Sunday 31 May 2015


So Hattie decides today to inspect all the work going on in the garden

She was more than happy to have a chance to get outside now that the rain had stopped.

She inspected the new path.. luckily she gave it her approval !

" Is that piece level? " she asked , I hurried her towards the new table....

She loved the new table being so much bigger than the last one and so pretty with it's carving.

" Can I see the flowers? " asked Hattie
" Of course "

" Goodness ! You have to plant all these? "
" Yes "
" Maybe you'd best stop buying more or you'll never get the job done!" she smiled cheekily

" I like this plant what is it? " asks Hattie climbing into the pot and inspecting the leaves
" It's an acer "
" Acer? Well it's very nice but since it's starting to rain I think I'll go back indoors and watch a film with Dame Helena in it "
" When was Helena made a dame? "
Hattie looks back with a glare " Well not yet but I keep sending the queen a letter every week, sooner or later she'll do as I ask!" then turning away she hurries in doors  shouting to the others " It's Helena movie time!! Someone make the popcorn while I select the film!! " the door slams shut and the rain falls heavier but who cares when Helena's about to entertain !


Well according to my blog today's post is number 1000 ! Don't know how that got here so quick! but then my family would say I can be a chatter box and that I do love to write, so that must be the reason.
Of course it had to be Hattie to help celebrate this blog mile stone , it would have been nice to do a proper storyline but that will have to wait for a couple more weeks!
But Thank you to everyone who pops by to look at my photo's and read my ramblings, be shocked by who I have sold and astonished by who I have bought! Thank you for sharing your photos , stories and words and pausing to comment on the blog or tell me by email or when we meet that you have read or seen this blog. Your photos and words are greatly appreciated. xxx

Friday 29 May 2015


Well it's being a very busy year what with one thing and another! We are busy every weekend and some evenings at the moment working on the garden getting it ready to open, along with other garden's in the village , for the local Church.

Which is very tiring, then this week I have had to work all week plus this coming Saturday ! due to half term and having people off on holiday plus on Thursday morning I got up at 3 am to take Lindsey to get her coach to Heathrow and she is now in France on her three month art course.

So The blog is having to take a back seat at the moment but once the garden open day is over I will have time to get back in gear!

But I was looking for a photo to put on with this post when I decided to Tot up which new dolls had arrived so far this year! especially as there seems to be so many!!

So first up was

Darcy a girl too beautiful to miss, especially being a red haired No Navel girl !

Then Sebastian and Samuel arrived within a day of each other, Sebastian is on a long term foster so does not count in the ' new dolls' totals.

Then out of the blue Oliver and Olivia arrived , these two were just meant to come here and who am I to go against fates wishes?

They were quickly joined by Anoushka  a no nose I just fell in love with as soon as I saw her on Shelly's.

And that was were I truly thought it was the end for a good few months....until I spotted this young lady on E bay...

The Beautiful Meredith a single fringe 68 girl, I just love the 68 dolls , so when I saw her and believed her to be a 68 girl ....

and then again that was going to be the last for a few months  ......

but what's a Sashaholic to do when

A sweet little dot like this appears on Shelly's looking for a new mum? I could not be so hard as to leave her there waiting ,maybe for months for someone to give her a home , now could I?

and then Millie snuck in ... I had been looking for a Cora for about a year and a couple of times missed out buying one, so when I saw this young girl I bid and fully expected to lose out but she was obviously meant to come here because here she is!!

So It's even worse than I thought as my total above count to EIGHT!!  but I have another girl waiting to arrive as my Birthday present later next month.....I thought she was number eight! but I now realise she's number NINE
So It would appear I only have ONE purchase left... and maybe not even that..... I cannot say why at only time will tell on that front......

I have sold lots of Sasha clothes and a few babies and dolls to purchase all the above, some non Sasha dolls and clothes as well.but now I am getting to the stage where the ones I have I want to keep, only a couple could move on at least that should stop this years run away train....

Well at least the total so far is four Trendon and four Gotz , that seems a good mix.


Tuesday 26 May 2015


Dawn and Rosie have asked me to put the word out about a Sasha meeting to be held at Dawn.

It's to be held on JUNE 21st from 12 Noon at Dawn's House near Banbury.
An informal get together, sales tables etc.

All Sasha collectors are welcome. No charge but please R.S.V P      BY JUNE 14th to either

Dawn      **               @virgin.             net


Rosie    Shortellr          **                  @gmail.             com 

I have split the email addresses so as to stop any spam just remove the two ** from the centre.

Dawn and Rosie are looking forward to seeing those who can attend.

