Wednesday 31 December 2014


Well another year over! time seems to pass so quickly! But then everyone says that, so it must be true.
Lots happened this year as usual a few Sasha's left the village, some very missed and some newcomers arrived who are very welcome!
Like most Sasha lovers the Sasha's change as your taste does. You may have started with the younger more inexpensive dolls swearing never to pay the much higher prices and then one catches your eye and you decide that that one's worth it and then you are off down another slippery slope!

Nowadays I have most of the Sasha's that I want but that's not to say that there are not one or two others out there who would be welcome in come live in the village.
I have spent some of my year getting in a few more items of furniture or props to help make the scenes more realistic.

This years Chat n Snap was very well received and well attended. many brought quite a few of their Sasha's being unable to decide who had to stay behind and therefore we had the most Sasha's Gregor's and Babies plus a record amount of Toddlers in one place probably since the factories were running!
There was a great display of Course dolls for people to see and hold, so giving people a chance to see up close how nice these part of the Sasha story are.

We also had Janet's take on the Studio dolls from the Sasha book, she is still working on this project that she set herself of 22.
This years theme was 'all the fun of the fair ' which was well received.Next years Chat n Snap is booked for the 24th of October more details will be released in early January when you will be able apply for a ticket.

We raised £660 for The Alzheimer Society , so well done to all those who took part and those that did not manage to make it but bought a ticket in case they could.
I would like to thank all those who helped make this event run smoothly and all those who came and supported it.
There were one or two stresses along the way but these things I have come to expect although I do think people forget that I have feelings too!

 We had our youngest daughter's wedding in November which was a lovely end to the year, she looked gorgeous and we had a wonderful weekend with friends and family celebrating a fabulous day.
Hopefully we will hear, some time next year, that there could be the patter of tiny feet but we will just have to wait and see !

On the Sasha front I have a few things that will be happening on the blog plus the next Chat n Snap to organise and have two theme's that I am trying to decide which one to run with!
I may even put it to a vote...maybe... :)

Well I hope everyone's 2014 was good and if not, let's go forward into 2015 with our heads high, our faith strong and our Sasha's ready for whatever we find .





When I arrived home from the work the bookcases had backs and had been given a nice coat of
pale green Paint.

I left the colour choice up to Paul.

Waiting for them to dry!after their second coat, you can see that I have left the chairs tidily on the kitchen table!! :)

The second longer lower unit.

Looking forward to putting them into the space and filling them with books etc and seeing how they work with the other pieces I have.
How where did I put those other books......



I thought you might like to see the Christmas lights at the front of the house.

We usually forget to put them up but this year arrived home to find Paul had actually remembered. You can see we don't exactly go mad! put I do like to see a little Christmas cheer!.

Well yet move moving of the furniture and added of items etc.

Percy and Callie are still discussing if this is best place for desk and Percy helped Robin move the chest of drawers over to that side of the room.

The sofa is now more central and the coffee tables been added.Also the tall side table that I bought at the Chat n Snap fits nicely beside the chair and the record players been placed there for convenience of use!

It appears that Mimi as found another sweet tin.

"What! " she says opening this new tin she's found " This is empty too!"
Robin looks over in disbelief " How come when you look they are always empty! "

"I have no idea! It's not me if that's what you are thinking!" she says getting annoyed " I have not even had one sweet out of this tin1"
" Okay" replies Robin " Don't get your knickers in a twist! Why do you want a sweet anyway there's a table full of cake in front of you!"
"Well I fancied a sweet !" says Mimi

Alfie's watching the pencil Percy's holding, he's determined to get to it first when he throws it! before that strange looking dog with the big long nose that's appeared !

"I just think it's not right that someone is eating all the sweets and biscuits!" said Mimi
"Well have a cake and stop worrying about it " says Robin " whoever it is, is going to be feeling very sick soon!"

Robin and Mimi look over the lovely cakes that are waiting to be eaten, they look so nice it's hard to decide where to start!!


Tuesday 30 December 2014

**************** EARLY COMPETITION WARNING ******************

In the New Year I will be running a competition to win this lovely Emma Bridgewater Christmas plate.

So make sure you check back early next year or you could miss your chance!! Detail's will be announced on the 1st January 2015.



Well if you have been following the recent posts you will know that Paul very kindly said he'd make me a Sasha sized bookcase , all I needed to do was give him the measurements !

Not being one to miss my chance I enlisted Percy to help with design and then last night gave Paul the requested measurements.

Well this morning despite the very hard frost Paul set to work!!

He'd found these pieces of MDF that he'd cut down from something else he'd made and they were only slightly bigger than the depth I had requested so he used these.

So here are the two sides with markings for the shelves, I asked him to make one shelf higher to take some slightly bigger books, the Fancy Nancy ones which is why a couple of marks are scribbled through but then I remembered that I did not need that so he went back to the original sizing.

The little pile of shelves plus a box of Fat balls for the birds yet to be put away in the shed!

Glued and screwed and left to dry before sanding down and having their backs put on tomorrow ready for a couple of coats of paint!!
Now you can see why I said Bookcase...s! being my usual cheeky self I asked Paul to make two!  one tall and one half the size but slightly longer which is also why I was able to change my mind about making one shelf higher in the tall bookcase because I asked Paul to make the bottom shelf of the smaller unit higher to take the Fancy Nancy books.

So hopefully by the time I get back from work tomorrow , they'll have backs and maybe a first coat of primer!

I have to confess I asked for a couple of other things too! Mind you there's no saying I'll get those but In for a penny in for a pound!! 



