Saturday 31 October 2015


The witching hour approaches
But Hattie's still out
Hunting for the pumpkins
That have been left about

Hurry Hattie Hurry !
The darkest hour draws near
You must be safe at home
before the spooks appear!

But Hattie she's not frightened
She's seen it all before
She's got younger brothers
so she'll say no more!

So Hattie keeps on looking
and wandering about
Still an hour left
before she'll hear a shout

Then indoors she's hurry
and make the pumpkin pies
then settle by the fire
The TV before her eyes

And there she'll watch her favourite
a special film of note
The one with that tall gangly lad
The Pumpkin king ! that bloke!

She'll watch him take over Christmas
she'll watch it all go wrong
She'll watch every second
as she sings along

Then once the film is over
She'll wander up the stairs
There's many little brothers
Just waiting to be SCARED!

by Dee Owen

I found this photo of the Jack Pumpkin king That Lindsey carved a couple of years back , so thought I'd add it here.

Happy Halloween....


Thursday 29 October 2015


I could not resist buying a couple of things from Ginny for the babies. I could have bought so much off of Ginny's wonderful and very colourful sales table.

I bought the lovely floral dungaree set from Ginny, the colour is slightly darker than shown here due to the flash.

The lovely pink cardigan I bought from Jane W, I could have spent a small fortune on her table if I'd had one. The little pink dress and pants set I sent for from Ginny after the CnS, having seen it there but run out of money.

Dulcie in pink and Rosie in green are very happy with their new clothes.

I had barely finished my sentence of  " Diane told me this sweater has silk in it ! " before Valentine had appeared at my side , said " Thanks mum " and whisked it away and out the room.
Returning a little while later dressed as shown above.

" It feels lovely " Valentine tells me " It's got to be mine Mum! None of the others would appreciate the quality of this yarn "

He waits patiently then says "Well ? " it does suit him so I nod and one happy clothes horse!, goes off to show his brothers , who he is right ,will not be the least impressed by it having silk in it!!


Monday 26 October 2015


Well I was good , mainly because I did not have a lot of money to spend! I always plan on saving for the Chat N Snap and then I use the money on a doll just before the event, so then have limited funds.

However I did manage to get an item or two.

I bought one of the wonderful Fanny's Jacket and hat sets, shown here on Meredith .

a closer view.

And even better , totally unplanned I had bought this red elephant print dress from Michelle and it goes beautifully with Fanny's jacket and hat. I already had the Lisa red boots, so a lovely set for the coming winter.

I just need to find her some tights.

I did for my sin's take Agnes, to maybe sell and someone was interested but she knew I did not really want her to go, so Agnes returned home.
I had to buy her this dress from Ginny to make up for the trauma !

A better photo, the lights not too good, I need to get a special lamp for these winter nights.

I'll show you some more purchases tomorrow.


Sunday 25 October 2015


The dolls continued


Chris Meatyard's restored Course doll.

Her other girl.

Dawn's girl.






One of Janet's little poppets attended and I am so miffed because I never got back to look at the dolls, these photo's are taken by Paul, so i did not get a chance to look at her and hold her! So want to have a good look at one of these darling dolls.

Remembering how crowded the table were last year with everyone's dolls, I kept the display small and to one side of the stage, the theme was medieval and a few people entered their dolls into a small competition.

Sarah very kindly helped me out by making a couple of outfits, these two girls, the lad on the right in the Templar outfit was Jane Woodward's entry . I am sure he's an ancestor of Diane's boy Curly with that sticking up hair!

another two entries.

This girl was the winner, I believe she belongs to Callie Doyle but I am waiting confirmation of that.

Dawn's lad, not quite medieval but looking great all the same.

This lad was dressed by Jane's Mum.

 Poor old Zak did not get his pages outfit finished but he came along to hold the horses reins anyway.



The Button band were a large group filling centre stage! Bertie Button in the thick of it!

more gorgeous buttons .

This is Steve's boy

another button lad

Love this girls face

This is a pretty girl

lovely and very well dressed .

It appears we missed taking a photo of the Trendon's on masse! Here's Kendal's boys , one on his polo pony, with Trendon Doddle with the curly hair on the left and Trendon Sharpe in the rust coloured sweater, I think they got overwhelmed by the Button noses and other special dolls that needed a safe place to sit!

We always have a few non Sasha dolls visit because it give people a chance to see these dolls that they may be interested and and would like to see in person.

This little group watched the going's on with interest 1

this is a Zwergnase doll called Lenka, not to everyone's taste but they do grow on you .

This is one of the new Sylvia Natterer dolls, Zoe , again not to everyone's taste but I think she's sweet.

A Kidz n cats girl, with beautiful green eyes and red hair.

A Blythe doll, again sweet but not to everyone's taste, I personally like them, some are customized and look incredible, they take great photo's.

Hildegarde agreed to join in , so people could see what a Pongratz girl looked like but I don't think she liked all the noise!

Well I missed lots of dolls , I should have kept the camera with me but I put it down and of course therefore missed taking quite a few photo's, for instance Sharon had a couple fo her little fee's bjd dolls with her but out there is the world of Sasha you will find the photo's !

Well just one more post to come of my purchases.. just a few ...



Today is the 600 anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, so Paul being an Archer attended a meeting to celebrate this victory.

Dressed in keeping with that day. he enjoyed a longbow shoot with his other archery club members .

A mottle crew if ever I saw one! Probably what faced the French that day!!



I thought I give you a break before the next installment of Photo's from the Chat n Snap to share these photo's of Ashley.

For some reason Ashley looks good in Yellow ! and since she loves that colour it works well.

I was looking on Ginny's sales table yesterday and spotted a beautiful yellow floral dress in a Japanese fabric.

You can just see it here on the corner of the photo. Well I could just about hear Ashley's shout from the stage , where she was pretending to be a medieval miss, to buy her a yellow dress because she had the perfect boots to match !

So I asked Ginny to hold it for me and later came back and finished my shopping with her. So today I had to redress those who were in their medieval wear and so went to find Ashley's boots. I dressed her then remembered that I have been wanting to wash her hair for a while as it looked a little dull, so undressed her and washed her hair.
Was so happy that it came out well from it's wash and is now lovely and bright blonde. So put her into her new dress and her boots along with a pair of Michelle's navy tights.

and here she is !

Hair all lovely and clean

and those boots could have been made just to match this outfit the colour is so good! So two very happy people .