Sunday 27 November 2011


Today I decided to sort out a few things to put on ebay, trying to sell things that I no longer need or use for my Sasha's.

Early last year I bought a wooden bench from ebay that was for displaying dolls but I felt it was too small for my sasha's and so It has been taken apart and left to one side. Everytime I have listed to sell on ebay I have forgotten to do this bench until today.

You can see that has usual I was paying attention to the position of my subjects!!! I was using the girls to give idea of scale of bench.

I then decided to go and get one of the babies to put on bench to show size hopefully clearer.

Now I'm sure you are now thinking,what I realised once I'd taken this picture! Why am I selling this bench when it makes a perfect seat for the babies!
Which proves that you should always consider other uses for an item before you sell or give away. When I bought the bench I did not have any babies and did not intend to have any, until George made his appearance and now those of you who have read this blog know there are now five of the little devils..oops angels.
The only problem now is finding somewhere to put it!

Saturday 26 November 2011


I thought I'd do a blog on coats.There so many talented people out there making lovely coats and jackets to make our Sasha's and Gregor's and the babies too, toasty and warm over the coming winter months.

These lovely fleece coats and jackets come from Karon's site Nellierose where you can find lovely outfits and other items for sasha and also all other popular dolls. But I must warn you it's very hard to come away without filling a basket and being poorer after a visit! And they are being modelled by (from the left) Ethan, Annie and Zak, who is about to go into hospital to get his stringing fixed in time for christmas.

Now here we have two coats made by Sarah of Vintage Sasha, a hooded coat in a lovely brown with blue and cream pattern and a purple tweed with matching hat.The third coat is by woodman which I purchased on ebay last year, she does not appear to have returned yet to tempt us with her lovely coats. I love the colours of this coat. My model's are Claudia, Evie and Dusty

Here we have Sophie-Elizabeth wearing a purple cord hooded duffle coat by Nikki at Sashadollstyle.Nikki makes these coats in her collection each season in lovely colours. So far I have only managed to snaffle this one.

Now what a picture! These are my friend Gill's gotz girls in the Ruth Dolls duffle coats with boots, socks, hats and mittens. These beautiful sets look so sweet on the sasha's ( and can be worn by Gregor too). I have a couple of these duffles but decided that putting Gill's picture on of Ruths full range would save me having to dress a couple of my girls and taking more pictures ( Yes such laziness!) but it is a great picture.

This is the first coat I bought my Sasha a couple of years ago, it's a lovely warm looking coat ! Yes I know she is wearing sandels but this is a picture I took in the summer, hence the background of plants!  and  I forgot to take one today but found this one on computer.I usually team it with some nice white boots.

Found a picture of Ethan in Duffle so have put it on so the boys are represented

Some more of Gill's girls in their coats. these ones by Sarah of vintage sasha, Woodman and Alexisofie.

This beautiful padded jacket is by Olive (Hagnolly on ebay) with the lovely pixie hats and mittens to match. I just love these jackets and the hats and mitten sets and so does most everyone else , they are snapped up quickly when they appear on ebay! So you have to be passing at just the right time to grab a jacket or pixie set.

Olive's Pixie sets come in lots of lovely colours.

So you can see there are some lovely coats and jackets available out there to keep our 'children' warm and snug this winter.Teamed with hand knitted hats, mittens and scarves,all will be snug as a bug in a rug!!

Friday 25 November 2011


I have not had time today to take the pictures for my blog, so I am putting on this picture of a sweater dress and hat that I'm listing on ebay. It is a lovely blend of pinks with a touch of lilac, looks so nice and warm on Sapphire.

Now that I have put wooden garden table away for winter, I have to find other places to take photo's !

Sunday 20 November 2011


When I first started collecting Sasha's I decided that I would make some clothes for them and also to sell on ebay to help fund my 'habit'. That was in 2009 and I have purchased some lovely material since then and some lace and some patterns, however what I have not done is actually make anything!
 Well thats not strictly true, I did make a skirt once and put it with a sweater, scarf and hat I knitted and a basket of christmas goods for Sasha and sold it on ebay.

I thought you might like to see some of my Treasure that is still awaiting my attention....

And this is only half of the material stashed away...

