sitting on the bench that's finally out in the garden!

"Ah ! " sighs Edward " What a beautiful day"
Mossy does not reply , so Edward sits happily in the silence.

Edward is enjoying the quiet until Mossy suddenly jumps up.
"Summer's coming!" he says
"Yes " reply's Edward " Maybe it's finally here "

"S...u...m..m..e..r...." say's Mossy in a whisper...

When Mossy finally sits back down and it's all quiet again. Edward wonders if he should get Mrs mum to take Mossy to the bear doctor's for a check up!

The two little bear's..oops, the bear and panda sit enjoying the sunshine that's finally appeared after such a long winter.....

Several hours later Mossy is passing the front door when he thinks he hears someone knocking. He hopes it's not that cat from number ten looking for a cup of milk!!
After a long struggle, he is only small!, he finally manages to get the door open. There is no Cat in sight!

 " Hello" says a young girl " my names Summer "

" I knew you were coming !" says Mossy surprised at his own words!

Summer climbs on to the doorstep. putting her case and bear down carefully.

"Is your bear all right? " asks Mossy looking at the girl's bear lying on the case.
" Oh Marjorie is just tired, it was a long walk from the bus stop"
"Well you'd best come in and I'll find Mrs mum , she'll want to meet you "
Mossy takes Summer and Marjorie into the house in search of Mrs Mum.

Monday 27 May 2013


To view this post you may want to go and make a cup of tea or coffee and allow several minutes, due to interest shown in my garden I am going to give you a tour. I came across these photo's that Paul, the DH, took last year in june and july, I have resized them and there are loads.....I will try not to use to many but it is a long garden 150 ft by 30ft narrowing down to 21 ft. it was mainly empty and full of old falling down shed and lawn when we moved in 8 years ago and we are forever changing it trying to get the look we are after.

It is broken down into several 'rooms' and you can that two different routes when you get half way down.

I'll wait while you get that cuppa........

Ready? then I'll begin......

This is a view from the patio into the first garden.The gazebo at the side was here when we arrived but we put on the roof to give us some shade due to the garden being south facing and constantly in the sun.

To get into first garden we go through the rose arch which is covered with several different David Austin roses, honeysuckle and clematis.

The view looking out from the side of the gazebo towards the gated arch into the flower garden.

This is the first garden which the birds are fed and watered in and the dogs can have free reign.So is mainly shrubs with the odd perennial .

The other side with Statue and shrubs and trees.

A view through the gate into the flower garden.So called because this is where we are trying to fill the borders with perennial's.

The flower garden has two covered seats opposite each other and the grass is curved to form a circle with planting in each corner.The sun dial is in the centre on a small paved circular base.

another corner, with the DH's workshop behind the trellis.

The third corner which you can see the start of the delphinium's .

and the final corner showing a lot more colour with the honeysuckle spilling over the trellis walls and red campion, pink geraniums and white and pink roses.

Now we come to the Cloisters, so named because of the cobbled and rectory paving. You will be familiar with this area due to me using it for lots of my Sasha post photo shoots. We used this to change the level by stepping up onto here and then down into the next part.

 A view from the Cloisters into what we call the italian rose garden.

A view of the seat in the Italian Rose garden which has a gravel path running right round the edge, with a box area that contains David Austin roses three of the same colour in each compartment and a standard rose tree in the centre.

another view showing the opposite end with the grape vine covering the trellis with the terracotta pots of citrus bushes of Lime and Tangerine . A pink american pillar rose covers the trellis at the far end, by the head of David.

This photo shows the workshop from which you step down into this area.

From the Italian Rose garden you go through the Lych gate into the raised garden, this photo shows the Lych gate from the seat area.

This is a view through the Lych Gate taken last year in July.You can see the start of the path that winds round this area and the roof of the greenhouse over in one of the back corners.

To one side is a covered area that the DH dug out to form a damp space, the trellis and netting forming a roof to give some shade.

The statue is of the water Nymph.

This is along the path looking back at the Lych Gate from what we call the raised garden. the water Nymph is over to the right of this photo.

This path leads to a central point, not shown which branches two other ways one towards the far right hand corner at the back of the garden and the other to another archway that links with an original path that runs to the back gate and to the greenhouse.

 This is start of path that winds to right hand back coner.

Some of the flowers in the raised border.If you look closely you can just make out the table and chairs in the far right hand corner.

This is where that right hand path ends at a nice shady seating area with shade loving plants around the slightly raised paved circle. This area is shaded by trees outside the back garden fence a lovely spot to keep cool on a very hot day.

This is looking back from the shady seating corner along the path back towards the Lych Gate, this is also where I took yesterdays photo's of Anastasia. This photo was taken last July, so much more growth and colour.

 Going back up towards Lych gate this is water Nymph from another angle.

