Sunday 31 January 2016


oh yes we're turning Japanese I really think so.....
the words to a song by The Vapors

I thought it an appropriate lead into this post .

On this last day of January I thought Ashley in her gorgeous Japanese fabric bright yellow dress would brighten our way into February.

I just love this dress on Ashley along with the bright yellow leather boots. The poor girl's been wearing it since I bought it off Ginny back in October and she'll be wearing it for a few more months until it's time to change into something more spring/summer.

But it's not just Ashley in a Japanese fabric dress Hattie is wearing another also from Ginny this time is a lovely warm red.
I do love the patterns, colours and textures of the Japanese fabrics out there and this style of dress by Ginny is perfect to show it off.

Only one more month of Winter left before it turns to Spring and all the new freshness and growth that will start to appear.


I wonder if Ginny's come across some more of this bright floral fabric, I'll just go search.. I mean  ask......



There is an NP doll waif that's appeared on ebay with the following description

 .*  Sasha dolls are renowned for their bizarre origins as representations of holocaust victims. Sasha Morgenthaler created face sculpts for her dolls with subtle expressions not an exaggerated smile like most dolls her concern was that children surviving the horrors of WWII would not relate to dolls that looked so happy

I wonder where this person gets their information to form this opinion? It's a DOLL , and Sasha Morgenthaler was making dolls for children to enjoy! 
I have always found it amazing how some people interpret things, especially when that person's no longer around to defend themselves or say how or why they did something. Do they think by saying this the doll will have more value? or do they not want to sell and are hoping this will put people off?

People should deal in facts and not add their opinion onto something. It's amazing how people will form opinions without checking with the person it relates to or any information that's available to them about that person..

So by their interpretation Wolfgang here must have a button nose because ? Children would be less able to smell gas? his eyes are black because of the horrors he's seen ? his hair stands on end because of the shock? 
Bloody Hell , it's a doll and was made for the ENJOYMENT of children and has nothing what so ever to do with the war.

I'm getting off my soap box and having a cup of tea and then I'll go back to ENJOYING my DOLLS because that's what they were made for ENJOYMENT .

NB It seems that went the error of their information was pointed out they amended the details but where on earth did they get or decide on that info in the first place!! surely they checked others Sasha doll listings!

Saturday 30 January 2016


This years main raffle for the Chat n Snap is Gregor and his suitcase.

I purchased this Gregor along with a few donations , one from last years winner of Sasha and her wardrobe, from Shelly's site last year.
I wanted him to be a little special , so I asked if Shelly would paint his eyes.
She very kindly did this for free as her donation. Many Thanks Shelly.

So he'll be needing to fill his 'suitcase' for his trip to his new home and you can follow his progress on the Chat n Snap 2016 blog which you can find the link to on the side bar.

Remember to get your ticket for Octobers event .

also a reminder to get your doll shelf photo's in for the 1st post.



I thought I'd share my Gotz play dolls with you.

This girl is a Gotz Happy Kid Katie who I bought secondhand off ebay.

I'd been trying to decide whether to buy her when up she popped on ebay, for a good price , so took the plunge.

I am really glad I did, I love her sweet face and of course she's a red head!

Here she is with Clara, another recent arrival.

And they are joined by my two gotz Hannah dolls , who have been here for years.

A nice group .

 Minus their hats!.



These dolls are quite petite even though they are 20 inches, their faces and bodies are slim. Katie face is the just slightly fuller than her sisters.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these other dolls.


Friday 29 January 2016


Don't read this if you want to search, read after.

The Results.

Starting from the Left of the second photo.

Panda Lila and  bear Aimee swapped places

Box of Tarts on table in corner missing

Torch on armchair missing

Sir Walters Sword missing

Little Hugo now sitting on Arm chair

Reuben looking other way

Owl Missing

Little pull along toy now on other side of room.

Yellow book missing from shelf

Small blue and white bowl missing from shelf

One horse with rider missing from shelf above

Silver trophy different

Green apple missing

Silver figure on shelf below missing

iPad on floor missing

Three red angles bricks on floor missing

Cup on coffee table missing

Plate on coffee table missing

Doily on coffee table missing

Yellow angled brick moved.

So that's Twenty in totally.

Thanks for taking part, I'll do another one next month , if you'd like .

Tuesday 26 January 2016


I thought I'd do two photo's for you.

