Tuesday 30 April 2013


I am being very cheeky and putting on this fabulous photo that I came across of Kendal's
boy's all wearing their DD's last winter.

It is worthy of a nice long look.Hope Kendal does not tell me off.....

I am hoping you can see it bigger if you click on it! I love they way they all look as if they are waiting in line either for the photo to be taken or for the cinema to open, so they can go in and watch the lastest boys own adventure!

Kendal your photo's are alway a delight, thank you.

Saturday 27 April 2013


When I visited Gill on Friday to collect Winter and take the No navel's wearing VSD's photo's I also
took some photo's of  Gill's other Gotz girls.

Gill loves the Gotz Sasha's and does have a wide collection.

They were very interested in the No navel's posing for the camera.

Wondering why that woman cannot take a straight photo!!

Now there is one little non Gotz girl in amongst these girl's but that's for you to find!

Love all their Ruth Hartley Duffle coats.

I love the fabric of this dress that Gill's girl poppy is wearing, the colours look so good on her.

The dress is by Nikita of dreaming under the lilac's and the shoes by Rosie Bloomfield.The dog is model's own :)

Gill sent me this photo today of her girl's Saskia and Kasha getting to know each other.

Looking swish in their Hattie's Hat with Hattitude !

Gill's Kasha and my Raven both in the same colour VSD's, the colour suits both of them.

All the blondes together, Gill's on left my two on right.

My two brunette's Raven and Winter.

Ginny my only Red no navel and the first no navel I bought, which sent me down this slippery slope  :)


Eight , Nine ,Ten little No Navels Kendal's missed the bus
we thought we'd best include them before
they make a fuss!!

Friday 26 April 2013



One little no navel standing all alone
If no one else is coming
I might as well go home!

Two little no navel's only just arrived
already in their VSD's
enjoying the vibe!

Three little no navels looking very dapper
loving the sunny day
and starting to chatter

Four little no navels standing in a line
looking very colourful
and feeling quite devine

Five little no navels three blonde
a brunette a red
will any more arrive before it's time for bed

Six little no navels surely there's no more!
if they keep coming
we'll be falling out the door!

Seven little no navels standing straight and true
if there are any more
they must belong to you!


Eight Nine Ten little No Navels Kendal's missed the bus
we thought we'd best include them
before they make a fuss!!

I would like to thank Gill for loaning me her two no navels in their vsd’s and the use of her conservatory in order to take these photo’s.


I came across this old photo of some of my girl's past and present in the Hat with Hattietude group and thought I would show it again.

Only four of these Sasha's are still in the village!! I will have to take a new photo when I have made some more hats of the new clan members in a similar pose.!

I love this photo of Hattie.

Thursday 25 April 2013


Spring fever has it the village!!! and Sasha's , Gregor's and Babies have been placed up for adoption!!!

So far Evie aka Angela is one ebay with original box and clothing.

She comes with all her original clothes and box all in beautiful condition.NOW SOLD.


I have caved and pulled Mitzi from sale.., Poor y poor Mitzi's back on ebay!!!

Freddie is now SOLD

 Maria is now on ebay! £50 for quick sale


Please note plus postage costs to where ever

Why you are asking?? Well I just decided today that I would re evaluate my collection and these were the one's that jumped out that could go for adoption! I was ? am? considering one of the Velvet's but if I do which one? and then I would not have any twins? so....  it's all the lap of the God's or if anyone buys them before I change my mind and take them off!!!!!


I received a lovely outfit from Ruth Hartley of ruthsdolls the other day, I decided to put it on
Sophie my Gotz blonde.

Now for me on Sophie it looks a little short however I know Steve would be delighted! But I do like the colour on her , so she can wear it for a while.

Now Sophie is one of the few Sasha's I have never considered selling. I think it's because she sat on Shelly's for so long waiting for someone ( and she was looking and waiting for me) to buy her , that when I finally caved in and bought her I promised she could stay.
It could also be that she has the same colour of eyes and hair combination as my youngest daughter Courtney? may be maybe not!

These are the only later Gotz I now own and Adam ( who is a David) very nearly got sold when I listed him on ebay but when It came to take the photo, I just could not bring myself to sell him! So I believe he's staying !

On the left we have Evie, ( an Angela) who I tried again and again to buy and was always out bid until one day I struck lucky and so she came home.

She is a gorgeous Sasha BUT I am now having a rethink of my collection and her names come into the frame as a possible adoptee ! I love her when I see her but she tends to stay on the shelf and is still wearing her outfit from before Christmas!