Part of the problem is time ( I'm an expert at wasting it) and part is that I really like the material and the lace and it seems a shame to cut it up!!! which defeats the object. However I have decided that if I want my 68/69 Sasha I need to make use of these materials and put the money received towards my Sasha.........
So my sewing machine is now near the kitchen ( where its been for a month at least) ready to be put on table and used...........However that does mean that Poor old Hamish, my DH's westie who does not like the sound of the hoover nevermind the sewing machine will not be happy.....

This is a picture of Hamish doing what he loves best...sleeping with his head on whatever as been left on floor wedged into a corner!

Now as I was taking a picture of my material stash I thought I'd take a picture of some of my wool because at least I do use this for Sasha but just like with my other treasure I have a habit of promising myself I will not buy any more, then looking a my favourite ebay wool shops and the next thing half a dozen balls are winging their way to me.......but this is all in the interest of saving money! Its true have to buy more than one ball to save on postage! and ofcourse if you are buying two why not add a couple of others that you like because it will only cost you more to buy them later!!  You see there is a valid reason I have so much ....but I am using it I'm just not a very fast knitter.......

Look at all the lovely colours!! like an Aladdins cave of jewels! and this is just from a few bags of my stash, we will not mention the four large plastic boxes upstairs in the Sasha room......But some of that is for knitting things for the family which as gone by the wayside because its quicker to knit little things for Sasha than a sweater for a person.

 Here are a few of the unfinished items that I really should sort out. I have at least made some of my ends of wool into a blanket ( in truth I have about four different size ones on the go ). Now I was supposed to be making some tights this weekend for Sasha but I have had to do this blog and check all the Sasha blogs and ebay sasha's and Shelly site  AND BUY SOME WOOL..etc and the weekend's now vanished...... I know I'll start tomorrow............



Back when I started to collect Sasha's, I like all newly 'in love' people  wanted to spread the joy and so I told my sister of my Sasha's and the joy of getting them at a good price on ebay. She to, had always liked Sasha's and I said " why dont you buy one!" which she did, also a pintuck like my first purchase and she was very happy and she said those immortal words " I'm only getting one" This statement was made in 2009.

Well yesterday she emailed me a picture of some trousers she had made one of my Sasha's, I asked her to send me some more pictures that I might put on my blog, you will see the reason why below.........

From Left to right..Kitty,Megan,Ivette,Devon,Demelza,Maisie and Piper.

L to R Erin(key to your heart doll),Rose,Meredith,Frances,Sabrina and Mia.

L/R Daisy, Poppy and Nieve........remember only one.........

L/R Virgi l,Harry ,Sebastian , George and Gideon ................

and then Millie,AJ and Molly......

Oh and she has one on layaway with Shelly...........

Mia in the second picture is wearing the trousers she has made me and when she sent the picture the Sashas were all grouped behind her, which is why I asked for the pictures!
 I make that 24 Michelle with the one at Shelly's!

The Sasha spell strikes once more...........

Friday 18 November 2011


Three of the boys, Duncan, Ben and Toby decided to go out into the garden all wearing their new beanie hats and joggers from Dollydoodles.

They are standing around discussing how their hats look like what David Beckham their idol wears! Now they are getting carried away talking about what tattoo's they'll get!!! we all know thats not happening!

Duncan and Ben decide to dare each other to climb the trellis.....

Benjamin gets half way before he realises that Duncan as stayed on the ground and is laughing that he caught Ben out!
" You two look like little ants " crows Ben from his perch on the trellis
"Come down" calls Duncan " we want to go and play football"

Ben takes his time climbing down the trellis.

" I may just never take this hat off " states Toby
'Mmm' thinks Duncan ' I can just see mum letting you wear that to bed!'

" Come on Ben ! Lets go find the others for a game of footie" calls Duncan as they start back towards the house . Ben follows behind keeping watch.....

Sunday 13 November 2011


Now that winter is finally on its way and the days are getting slowly colder it is time to get out the long sleeved dresses! I do like the look of a Sasha in a longer dress with long sleeves, I like the studio style dresses and the dresses with petticoats that the lace shows below the hem. These dresses are so lovely and traditional but hard to find!

I have looked at ebay and very few if any are making the dresses with long sleeves or with the longer length and to find a dress with a peeking petticoat is impossible!!

Here are some pictures of what I mean , dresses that I have picked up earlier in the year or last year when you could find one or two of these for sale.

Now this lovely dress came from smpg298 with a sweet little pair of knitted socks ( and if you have read this blog you'll know I like the knitted socks!) I have teamed it here with a pair of boots and a hat. She is wearing a petticoat under but not long enough to give that little 'peek' which is a shame.