Elfine is sitting reading a story to the bears.

But things can change when a fairy Princess is at rest, without even knowing it's happening.

maybe you can workout whats happened between photo's one and two.

Just leave a comment with the number you have found, no details , so the next person can join in and I'll add  a list of all the changes etc on Friday evening, maybe your'll even find one I miss.... Good luck.


Monday 25 January 2016


Elfine is finally getting a small wardrobe of clothes! It's not like she's not had to wait a couple of years for this to happen!!

Just before Christmas I bought her this outfit off a seller on ebay.

Just loved these snowmen on her dress as does Lucas, who keeps asking her if she really wants to keep it! Have no idea what he thinks he can do with it?

Well Elfine received a Christmas present this last week, so she was able to change into another nice new outfit.

She wanted to wait until I found her lilac floral long socks but since she knows just how long that will take! she finally agreed tp have a photo taken.
Elfine received this lovely lilac t shirt and floral skirt form the multi talented Sharon.

" Thank you auntie Sharon , it wonderful and it goes with my hair!"

Not wanting the other villiagers to feel left out , Sharon sent these two pretty vases and

a big basket of food. So the cupboard is now full with lovely food.

Many thanks Sharon for a wonderful array of items which are all very much appreciated.



Sunday 24 January 2016

TO ME ......TO YOU...


Puff " Never mind careful! I nearly dropped that on my toe!"

Toby climbs on the sofa to make his point better to Zac " I could have been crippled!"
"No you'd have hurt your toe but you'd have still been able to walk!"
Toby scowls " How do you know  ! clever clogs!"
Zac just looks at him until Toby sighs.

"I don't know where Mum thinks this can go!" Toby looks round the children's room " There's a tiny gap over there!"

" I think we'll have to move that sofa over !" says Zac helpfully.

" To me ..... push it this way... no .. it's stuck now pull it back to you .. that's it " orders Toby directing things " To me.. to you..  to me.. "

"How come we have to do this? " puffs Toby

"We did not have to! But when Mum told you to get Robin, Erik and Ragnor to do it you said No need We'll do it!" puffed Zac in reply

They give one last mighty shove and pull and nearly fall onto the sofa!

They both giggle .

Once again Toby's directing things " Pull it left Zac ! No my left not your left  ! "
"That's right " argues Zac
"I know it's right I just said so didn't I!"
Zac just rolls his eyes and pulls it the correct way ignoring Toby's instructions!

Zac works hard at stopping Toby hitting the wall as he's pushing so hard!

"Should I get out now? "questions Zac getting further and further into the corner
" No just keep pulling " gasps Toby

"That's it! " sighs Toby
"What! I'm stuck! " cries Zac holding up his hands " I told you I should have moved out the way!"

This time it's Toby who rolls his eyes " You can climb over the arm of the sofa!"

" OH!" says an embarrassed Zac doing just that .

The boys flop down taking a sofa each

"Well we have done a good job!" says Toby smiling
Zac nods agreement, then notices " Only problem we cannot get the books easily "
"Good " says Toby " Don't like books anyway "
Knowing that Toby as trouble with his reading Zac nods his head in understanding and they sit and rest.

Finally they get up " Come on , let's go tell mum we've squeezed her sofa into the room " Toby tells Zac " and she may just give us a treat for all our hard work!" Zac nods agreement and they wander off calling for Mum.


How Mum finds it, not quite what she wanted but impressed the two youngsters had managed to drag the sofas about.

Better but not quite right.

A little better now the small table that I got from the chat n snap a couple of years back is in the corner to take the radio.

I could not resist this sofa when I saw it on ebay , so made an offer which was accepted. I intend to use it out in the Sasha Village Studio, so I can leave one in the house and have one outside.But for now it can stay indoors until the spring.



I need somebody !  HELP !No just anybody! HELP you know I need someone HELP!!

When I was younger so much younger than today!!!

Yes that is me as a little un!

Facebook had a change your profile photo to one of you as a youngster, so I changed mine to this one of me aged about 8 or 9 months.
Then on my amazon music library they added a Beatles album that I had bought ages ago and now could be downloaded.
Oh the memories ! HELP! I remember going to see the Beatles film at the local cinema which was I believe Brixton , with my aunt Pamela and my older sister Jackie, it was 1965 and I was nine and we all came out singing and running and dancing down the road , singing at the top of our voices HELP I NEED SOMEBODY!
Our house was a very old terrace , three floors and owned by my Nan. The first floor room at the front was large with two tall sash windows  and once there were four of us girls, it became our bedroom, where I would tell my sisters stories I made up, the start of my love of story telling.