Turning left from Lych gate past the water Nymph you come to the arch to the original path, this is the rose Gertude Jekyll which is not only beautiful but smells beautiful too!

On the other side is the rose Mortimer Sackler.

Looking back towards the Lych Gate from the path to greenhouse across the raised bed.

Slightly closer view.

 View of path to greenhouse and back gate.

And the final bed which was just designed last year with ferns , you saw the more recent photo of this when Edward and Mossy met the Seer.

Well I hope you have enjoyed the tour, there a couple of missing area's due to  these being photo's taken for our records and not for a tour, I'll take a couple of the missing places another time and list them later in the year....what no more please!...oh ok..well you did ask to see the garden......

Sunday 26 May 2013


I am trying to bond with my NP girl Anastasia , so we went into the garden for a small photo shoot.

We went into the flower garden were there is already some colour.The red Rhododendron at the back of the corner is in full flower , just to the side is a Geranium, a deep dark purple that grows well in shade and right in front is a Bergenia.

I am pleased with this photo of Anastasia surrounded by the green foliage with the splash of pink in front.

We moved up into the raised garden and found these lovely blue flowers for her to pose behind.

This part of the garden gets more shade in the late afternoon , lots of green but flower's still to come.

 A longer view of her standing with the early evening sun still shining on the middle of the garden.

I found Sophie who was on her way out with Hattie to the youth club in the Village.She agreed to let me take a photo.

The girl's are on their way for a talk at the youth club on design and the media!.

The girl are very excited to show off their new frilled tops and Hattie's frilled trouser by Petrana fashions, Sophie's teamed hers with a pair of dusky pink cord crops by her aunty Michelle.

The girl's are not gone too long and are full of what they have seen and heard .

I managed to get a few more photo's of them in their frills!

 Sophie looks very pretty in pink.


While I was taking some photo's of things to sell on ebay due to it being a free listing weekend
the DH came up and placed this on my studio background and followed with the words....

"Tell your son to put his tools away when he finishes in my workshop" !!!!!!

I do believe my village clan are starting to get to him.....  :)

Friday 24 May 2013


TWELVE Bramber Bears
sitting on the bench
one made a terrible noise
causing quite a stench!

 " Oops excuse me " Diggory leaves...

ELEVEN little Bramber Bears
sitting in a row
one remembers a job to do
takes his leave and goes.

" Oh I am supposed to be helping Percy " says Percy

TEN little Bramber Bears
trying to fit on
"Your taking too much room up"
So he gets up and he's gone!

" It's not my fault I'm a warrior bear" grumbles Cirrus leaving the room.

NINE little Bramber bears
sitting nice and cosy
Aimee decides to wander off
and check the neighbours How nosey!

" I'm sure they are having work done, a new sofa arrived yesterday "

EIGHT little Bramber bears
start to toss and turn
Gertie's says she's had enough
she's off to school to learn

" I'm going to learn how to keep them bears in order!" she mutters going off..

SEVEN Little Bramber Bears
feeling very sleepy
Hugo decides to go to bed
making life more easy

" Goodnight everyone I'm off for a nap"

SIX Little Bramber Bears
discuss their mum's and dad's
One goes in search of hers
which makes the others sad

" I wonder which one's my mum? or dad? " says Annie wandering off

FIVE little Bramber bears
argue who goes next
one makes the offer
to put them to the test

" I'll go?" says Gloria, and then does when no one begs her to stay " Well how unfriendly " she sighs going on her way.

FOUR Little Bramber Bears
it's getting nice and roomy
one decides to leave the bench
it's getting rather gloomy.

 " Do you remember when Dexter went? " "And Violet and..."

THREE Little Bramber Bears
can now lay top to toe
until another hears a call
She really has to go.

" Did you hear that?" says Lila " I'm sure that was my little miss, I'd best go check"

TWO Little Bramber Bears
eye each other up
Mrs mum calls out for tea
"Who would like a cup?"

"Oh " says Edward " must dash, Mrs Mum's got in fresh bamboo for my sandwiches, no crusts!"

ONE Little Bramber Bear
feeling all alone
decides to go and call a friend
he's off to find the phone.

" I'll  give Delores a ring, not spoken to her in a while " mutters Mossy on his way to find the phone.

NO Little Bramber Bears
taking all the chair
So Storm gets on to sing this song
her sweet voice fills the air...

" Twelve Little teddies sitting on a bench..twelve little teddies...."

"Did you hear that?"
"Yes, what a sweet sound"
" yes lets go and join in"
"Yes lets "

All singing together " And if one little teddie should accidentally fall"
" Yes " says Mossy " Fall off the bench"
" No !" says Hugo
" You fall off "
" No your closest"
" Well I am also the smallest so you fall off "
The others carry on singing over their arguing.....