Now we have a dress by Patty , I was able to also buy the longer petticoat from her at the same time to achieve the look I was after. Here I have teamed it with a hat I made and some lovely purple boots by Ruth dolls.

Here is the same outfit but without hat. Not sure which I prefer.

Now we have a nice grey long sleeved dress with a check pinafore, I bought this at auction on ebay from someone esle so do not know name of maker. I like the look given by the pinafore .The white boots are from Shelly site.

Now here is another dress by smpg298 which I have teamed with tights and a pair of boots by Ruth dolls.I may have to get my sewing machine out and try my hand at making a pinafore for this dress and maybe a longer style petticoat, although it does look nice as is, but I would like to try adding the other pieces to see what look can be achieved.

This dress is by Nadia ( whose ebay tag escapes me at the moment) and achieves a good look with the plain material at the bottom of dress almost making the patterned material appear to be a pinafore and a nice bright mix of pattern and plain. Teamed with just shoes and socks.

Here is a Dolliepatch dress which comes with a petticoat and long bloomers ( I will do a blog at sometime on Dolliepatch) by having the petticoat it helps to give fullness to the dress and looks nice teamed with the black boots.

Yes I know you have seen this dress before on Sophie-Elizabeth! and yes she is still wearing it from before but this is what happens when you put your girl in an outfit that just clicks! So Sophie-E will be wearing this dress for a while yet...made by Nadia's mother and sold by Nadia , it to me is a little gem.It has the long sleeves and the length to reach the boot tops, the material is light enough in colour that it does not need a petticoat to set it off.

I have added picture of three of the girls together showing the slightly different look given by a collar here or a petticoat there or choice of material.

Just another picture of five of the girls, I did not go for all seven because one was bound to take a dive! and take a couple of others with her.This picture shows the range achieved with this style of dress.

It is a shame that more of these style of dresses are not available on ebay ( my opinion of course you may not agree) I may have to get out my sewing machine as threatened earlier ( my sister is probably laughing her head off at that statement) and start using all the material and lace that I have been buying to make clothes with, I may even have to look at some of the patterns I have bought!!!!
Well I'm off to lie in a darkened room to recover from all this pressure to start sewing..............

Saturday 12 November 2011


I love Dollie Patch clothes and this is lovely winter outfit that really suits Sapphire. I will do a full blog on Dolliepatch clothes later. But wanted to show you this picture.


Just a quick post about Rosie's Hats that she is selling on ebay...soooooooooooooooo cute!! I received this one last week. she sells under sacksac?

I'm putting on the close up picture too even though its got her hair all over her face......see what can I say poor attention to detail!

Thursday 10 November 2011


Yesterday I went to visit my friend Gill and I took along several of my red haired sasha's and also Duncan so they could have a chat with Gill's reds.

Of course I forgot to take my camera in my hurry to get all the Sasha's safely in the car without dropping something! But luckily Gill took a photo and emailed it to me. You can see Duncan trying out Gill's girls scooter, They were all very impressed! Duncan loved the scooter and wanted to bring it home!! But I had to explain that he could not always have want he wanted! But I know what will now be top of his christmas list...

Gill had also made Hattie a new hat out of a couple of the ends of some odd balls of wool which she finished off with some bright buttons, Hattie loves it and says she'll wear it forever!!! ( well until she sees something else that takes her fancy!)

Hattie is getting very spoilt at the moment! with all her lovely gifts.

While at Gill's I got to see her new Sasha , a 60's Gotz's slated eyed girl. When I first started collecting Sasha's I did not particularly like the slate eyed and I still feel that the saucer eyed sasha's have faces that only a mother could love...and the no nose also, however over time the sasha's slowly worm their way in and your views change and I have come to like the look of the slate eyed sasha's and I was very impressed with Gill's new girl and now have added a slated eyed Sasha to my wanted list.....

This is a picture of her Gotz called Tegan  in a lovely red gingham dress which really suits her.

So now I have a slate eyed Gotz on my wish list but she'll have to wait until I get the 68/69 red haired sasha , there are a couple I have seen and love but i'm still working on saving, it might be easier if people stopped putting such lovely things on to sell!!! but it will soon be new year and I'll be making that new years resolution.....I will not spend...I will save for red haired Sasha........I wonder if I write it out five hundred times like a school punishment if it may help it work?  ......Yeh Like that would make a difference!