Firstly I thought I would share a couple of photo's of the front of the house first thing this morning.

No not SNOW thank goodness but a very heavy frost.

At this time of year the sun only hits the very front border by the big silver birch tree, so the frost from yesterday night was then covered by last nights, making it appear like snow! Glad I did not have to drive to work at seven o'c this morning!.

Today I moved the table and chairs out of the space and change the desk position

view before cropping photo.

After cropping .

Percy's checking that Callie's happy with the desks new place.

Meanwhile Mimi asks " Whose eaten all the chocolate biscuits? "

She looks in the tin in disbelief! "This was near full yesterday! What on earth is going on!"

She shakes the tin hard " Not even a crumb left!"

"Well " says Robin " It could be anyone because the biscuits are for everyone not just you Mimi"
Mimi looks at Robin " I KNOW that! But it could be the same person eating all of them and why are they leaving the empty tin's around!" she finishes crossly , she was looking forward to snacking on a couple of nice Christmas biscuits.

"Well I want to know who is leaving these empty tin's about for people in need of a chocolate or Biscuit to find and be disappointed ! " she says huffily " That's not a very nice thing to do! "


Monday 29 December 2014


This evening I have been trying out a couple of piece's of my Sasha furniture to see what will suit or fit.

I bought this little unit a few years back and painted it this pale green, it was used a couple of  times in the
early days.
You can see that the raised detailed area at the top makes it too big to fit under the cupboard.

I could see that if I turned it , it would fit between the cupboard and the boiler.

Unfortunately this means the table area is too small to use! Also defeats the opening up of the space!.

"Well That did not work!" says Robin
"Mmm" mutters Mimi continuing to read her new book.

"Good book? " asks Robin
" Shh !" is the only reply he gets.

"What are you doing? " Robin asks Percy who's come to sit at the table.
"Making a plan"

Robin gets up to go and look. "What's your plan for? "
" A new bookcase"
"Really " say Robin impressed " Are you going to make it? "

" No I'm going to help Dad make it" replies Percy " Mum said she needed a book case and Dad said
Tell me what size and I'll make it"
" How does Mum do that!" ask Robin
"I have no idea but she must know when Dad's in a good mood!"
" I wonder if I ask him to make me something while he's in a good mood!" ponders Robin
"Why want do you need"
" I don't know !"

Mimi calls from across the room " You'd best measure our new books for these shelves, these Fancy Nancy books are bigger than Robin's Winnie the Pooh!"

Robin collect a couple of books and takes them to Percy.
" Yes these new books are a little bigger ! I'll need to factor that into the design " muses Percy

 Going back to the armchair Robin surprised to see that a desk and chair have appeared along with Callie!

"Mm not sure that's a good place for the desk " says Robin

"Yes " says Mimi " I think it's not the right place!"

"Well that's as may be But" says Callie picking up a pencil and beginning to doodle " I like being able to use the desk!"

" I think Mum's going to try it over where the table is but Percy was using the table so she placed it here for the moment" Callie tells them.

"This furniture arranging is quite hard really " sighs Mimi
" Yes I think it is" confirms Callie.


I just knew that green cupboard would be too big! Drat ! mind you I have wanted a bookcase for a while, so mentioned it to Paul late last night and he said he'd make me!! one if I gave him the sizes when I returned from work tonight! Well I wanted him to have made it by the time I got home! being impatient but since I had not left any measurements , not having time to do so before work plus I am sure it will take longer than a day
for it will need either staining or painting, it's still to be made.
I'm wondering if I dare add a side table or two to the bookcase or will I be pushing my luck??

I'll move the table and chairs out tomorrow and try another arrangement although I do like having that table where it is, so will see what happens tomorrow.

to be continued!!


Sunday 28 December 2014


Mossy received some post on Christmas eve and being him he was way to busy making sure he did not miss seeing Santa that he totally forgot about it until today! Oh and he did miss seeing Santa due to over eating Honey cake and falling asleep under the Christmas tree in the children's sitting room!

He takes his post into the children's sitting room.

He pulls out a Christmas card and looks inside! He can see his name Mossy but is not very good at reading so he goes and asks Robin .

Robin reads out " Have a lovely Christmas Mr Mossy Love from Lora and the other boys and girls at Craft cottage "

"Who is Lora? " asks Robin " and the children at Craft Cottage ? "
"Well Lora is my number one Fan ! " says Mossy happily " and the children are others like you and Mimi!"

"Well that's very nice of her to send you a Christmas Card " Robin continues " where are you going to put it? "
"Oh !" says Mossy worriedly " I do not know ! It needs to be where everyone can see it!"
They both think for a minute , although Mossy minds soon wanders to what for tea!
" I know " says Robin

"We can put it here under the tree! " he puts it in place
"How are bears and people going to see it there!" asks Mossy not at all sure that's a Good enough place!

"Because everyone keeps coming to check that no presents have been forgotten! " says Robin with a laugh " plus sooner or later everyone and their bears come in and use this room during the day ! "
Mossy thinks about it then decides that the place will do ...for now...

Once he's decided the place will do , he's off  Robin's lap and hurrying across the floor
" Where are you going ? " calls Robin
"Why to get the other bears of course! " calls Mossy over his shoulder without stopping " They need to come and see my card now! " and he's off out the door!
"what about picking up that envelope!" calls Robin in vain !

Robin picks up the book he was reading before Mossy asked him to read his card to him.Mimi decides she'd like a chocolate from the Christmas tin.

"HEY! whose eaten all the chocolates!"