Am I making the right decision to sell her? and a couple of the other's? Will I decide I should have kept them if they go? Will I be selling the right ones? Oh the stress!! I thought this Sasha collecting lark would be a delight!!

Wednesday 24 April 2013



The weather is so nice, the bench has been put out in the garden and the bears are sitting and watching the garden grow!
It is lovely and peaceful with most of the clan off at school and the babies having their afternoon naps.

Suddenly they hear a noise in the bushes!!

"Hello!" says a little voice " Why are you in the garden? are you hiding?"

" No! " says Gertie " We are not hiding! We are getting some peace ...well we were getting some Peace and Quiet!"
" Who are you? " asks Hugo politely
" Storm " she replies.

Edward looks at Mossy " It's Storm! You knew she was coming!"

" I did? " asks Mossy bewildered " When did I say that? "
" The other day, you kept saying there was a storm coming! don't you remember lad!"
" Oh Yes " agrees Mossy deciding to go with the flow " Yes yes I said a storms coming ! a storm's coming! " his voice all gruff and mysterious
Edward rolls his eye's deciding Mossy has no idea what he's on about!
Suddenly Mossy and Edward find themselves scooped up

Storm giggles and settles Edward and Mossy on her lap " This is much better " she sighs cuddling the bears.
" You is sweet bears "
" I am a Panda! " says Edward and then starts to explain the difference between bears and panda's to Storm who pretends to listen while smiling at the little sweet bears!

Diggory who has been sitting quietly beside Aimee says " I knew a child at my last house just like her ! She lived in a shed at the bottom of the garden her name was....."

" Ah her name was ...snow..no that's not it...ah...rain....no no ahem...."
Aimee says " could it have been Storm? "
Diggory smiles kindly " Of course..not! Just give me a moment and it will come to me....now where was I..oh ..yes ...sunny....maybe not...ah....sleet? frost?....."
Aimee's eyes glaze over and she begin's to think about what could be for tea while Diggory goes through one wrong name after another....

Tuesday 23 April 2013


There is a small disagreement going on down the end of the garden.

" Ya a wee monster Georgie " says Drago in a huff " Ya be knowning tis my turn to be playing St. George!"
George just stands and gives Drago his wobbly lip face....
" Ock ya wee scamp ! Youse can be him this time"

Soon George is riding on Drago's back waving his lolly stick ( Mum does not allow swords!) and squealing with joy while Drago pretends to snarl and snap his great teeth and fangs!!


" Ock This reminds ma of the time Sir Cedric de Bonnicut tried ta kill ma aunt Morag !" says Drago while
George tries to chop his head with the lolly stick, oops sword!
" Aye it were a bloo..ah..nasty fight but ma aunty won fair n square! No that Sir Cedric would agree !"

" Georgie boy are ya trying to dig a wee hole in ma head?" asks Drago beginning to feel a bit sore where George is attacking him " I think it's time ya won ya wee rascal !"

Drago lays down after making sure George is off his back and moans and growls " Arrgh  St George , ya black hearted knave , I'm doone fa ya evil wretch !"
Drago closes his eyes then waits just long enough for George to start to worry then jumps up!.

George gives Drago a hug for playing with him.
" Aye young Georgie it wah nice but I no be the Dragon next year! I will be St George and save ta day!"

Sunday 21 April 2013


Due to finally having some sunny although not that warm weather ! I changed another of the girl's into
a nice spring dress and decided to search for a place to take some photo's.

Calico Kate my 60's slate eyed red head came to try out places for the shoot.

We liked this space in front of the miniature Japanese Cherry tree but there were a lot of bee's buzzing about , so we thought we'd not disturb them.

This was not bad but a little to dappled sun.

This pile of bricks on which a pot stands in the summer was not too bad except for the twig growing out of her head!

So we landed up back at one of our favourite spots with the gargoyles! Callie is joined by new girl Jocelyn both wearing spring dresses by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.

They are joined by Anastasia who is also wearing Passion for Sasha.

I love the blue dress that Anastasia's wearing so I asked Ginny to make me one for Storm who has joined the girl's to show it off.

Anastasia and Storm modelling their matching dresses.

All the girl's together in their lovely spring dresses.

Not wanting to leave the boy's out Adam was in the garden wearing his new Dolly Doodles spring/summer outfit so he came over so I could take his photo.

I love the colour of this outfit, the vibrant blue against the black. He is wearing Judith's new cargo style trousers with little pockets on the legs.

Here you can see the striped t shirt a prefect match to the trousers and hoodie.

The girl's all join Adam for a photo.

A final photo of them all.