Sunday 29 November 2015


The children sit and lounge about
No fear of whats to come
They play or read no cares nor needs
while waiting for their mum

Breakfast is all they think about
Cereal or toast
Porridge oats, Marmalade,
Strawberry jam or both!

They do not know that quite near
An evil plot is planned
That someone's anger rises up
to spread across the land

In total bliss, they do miss
the darkness that will fall
A wind so cold will sweep the land
it's come to chill them all

So for today, they laugh ,they play
Joke and mess about
But soon their fun will be none
and their quaking fears will out

D Owen



Saturday 28 November 2015


I wanted to share these couple of photo's I managed to take under the Lych gate due to the rain.

Off topic because it's not a Sasha but Elfine showing you the Villages new Reindeer. I have been after a reindeer for a couple of years but could not bring myself to pay the price for a Steiff one.

Then a friend showed a couple of great photo's on flickr with a reindeer like this one and kindly told me the make which is Hansa and so now Hans :) as arrived just in time for Christmas to help with the coming posts and to pull the sled.

I also changed a couple of my Kidz n Cats dolls into winter wear.

 Mike here is finally out of his original outfit , which I did not realise was covering his legs in black dust! So after a good wash, he put on this lovely winter set and is all cosy for winter.

A closer up of Mike who should have stood with Hans due to the reindeer on his top!

I also finally took Annie another of my kidz out of her original outfit and dressed her in a winter warm outfit.

Looks like Reindeer is a theme in this village ...

The clothes are by Nelly Rose who also makes for Sasha's and other dolls. Annies boots came from My Doll Best Friend website.

Well lets hope tomorrows not wet!

Hope you enjoyed this little off topic post will be back to the Sasha very soon.....


Wednesday 25 November 2015



Staring in, her brow does darken
She cannot believe her eyes
Seven bears, a rat, a dog  a cat?
Red Riding hood looking  surprised !

Her anger mounts as she looks about
the fairy tales they do shatter
Snow White and Red with a feather bed
a lion wolf as if it doesn't matter !

Have they no feel for a tale so real
Which makes your hair stand tall
Because children fear, far and near
He'll come to eat them all

Her face bright red as the hood on her head
She starts to plot and scheme
A tale she'll weave that you'll ne're believe
that makes the whole world scream

They'll take to their beds and hide their heads
Beneath the covers shaking
Their knees will knock like the sound of a clock
that to their doom is taking

She turns away to plan the day
that she'll make the earth thunder
Shake their beds and fill their heads
With a tale of fear and wonder.

D Owen

Monday 23 November 2015


1968 Sasha girls in the Village!

With the arrival of Teddie on the left to be Babs twin it seems we how have five 1968 girls in the house.

Part of me thinks I do not need another wide faced 68 blonde and then I start handling her and then I think, well she's not exactly like her twin.

Bab's on the right is a little smaller than her sister and a little darker, their fringe's are also different.
So maybe Teddie will stay a little longer!

Joined by J.. Belle they are the same but different !

 and here they all are, starting with Teddie on the left, then Meredith, Belle, Jenny and Babette

It was very hard to get the flash not to catch one of their eyes!

The girls are all wearing Karen Warnaka smocked dresses.

I will be changing some of the girls into Karen dresses over the next week or so.

Hopefully they'll not get cold in their pretty dresses while waiting for Christmas to arrive.

Next I'll have to get the three 1968 boys ready for Christmas.


Sunday 22 November 2015


"Bertie get a move on " says Ollie " I want to have my bath before dinner time!"

" I didn't want a bath to start with ! " complains Bertie " My Mam's not going to be happy that your Mam thinks I'm dirty and need a bath!"

"Just try washing yourself " argues Ollie " It's getting cold standing about waiting for you!"

"And another thing !" continues Bertie on a roll " Why are there pieces of cucumber sitting here? Is it some sort of snack? If so I think a cake would be better or chocolate!"

Ollie picks one up and balances it on the back of his hand " They are for putting on your eyes"
Ollie tosses it back onto the bath rail.

"Ugh I'm not putting cucumber on my eyes I don't want to go blind!" he looks at them in disgust

"Take them away!"

Trendon Mullins , whose already had his bath comes to stand beside it " Are you going to take off that hat and wash your hair ? "
"WHAT!" says Bertie in amazement " wash my hair never!"

"What a silly question !" says Bertie " You American's do like to wash EVERYTHING!"
"Yes  we do " replies Trendon Mullins " That's because then we are CLEAN!"
"That's very over rated  if you ask me " mutters Bertie
Ollie's feeling a chill so wanders over the the other side of the bath room.

He comes back over wearing a bath robe " Hey Look what I found !"

"That's great " says Trendon Mullins , Bertie gets up and starts to get out of the bath " That's fab I want to try it!"

"Have you finished at last" asks Ollie
" Yes yes "

"About time " says Ollie

"Come on Hand it over " says Bertie reaching for the robe " It's a bit pink!"

Then a miracle occurs Bertie gives up his hat! But only because it won't fit under the hood !
Bertie turns to Trendon Mullins " What do you think? " he says Hooting and flapping the robes sides like wings

"I think " says Trendon Mullins looking down " That you should cover you dingly dangler ! "
"Pardon ?  Oh " says Bertie " me meat and two veg! "

"Your WHAT! " chokes Trendon Mullins
" Meat and two veg " replies Bertie " Don't you know anything!"

 Covering up Bertie turns away " Not as clever as I thought " mutters Bertie
for a moment Trendon Mullins looks stunned then turning towards the bath starts to roar with laughter

Berties oblivious " Dingle dangler what sort of name is that!"

 Meanwhile Trendon Mullins is laughing so hard he does not realise his towels dropped to the ground and he's showing off some prime Cow Creek Rump!!



I bought this Our generation bath set in a sale a week or so back.

It comes with everything shown apart from the chair.

Lots of little bottles and two slices of cucumber for tired eyes.

Three clear plastic jars with lids and three nail polish bottles, a comb and a scent bottle.

A non slip bath mat and a little green scrubby, you saw Bertie holding it plus the bathrobe and a hanger and a pair of mules.

definitely meant for girls but still a great accessory for my Sasha Village studio.

Please note No boys were WASHED in the process or this blog post!


Saturday 21 November 2015















Gorgeous George my lovely red haired baby .

appears now to have a twin! The Glamorous Georgina !

A couple of weeks back I just happened to go on ebay and this little love was sitting on a BIN.

and where as George was well George this little one just made me think Georgina! so I hit the button and she came home.

They are fast friends already and Gina is settling in well.

Funny how things go with these Sasha's and Gregor's! It took me ages  a few years back to find and manage to buy George and I was more than happy with just him but then Georgina appeared and said what about me? So of course I said yes.

Strange how one can appear a boy yet another a girl ! But I am one very happy Mum to these two red haired tots.