Sunday 27 November 2022


 It does seem like November only started last week and yet here we are at the other end of it!

December is just waiting to begin in the coming week and of course December means for many of us, the lead into Christmas. I probably should not say it, because we all know it then goes pear shaped, but not only have I already changed the plates over on the dresser I have also almost completed a cardigan for Adam and started on Clara's one!

The glass sweet jar will be filled for the Christmas period, and I just have to not fill the top with dolls like I usually do!  It had been covered for most of the week with the backdrop and various dolls in the sleigh and sled. It looked quite small when I finally removed the backdrop and cleared everything away.

Adam's red cardigan just needs the neck band and the button bands done, but since I need to pay attention when knitting them, I started on the back of Clara's cardigan because I was watching a film, so needed to just be able to knit without keeping track. Plus, I need to find my needle to sew up Adam's cardigan to be able to start the neckband.

This was the dresser for most of the week with the ironing board helping to extend the 'ground' area of the photos. Made me wish I had a space somewhere to be able to have various backdrops that could just be interchanged for photo shoots. But alas that's not happening. So, it was a case of keeping it place until I had taken the photos I wanted and then dismantle it all and return it all to where it lives when not in use.

On the doll front, as stated above I was taking winter photos for several mornings or afternoons this week.

I have also sold a few pieces of dolls clothing, so the box that was almost full is now looking half empty which is good. However, the royal mail has several days of strikes planned for December, some one after the other, so posting is going to be a nightmare at times. Because of that I will just sell a few things on the bazaar or on my sales page until the new year. 

I did sell the last of the five dolls my friend asked me to sell for her, so that will be off to its new owner this week and one less thing sitting around waiting.

I nearly sold Theo, my small Roche boy, but came to my senses in time, and I have really enjoyed using him in my recent photo shoot. 

Now I need to go and clear a little more of the things in the doll studio and also do some more knitting, so I will wish you all a happy healthy fun filled week ahead. Don't forget to get those letters off to Santa!


Friday 25 November 2022


 Well, that's what I have been doing all week! Pardon! I can hear you shout; she never goes out in that snow for more than five minutes! And you would be correct no I do not!

But this is pretend snow, my most favourite kind. I decided that because I was going to clear, clean and re dress the dresser, I'd use it first for a few doll photos with the winter backdrop that needs to hang down from two nails in the top of the dresser which take the Christmas bunting.

Well, I started with the Roche dolls as two of them were up for sale and so could be gone by the weekend. Esme here. A lovely rare to find 16 inch lass, who I took in a swap.

Theo Roche who was up for sale and then I had a big change of heart, so he is now staying.

and Emily Roche, who is one of my core Roche dolls.

and today it was the turn of the Sasha's. I'll save the rest to share in December, which in case you have not yet realised is next week!

Sunday 20 November 2022



I thought we'd start this Sunday with a photo of Josie. Just because.

So, the week's been quite slow, lots of cold rainy weather at the beginning, most days did have a dry spell during the day and the occasional burst of sunny weather but also the odd very grey few hours before the sun managed to struggle through before it started getting dark around 4 pm.

We had the chimney swept, so have been able to have a couple of nice fires to warm us in the evenings, which has been good. 

My yarn arrived, so I have started knitting the grandchildren a cardigan each, which I hope to get done in time for Christmas, but that will depend on me not going off on a tangent!

I'm still waiting on a parcel of goodies, and they shop is now sending a replacement parcel, just hope I don't land up with the hassle of having to send one back, if two arrive!

On the doll front, no doll sales but I did swap a doll, non-Sasha. So that was a move forward. I have also sold a few pieces of clothing, enough that I will need to go and buy more stamps. I do have a non-Sasha doll waiting in the wings, a preorder and I did see a gorgeous Stieff reindeer that's looking at me, like it wants to come home! Who can tell what might happen! not me! 

But at least my box of clothing for sale is slowly emptying.

Percy and Charlie braved the garden where it is sunny but cold! Charlie may need to change his top, but he says, he is fine!

Well, I'm off to clear the end of the kitchen table, which no matter how hard I try (reminds me of a song by Cher), never stays empty for more than a day or two. Plus, it may be time to put out the Christmas China on the dresser.

so, whatever you have planned this week, have a lovely healthy fun filled time


Friday 18 November 2022


 CASTLE in their lives ;)

I'm trying to decrease the number of items, that I'm leaving around the house, since the idea of having a doll studio was so I would not fill the house with things!

