Friday 31 August 2012


This photo is of one of Kendal's fabulous NP Girls.Kendal kindly allowed me to use this photo for September's Red of the month. It is great to be able to see her hand painted face so clearly.


Mitzi is Ironing a DollyDoodles t shirt for one of the boys.

Mitzi likes Ironing t shirts and getting the little creases out.

" Hello Mitzi" says Hattie coming in." I have something for you"
" Oh What? "

" Let's put away the Iron and Board first " Hattie helps with the board while Mitzi puts the iron out of harms way on the side.

" Why have you bought me a present?" questions Mitzi looking at the large shopping bag that Hattie's placed before her.
" It's just a little something to say Thank you for all your help with the modelling of the hats" replies Hattie

Mitzi pulls out a lovely babooshka dress " Oh " sighs Mitzi " It's so lovely and my favourite colour pink!"

" Thank you thank you thank you Hattie " she cries pulling Hattie into a hug.
" That's Ok " mumbles Hattie embarrassed " Careful your'll crush your new dress"

Mitzi holds the dress up excitedly " Look Hattie Isn't it lovely, shall I try it on?"

" What it is , is very pink! " States Hattie " And yes try it on "
Mitzi rushes off.

Within minutes she back , spinning round to show Hattie all of the dress from all angles.
Hattie smiles, secretly pleased that Mitzi loves it.

" Now" warns Hattie " you must not tell the other's that I bought you this for doing the modelling or they will all expect me to buy them dresses ! Anyone else will have to make do with Mum's biscuits! OK? "

" OK " replies Mitzi " But I can say you bought it for me "
Hattie's not sure, she does not want the others to think she's getting soft! " Well Mum paid half so just say Mum bought it and I helped "
" Oh I must thank mum too " says Mitzi.

"Mmm" wonders Mitzi " Do you think Hattie will let me wear my new dress when I model her hats?" She follows Hattie upstairs to check....

Wednesday 29 August 2012


Hattie's decide's that her new hat ranges need's some new models to show them off, so while visiting Aunty Gill she goes talent spotting!

" Matilda! Tilly! Tilda ! Darlin!" cries Hattie rushing towards Matilda " Lovely to see you again !"
Matilda looks bewildered.
" It's Me Hattie" cries Hattie from behind her designer sunglasses.

Having trouble seeing due to the darkening sky outside, Hattie takes off her sunglasses.
" Are these all your lovely clothes? " she asks Matilda
" Well they belong to my sisters and me " says Matilda shyly.

" I am looking for model's to wear my new hat range " confides Hattie.

Just then Mitzi turns up wearing one of Hattie's new hats.
" This is the new range, Cloche style with a lovely ribbon " exclaims Hattie pointing towards Mitzi.
" What are you up to Hattie ? " asks Mitzi

" I am scouting for model's for the new hat range "
" Oh! " says Mitzi not aware that Hattie was seeking other models for her new hats.
Just as she about to say something the twins, Scarlet and Ruby arrive.
" Hello what's happening " They chorus at the same time.

" I am looking for hat model's and twins would do very nicely " smiles Hattie " she takes the hat of Mitzi and put's it on one of the twins"

" You look fabulous Ruby! " cries Hattie
" I'm Scarlet ! "

" Listen Red " says Hattie with a steely glint in her eye " Would you like a job modelling my new hat range? Your sister too!"

" What do you think ?" Scarlet asks Ruby
" Well it's quite a nice hat but do we have anything it can go with?"
" Not sure..It does not go with our sailor suits"
" No it does not " agrees Ruby " and does she have two of every colour ?"

" Girls Girls " Hattie comes up and puts her arms round their shoulders " You don't keep the hats! They are for sale to fund my Mini ! "

" So what do we get ?" chorus the twins
" Why the joy of wearing a Hattie special and the fame that will come from over time ..."
Mitzi's chips in from over Hattie's shoulder " Nothing! That's what you get not even a biscuit ! or ice cream! "

Within a blink of an eye Hattie is left standing arms wide as the twins vanish into the distance
Mitzi smiles...

Sunday 26 August 2012


"Where's Mum?" asks Mitzi " I thought you said pictures were needed of the new hats?"
" Yes We do need pictures of the new hats " confirmed Hattie.

" Now Let me just adjust your hat to the best position " says Hattie straightening Mitzi's hat

" What are you doing with that camera? " questions Mitzi suspiciously

"I am going to be taking the photo's" declares Hattie " we don't need to ask mum, it's easy "

Mitzi's not so sure but she decides Hattie may know what she's doing.

"Ok " Hattie mumbles " Stand still and don't move while I start "

"What are you doing!"

Hattie who is now laying down replies " We want artistic shots not boring old things like mum takes! "

"That's it " cries Hattie " wave as if someone you know is over there"
Mitzi does as she's told

Mmm nice picture of Mitzi's top...

Lovely Jean Jensen sandal's .......

Oh a new angle...but still no hat???

 At last ! well nearly.....

" Finished "say's Hattie " that went well . I'll go and put them on the computer "
" But what about the rest?" asks Mitzi
" What rest?" queries Hattie
" The other hats? You need to take photo's of them too!"
" Oh" sighs Hattie " I have not got time to do the others, You'll have to ask mum " and with that she walks away.

Mitzi sighs and goes to look for Mum at least she gives her model's some ice cream or a nice biscuit for all the standing around !

Thursday 23 August 2012


The wonderful thing about people who collect Sasha's and Gregor's is that they love to share them. They will happily show you their dolls and their clothes etc and tell you where or who they obtained them from. there by allowing us to all see so many different styles and types of these wonderful creations.