It's a great Sasha event and I for one will be attending.

This is Ginny and Ashley waiting to be let in back in June 2013, you can see how they got on if you check back on the left side bar for 2013 June, then Dawn's Sasha day.






Congratulations to EMMA who sent in this lovely photo of her girl who does indeed look like she is pondering !

I thought for a moment we had a three way split and I would have to make the hard decision with a casting vote. So I rechecked all the votes sent to me privately and found that I had omitted to put on two for number two, so I was saved from casting my vote!

Many thanks to all who took the time to vote and all who are sending in these wonderful photo's for us to ponder over!! Sorry couldn't help myself! :)

Looking forward to seeing what arrives for June.


Monday 25 May 2015


I finally got some time to welcome Millie into the Village clan. She's now had a wash including her hair and changed into a lovely bright batik dress by Michelle.

I do love these vibrant dresses.

It was quite hard to catch the true colours in this dress.

Still muted but I do like her in this.


Still a few flowers to go in yet! But that means we can use them for a photo shoot like today's.

Finally this one shows the beautiful vibrant colours in the dress.


Well Millie's very happy to finally have escaped the worse original outfit put on a Sasha and is looking forward to many changes of clothes over the coming months and no more woolly knickers!!


Sunday 24 May 2015







Friday 15 May 2015


Here are May's photo's for the competition to win the lovely Sasha sized photo frame.
You can send a private vote or vote in the comment section. Only one vote per person.



NUMBER THREE                   LET'S PLAY !

NUMBER FOUR                                                 LOST !

NUMBER FIVE                                      THE NEST




Please send them in by 6 pm tonight, thank you.


Wednesday 13 May 2015


Ginny from A Passion for Sasha, as asked me to let you all know that she's made three items for auction in aide of the Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

The Clothkit's company offered a piece of their off cuts to anyone who donated money to the Nepal appeal, then they were challenged to make something from the fabric to raise more towards the appeal.

Ginny's made these three items from her piece of fabric  and put them on ebay for auction. Please go check them out and if you bid you will be helping a very good cause.

A lovely Toddler set item number 291463853721

A dungarees set

and this lovely Pinafore dress.

I love them all and Ginny's made a great job of placing the motifs in just the perfect place.

The Auctions end on Saturday, so don't be slow or they will go!!


Tuesday 12 May 2015


Well I had given Mabel Lucie a wash, a photo shoot for the door gift and was about to redress her when..... one of her arms dropped off! I knew she was loose but... anyway while I was looking at the arm that was off the second one decided to join it!!

Of course did I have any cord to re string her? No , so I tried to re string for now with the string she has but her hooks in the arms are quite long, so by the time Paul had pinched the hooks over the string, her arms were on but very floppy!

However she will have to remain that way until I can find the right cord and re done her arms.

Finally I was able to dress her in a pair of dungarees that I just knew would look nice on her and in keeping with her 'old' world look.

I bought these thin navy with tiny pink spot Dungarees, which came with a pink and white long sleeved striped top from an America lady off ebay and I just love it.

She's not looking too bad even with her arm problems.

I am loving this little waif's look.


Mabel Lucie is looking at another thing that dropped off! Well it did not drop unfortunately a day of quite strong wind broke my tree peony ! Of course the worse damaged part was the stem with the only flower on it!!

But Paul cut the stem and I put the flower into this white jug and over the next two days it's opened up to this gorgeous deep pink flower.

Shame it could not stay on it's stem but hopefully next year we'll have some more to enjoy.


Sunday 10 May 2015


I thought I would share this on here as well as the Chat n Snap blog.
A few month's back I was buying a beautiful dress from the very talented Kath Barnet and explained that it was for the raffle of the Sasha doll at the Chat n Snap.
Kath asked what that was, so after a few emails and a referral to the blog, Kath asked me if I had a door prize?
Having no idea what this was, she explained that it was prize that was won by by someone who was attending the event and that if I did not have such a prize she'd like to donate one.

Agreeing it was a wonderful idea and thanking her for her generosity, I waited to see what would arrive.

So with many many thanks to Kath for her gift, here being modelled by new girl Mabel Lucie is the prize for one of those who actually attends the Chat n Snap.

Please note the shoes and socks are NOT part of the prize.

This wonderful three piece set by Kath of a smocked dress, pants and hat.

What's not to lovely about these outfit.

The fabric is gorgeous.


A closer look at the smocking.

There it is the Door Prize.

Once again a big Thank you to Kath for the idea and the Donation. I am sure there will be lots like me who will be hoping to win this lovely set.

Details of how it works can be found on the Chat n Snap blog site.