So, the doll cabinet, that's still in the breakfast end of the kitchen/breakfast room, we won't go there, recently acquired a Meileg castle tower and hall. It did fit quite well on top; however, it was reducing the natural light coming into that side of the room and since we are heading into winter reducing the natural light is not a good move!

Now it was time to find it a home in the studio.

The only place it could go was here on top of this cupboard which was overloaded with boxes!

Which meant finding them all a new home, even if only until I could find a better one later.

It looks a lot better there than the pile of assorted boxes.

There is even space for the other castle tower, but will I get it?... Is the Pope Catholic? 

Well. since the pope is catholic, I have added a little more to my castle!

and it's this! This is a bag that Meileg sell, it comes with a little mouse, this one is in a ballerina outfit.

There is a cutout window at the back, here shown with a Roche doll and the ballerina looking out the window.

and the mouse coming out of the door, which you just press out to open it up.

Here it is standing beside the rest of the castle, it's not as deep as the proper castle make does make a good edition I feel.

a view of the rooms.

Edward and Mr Mossy have decided to check the place out with a view to moving in! But there is not much in the way of furnishings and could they all fit! Mr Mossy's not giving up on the idea, he fancies being lord of the manor!

Editions to the castle continue to appear... 

This time a small addition of the princess and the pea tower room.

Seen earlier with Ginny talking to the Princess Araminta. 

So, my castle is coming along nicely. I think another small section in the middle could finish it off nicely, if the bag had been wider, I could have put the middle section on that but it's too narrow. 

So here it is, the finished castle. Today the second hall box arrived which I have added to the middle section.

Unfortunately, a large order of furniture I put in, is lost somewhere at royal mail and so I am waiting for the store to replace the missing parcel!

But along with the final section, a pair of chairs arrived which Edward and Mr Mossy are now sitting on alongside the fireplace that also arrived. However, the beds and bath are still missing.



a few mushrooms growing on the roof!!

I think the small teddies, will be taking up residence in the castle once the furniture arrives, so Mr Mossy will be one very happy mystic bear!

NB this castle's been built up over a few months and the post started and added to as each new part arrived.

Sunday 13 November 2022


 Well, I have been quite good and spent a few hours each day clearing bags etc from the floor of the doll studio. So much so that I even ventured in there with the hoover, only for it to decided not to work properly, even though I had just hoovered the living room!

But it did manage to clean the carpet a little, but I will have to do it again once I have moved and emptied more of the boxes.

At least it's had a little hoovering and there is a clear way through now. I have acquired a chair but will still need to clear a place for it by the window, and yes, I have left a few things on that chair, but they will be moved.

Paul's been doing more in the garden, cutting back shrubs that have overgrown their space, he cut a rambling rose back and uncovered most of a lovely holly bush that had been hidden!

He also cut back an acer that was starting to cover the tree fern, so this space has been opened up and hopefully the other shrubs now having more room and light will straighten up and fill the space. The tree fern is under the fleece cover to help protect it for the cold winter weather.

I asked Ginny to make one of my Roche dolls a dress and gave her some amendments using another dress I had from her but for a Zwergnase doll. However, being me, I just assumed which size doll it was for instead of checking! So, a beautiful dress arrived but was not as big as I wanted, however it still fit a Sasha.

Josie was more than happy to claim it and quickly snagged the pale pink shoes to compliment it.

it was warm enough for her to pop outside and see the Mr Rabbit.

On the doll front, I have been making progress. I'm selling a couple of non-Sasha dolls, so decided to list all the clothing I have for them. The dolls have not yet sold but quite a few of their clothing items are sold. 

I have also sold a German metal stove I bought years back and a Meileg item I bought to use with the dolls but never actually got round to using. So that's a couple of items sitting filling up the cupboards moved on.

Also a few more clothes, so I am still working on reducing the boxes! I am almost getting to the stage where I think, sell everything and just keep what doesn't go or just start over!

I know that if I can make the space clear, I will start using it, so that's my aim.