On the facebook group recently lots of lovely dolls have been taking a bow and a couple have just been so beautiful that I asked their owner Olivia if she would kindly allow me to share their photo's with the people who view my posts.

Thankfully she said Yes and sent me the photo's.Now before I add them I have to give this warning.......

You will be Inspired to scrimp and save to buy one,
 You will feel the need to study the photo's in close detail
You will want to save them to your computer so that you can look upon them at your leisure while the housework piles up around you!

For all this I do not apologise because I'll be in just the same position!

So enjoy....

Six beautiful girl's all in white, three blondes and three reds.

This lovely girl is in a dress by Nikita of Dreaming under the Lilac's.

I have offered to let this beauty come for a visit, along with the ones in the first photo, for some strange reason she's reluctant to let them travel alone!

I would like to thank my friend Olivia for allowing me to share her dolls with you and inspiring me to keep my eye open for the opportunity to acquire such beautie's for my own.

Sunday 19 August 2012


Now I was just scanning ebay a couple of weeks back when I came across a very nice looking lad. I had no intention of purchasing another boy, so carried on.

A few days later I came across him again, so this time put him in my watching, I was not looking for another boy but he was at a very low price so I decided to watch him.

Then the night before he was due to finish I had another look and decided that I would just have a little bid and  leave it to fate!

I placed my bid and went into the lead and when I closed down computer I thought well Morgan will even be home or not I'll know anyone whose read all my posts will know that 9 times out of 10 if I 'know' their name they tend to come home! I tried to dismiss it but when I returned from work the next day there was the email, congratulations you have won!

Here he is a lovely dark Caleb.

And this was taken today but the sun was too bright to get a good picture.

Again the sun is too bright but you can see he is a handsome young boy.

NOW you may be wondering why did I put Morgan Morgan on top of the blog! Because there is a tale to tell that is a warning to all.
He has two names because at the moment he's been paid for twice!!!! To cut the story short the person who sold him wanted payment by bankers draft but I had been mislead to believe that I could pay by Pay pal after a week the seller finally gave me his pay pal details but this was not connected to his ebay account. So I went and paid and sent email only to have a return email saying that he had not received payment, so I went and checked only to find that I had paid the wrong person!! the other person has same email address except for the ending ie or .com or .de and I had put the wrong one!
So I phoned Pay pal and this is what they said " I have to wait for the person to decline the payment or worse to accept the payment and then if I do not get the goods take out a case!! I said it would be hard for him to send me something WHEN HE'S THE WRONG PERSON! or I will have to wait 30 days for my money to drop back into my account! and I should send him an email!

So I have sent him two emails but he probably thinks they are some sort of con and is putting them in the trash or he is away sunning himself in the south of France ! while my money sits unclaimed in his account or worse he's dropped dead ! So It looks like I'll be waiting thirty days for my money to return, so until then Morgan will be Morgan Morgan because I have paid for two of him!

And even worse every time since I have bought him that a dark skinned Caleb's come on ebay I have wanted to buy it , so he can have a twin!!!!!!!!!!

I was not even looking for a boy.........

Saturday 18 August 2012


" Hattie I need you to come and model your hats" said Mum

" Mm " says Mum " you will have to change back into that nice dress with the flowers "

" But Mum I promised Miranda and Florence that I would wear this lovely dress forever!"
"Well I'm sorry Hattie but it does not go with the hats and if you want your Mini you'll have to change" states Mum

When Mum goes off to get the Camera Hattie says " Florence, Miranda I have to change because the wicked witch of the south.."
" I heard that" calls Mum from the other room
" Says " she whispers " That I must change But be assured I will wear it whenever I get the chance in honour of me dear dear Helena"
"Hattie" calls Mum " have you changed yet?"

When Mum comes back Hattie is wearing........just her pants and a hat!

" Harriet Owen! " gasps Mum " Get some clothes on now or there will be no more hats!"

Hattie decides she'd best get dressed quick before Mum keeps her promise!

" Well I suppose that will have to do " says Mum looking at Hattie's spots and stripes " Come along I have asked Mitzi to help model "

" Now girl's Sort out which hats you want to model while I set up the camera " says Mum

 Hattie starts with the new Button design

Mitzi surprise surprise as gone for the Pinks!

A long hot and sticky time later the hats have all been photographed.
"Well done girls" says Mum " you have been so good, I think you both deserve an ice cream "
"HURRAH!" they yell dashing indoors to raid the freezer.

Friday 17 August 2012


Hattie was very surprised to receive a parcel in the week from her friends from the Festival Miranda and Florence.

"Mmm" says Hattie " I wonder what they have sent me?"

Inside is a lovely letter from the girl's.

 " Oh " says Hattie in wonder " Fingerless lace gloves! Helena Loves Fingerless lacy gloves !"

Hattie cannot believe her eyes! A Bonham Carter satin,velvet and lace Dress!!!

Within minute's ,She's thrown off her dress and is Parading round in the new one sent by her good friends Miranda and Florence.

" Look mum Look at my lovely Helena Dress, It's so beautiful " she sings dancing round the room.

Suddenly she stops and looks at her shoes  " These will never do " she cries rushing off...

she returns within moments..

"That's better" she says " I really need long black boots but  Duncan's school shoes will do for now! "

" maybe the tights are a bit loud and hot?" questions Mum , Hattie just looks back with distain .

" My dear friends Miranda and Florence " says Hattie theatrically " You must Tell your Dear Dear Mother That she is a saint! nay an Angel ! to have helped you to make this lovely dress for me, I shall wear it forever! "