Wednesday 31 October 2018


To all those who celebrate it.

Now the village kids are off to cause a little hubble bubble toil and trouble....


Sunday 28 October 2018


How'd that happen so quick? These months do just seem to be shooting past at a great rate !

Well now that the Chat n Snap is over for another year and it appears to have gone well and everyone to have enjoyed themselves, which is what it's all about, Friends getting together for a good time. I can move on to other things.

Violet , who's not been changed for a while, was very happy to get to wear the new Ginny dress , now she's asking if her sister can have the same dress ! They usually dress the same but different but now they are starting to want the same things!

Although cold here today  the sun is shinning, so it was hard to get a photo of the true colour of the dress.

and I did try!

Halloween is just round the corner  and then it's time to think about Christmas ! Cannot believe I'm saying that! But Granny Fortuna is sending me letters , she does not do email! , everyday !! listing all the things that need to happen before she can open her shop in the village and is now talking about how much in lost revenue I will owe her , if I don't get it sorted soon!

So It appears the list of things that need doing is getting longer yet again!

I've not been buying Sasha's lately and in fact have sold a few , along with a few other dolls and can finally see a little space opening up in the doll cupboards.

 Earlier on this year I did buy this little Boneka doll by Diane Effner , what drew me to her was her period costume, I just love history and also much of the clothing that was around. Of course an idea came to mind when I finally decided to buy her but I'll leave that for when she makes her entrance in a future Sasha tale.

Magda also finally got a change of clothes today as I received this gorgeous cardigan in the post this week. I'd been looking at it on Etsy for a good while and finally, now it's getting cold, made the decision to buy it and I'm so glad I did.

Magda insisted that you see a full length photo since Violet seems to have so many on.. her words not mine !
 Magda is also demanding I put Olivia back together ( she's waiting for a new arm insert ) she wants her button nosed sister back before Christmas!

So I'm going to make November my , get those dolls sorted month! So I'll have thirty days ...... more than enough... what could possibly take longer....

Now the cold weathers started, we're started putting the garden to bed for the winter, so clearing the greenhouse, making good the insulation and  moving the plants that need some cover against the cold inside.
Other pots will go into the sheds to keep them out of the cold and damp, the banana's and tree ferns all need wrapping and places found to shelter pots where we can. Then it's covering all the garden furniture that needs it.
So we started some of this, this weekend but still lots more to do.

Also this weekend we were playing musical furniture, because we saw an antique two seat high backed sofa/love seat a few weeks back and we'd been talking about getting one ,once Paul finished work , then what happens we saw this, which we both liked.

So we thought about it and then realised it was such a good price, if we needed to have it recovered it would still be a good price compared to getting a new one once he finished. So we bought it!
Which of course meant it would need a place to wait until it's proper place was available! So now we have one sofa on it's side tucked into the corner of our bedroom , which we are planning on decorating! , and the new one blocking the french doors into the garden from the kitchen !
But since we don't often open those doors and almost never in the winter months, that's not a problem.

We were pleased to find that the fabric is in very good condition and just needs a clean, we have covered the seat with a piece of tapestry fabric, because of course, as soon as we sat on it, so did the dogs. It is lovely and comfortable and supports our backs, much better than our sofa's in the living room !

So I have a full week ahead, with working at a different branch tomorrow, involving a longer drive and a nightmare roundabout! Then a trip to visit Princess Clara and her mum on Tuesday followed by working the rest of the week including Friday and Saturday ! So hopefully I'll be able to put on a photo or two of the dolls as they change into warmer clothing, the boys are now grumbling about no blog time!!

Have a great week and enjoy Halloween.

Dee x

Friday 26 October 2018


One of the things about the Chat n Snap is that because the photos are shared on the facebook group and also the different blogs. People who have not attended can to see what was available on the sales tables.

I then get requests asking  if the doll etc is still available and then I pass those details on to the sellers and more selling is done.

I myself almost always land up coming home , then think I wish I'd bought so and so or had a second look at such n such, and so it was this time.

So many of these dresses I wouldn't mind having.

I was soon messaging Petrana about this dress , I've liked it for ages and when I saw it on her sales table I thought I'd go back for it but of course forgot! So a message and it was on it's way to me. Yes it's more of a spring /summer dress but I'm pleased to have it ready and waiting.

another thing I liked the look of was Chris Meatyard's blue and white dinner/tea set but I totally forgot to go check it out and I thought do I really need another tea set ? Not really....