My Dad built a wall around the small front area of the house, you did not have garden space in those days !. And my sister Jackie and I, aged ten and nine would stand on the wall and belt out songs by the Supremes and Dusty Springfield  and the Beatles etc, lord knows what the neighbours thought! But we did not care we were young and it was the 60's!

I'm listening to the Beatles download as I write this, ....."we've up to ticket to ride... she's got a ticket to ride and she don't care!"

I lived just a stones throw from Vauxhall bridge and my playground was the whole of that part of London, the Tate gallery gave me my love of art and the buildings of the Jewel Tower, the Houses of Parliament and the gorgeous old buildings of  London , along with my parents , my love of the History we have in this country and the buildings we are surrounded by.

"Here I stand head in hand , turn my face to the wall....."

"We said our goodbyes....the night before... "

Jackie and me were taken one evening , after much persuasion of my Mum, to the stage door at the London Palladium to see the stars performing, we saw Mary or Peter , Paul and Mary.. we were not impressed as her manager / bodyguard? did not let us near but I got to see Dusty Springfield who smiled and waved at us from her car and opened the window and spoke to us!

"For I have got another girl....who will love me to the end..."

I had a glorious childhood ! I was fortunate to be born in a time when it was all happening and I was young but hanging on it's shirt tails....

I am sad that you could not have that childhood in London now, it's changed so much but I am sure people had glorious childhoods where they lived be it in a city or a village. 

Don't get me wrong there were moments , like the time a girl down the street who was late home, so told her parents she'd seen my brother fall in the Thames! So the police were searching the river and my dad was walking back and forth , only for my poor brother aged about ten to appear strolling down the road in the dark and the Policeman to have to tell my Dad to go steady as my poor brother innocent apart from coming home late got a spanking from my terrified heartbroken father who though his only son was dead...I am now crying as I type this.. it is but a memory but it shows what lies can do. The girl who told the lie.. did she get a spanking? I don't know, she was an only child as I remember born quite late to her parents.

I think it's probably from that day that I have always hated people who lie , not those little white lies to save someones feelings but those ones told for spite or revenge or just because they enjoy telling lies because it gains them something. So I always tell the truth and find I can always tell 99% of the time if someone's lying. Worse are the ones who constantly lie and have no conscience about it and would blame it on something or someone else.

Well I need to get back to the feelings of joy that this post started with, so I remember seeing my brother's photo with his friend in a newspaper because they'd been playing at the Imperial war museum ,that's just along from St Thomas's Hospital, and the paper were giving away free planes for kids and they used their photo to advertise the fact. His better five minutes of fame !

London is so full of places of wonder and interest to a child and to have been living so close to it all that you could walk across a bridge and be there in the midst of such history and wealth of culture that I can only say it was a glorious childhood.

We need to remember the good times in our lives and embrace them and breathe in those memories and use them to lift us and celebrate life is good.


At totally unplanned post for this Sunday, I hope it sparks your own glorious memories , feel free to add one in the comment box for us all to enjoy.... be positive we have but one life live it!

Friday 22 January 2016


The other day i was looking at ebay and came across some mini Kathe Kruse dolls being sold as a group I thought they'd make great play dolls for the Sasha's
Luckily I won them  and so here they are.

The button girls have picked some to play with.

Anoushka and Olivia are discussing names for the new dolls

Magda's called her girl Rosie and is happily telling her a story.

There were six on auction together , these are the other three.

and these are the three the girls are playing with. Five of them have porcelain heads and soft bodies and the sixth has a soft head and wooden feet.

A nice bargain of dolls that can be used for the Sasha's but are also part of the Kathe Kruse doll collection.

Talking of which I saw this boy and could just not resist, I did try and he finished but I contacted the seller and she kindly relisted him for me.

For me, he was one of those dolls that you unwrap and start smiling, he is is lovely ! He's a very nice large size of 52 cm and is called Constantin.

and with one of my favourite hair and eye combo's of blonde hair and brown eyes.

He looks very nice with his brother Rupert.

I think I need a nice tall KK girl now...... :)