But then I thought just where I could use it and so another message was sent and the tea set was on it's way here.

I thought it would look lovely on the dresser in the old style kitchen I am setting up. Now of course I'm thinking it would look even better on a wooden dinning room dresser! I'll have to keep a look out  for one!

Chris very kindly included this wonderful set of glass salt, pepper and mustard pot with spoon and tray! Sorry the photo is not so clear but I forgot to take one of it close up.

I had not even noticed this on her table and would definitely have bought it if I'd seen it as I just love anything of this quality in miniature.

That's one of the great things about a doll gathering ,where sales tables are involved, it's amazing what people can have for sale!

Now I'm just off to study everyone's photos again just in case I've missed any more treasure!!


Wednesday 24 October 2018


Winner of the unable to attend the Chat n Snap 2018 Halloween dance goes to .......

 Maisy and her Mum Julie for all their hard work making this great trick or treat outfit.

A great outfit but with just that little bit of spooky..


Tuesday 23 October 2018


While their brother or sister were strutting their stuff at the Halloween dance the others were meeting up with old friends and gossiping and making requests of their parents in regard to all the goodies they could see on the sales tables.

 some more attendee's

These came dressed for cold weather but the day turned out nice and sunny and quite warm, not that we noticed much...

Looking at the baby


A lovely colourful group here in Ginny of a Passion for Sasha dungarees I believe.

 some gingham misses

Quite a few NP's amongst this group of children

Lovely pair of girls prettily dressed.

a little gotz girl looking after the baby.

A few more Gotz children with their friends.

Curly came with his gavel and was most disappointed he did get to hit something! Hele was keeping a close eye!

Now I recognized this lass in the elf boots the minute I saw her, love the outfit, once long ago she used to live here in the village and was one of the first re-roots by Jackie Rystrom.

 Someone's come straight from their baseball game !

a ooak girl

When I first spotted these toddler's I thought they had white sticks !

Another couple who came expecting bad cold weather.

 and right at the end another NP lass, looking fabulous in silver !

So what did I buy this year, well due to an issue I am having with something I sold to an unscrupulous buyer, my funds were almost nothing until I started making a few sales.

 The first thing I bought was this piano! It does work! it's from the thirties and just a little small  height wise but I'm going to have it raised up by an inch or two and may or may not repaint it all apart from the design on the front.

From Ginny I bought these outfits.

 Plus this sweet little baby hat.

 From Jane W I bought this baby hat and a large trifle.

made by Jane , very clever, wonder what she'll be selling next year!

From Petrana I bought these two outfit's the dress she striped off her poor doll !

 and from Gayle I bought this great Ruth Hartley double smocked dress.

There was of course so much more I would have loved to have bought but I'll be contacting a few of the sellers over the coming months to see if I can buy what I missed.

I was quite lucky and had four raffle tickets come up ! Problem is when you are calling them it's hard to pick things , so it was a very very quick look and then back to the calling.

The green sweater is too big for Sasha but I thought it may suit one of my other dolls.

I managed to sell a couple of dolls plus another two later, so a very good day in the end.


Monday 22 October 2018


Sasha people are incredibly generous,so the raffle table was soon bursting which wonderful prizes.

A baby and Two Sasha's , a prize for a dress to be made , a pile of fabric to make some dresses etc .

Piled high


some Rosie bloom shoes!! plus Teddies.

This Blonde Sasha held a secret in her bag, a voucher for Petrana's website for £100 of clothing!

The raffle raised £582 ! not bad for a quiet Saturday.

 Two dolls on the adoption table who found new homes.

 another Sasha hoping for adoption.

I have to say that Sasha doll collectors are some of the most generous people I have ever come across and it shows here with the amount of prizes and the some raised.

One more post of the dolls that attended and stood about gossiping and calling out to their mothers to spend spend spend !


Sunday 21 October 2018


Well those sales tables were heaving with Sasha delights ! Treasure on every single one !

 A snippet of Michelle's table  of goodies.


Jane Woodward's

Ginny of A Passion for Sasha.




 Janet's ... Gayle and Janet shared a table

Chris Meatyard's

Jane Denham  ( Woodbridge )

Diane Dukes

Dolly Doodles

I also had a table with a few things on but totally forgot to take a photo of mine! So that's just a snippet of what was on the tables, if you'd like to see more photos they are on the Chat n Snap blog. or see side bar to take you straight there.

more tomorrow.