My feng shui advisor, advised me to put the cat to look out the window, so that's what I have done, let's see how it works out, although this cat's not waving! lol

I wish you all a happy healthy week ahead


Thursday 10 November 2022


 Well, she must do! But doesn't actually make anything with that fabric? there's the questions!

So, I have actually been doing what I said I would for a change! I have started on the clearing of the studio floor! I actually had a couple of quick results when I found that a large plastic box and a large cardboard box sitting in the middle of the room, didn't even contain anything to do with my dolls, so they were quickly removed.

Five carrier bags were sorted through and moved on, on Sunday and another five smaller cloth bags are now in the kitchen taking over the table while they too have been emptied out and appear to hold things that don't belong to my studio as not doll related.

In my wisdom I decided to use the lovely pine cupboard for my fabric stash, so that I could use the double cupboard it was in, for other items.

So, about an hour later the fabrics etc were now in the pine cupboard and the other items from the pine cupboard filling only half of the double unit.  By making the change I have gained half of a double cupboard unit of space!

I also found a couple of items to sell on, as lovely as they are they are not /no longer being used.

So, the answer to the heading of, does she like fabric? is yes, she does, but does she ever actually do anything with that fabric.. no, she doesn't! Well not much for the dolls really.

I would like to be able to say that the cupboard now contains all my fabric but that would not be true, as there are at least two boxes containing some fabric about, that need to be found and added here. I need to find some patterns and start cutting some out but not this month as too much to do first, plus I'd just waiting on this gorgeous piece of red silk, will make a beautiful dress ....       ....      some day....

Now I must return to carry on tidying up.

Monday 7 November 2022


 Oh of course not everyone will love the colour red or the tartan fabric, but I have to say that I'm a great fan myself.

Which is one of the reasons I set out to dress as many of the Sasha and Gregor's in it, for the winter months.

I didn't just settle on the red and red based Tartan's, I also wanted to include the blue and green based ones too.

And I didn't want to start buying loads of tartan clothing for them... naturally a few pieces found their way here!

So here they are so far, I think this group in the reds and red based tartan have come together quite well. The only tartan at this point that is new are the trousers Prince Christian is wearing plus he is also wearing the new red snoopy hoodie.

Here Saffron's joined the red group, so from the left Saffron, PC, Atticus, Magda, Arabella, Margo, Zak and Valentine.

However, the blues and greens are more of an eclectic mix!

Which I believe is another word for totally a mix up! Still a nice grouping but without the smoothness of the reds. I have to say it was much easier to find this group shoes in blues than enough shoes in red or green!

But it's early days, there are still a few more dolls in need of their winter wear, will they land on the red group or the blue group? Only time will tell!

Like Hattie..

Who tells me she doesn't do groups! 

" And I am only wearing this until my dress arrives.."

Sunday 6 November 2022


 It appears that the rain we did not get for most of the year, has decided to arrive along with the cold now November is here. Now I actually don't mind the cold, you can dress warm and get on with things indoors and out but cold and wet! No thanks, cold crisp days yes please.

But I do know that as a country we do need this late rain and lots more, if we are to avoid more water problems next year, but it does make it hard to get things done!

Paul is better and is off to see when he can get rebooked for his op, next week.

 His 101-year-old dad is now in a care home because he can no longer be left on his own. He only went in on Tuesday, having agreed he cannot look after himself but naturally is now saying don't give up his flat as he'll be back out soon! When asked again can he manage, the answer is no! But we are hoping after a couple more weeks there he will have gotten used to the people and the place, a very nice place and people and he will accept that there is no going back.

Apart from that not much else has been happening. Just the usual sorting and tidying and plan making! I have been taking photos of the dolls and have various part finished posts sitting waiting. 

I have a wooden Schoenhut doll, with cracking face paint from a respray she had years back, who I would like to remove the paint from, trying to save the original eyes, then repaint, so she can join my other dolls looking well. So, I am planning to have a go at removing the paint this week.

I am also still sorting out things to sell on, although now we are approaching Christmas, sales will tail off but at least I will have sorted and maybe moved on a few more items. In my efforts to tidy the studio by using boxes, it now appears I just have too many boxes, that constantly need moving when the one I need is always the one near the bottom! So, I am hoping that as I sell on more of the props, I will get more space in the cupboards to rearrange them to fit some of these boxes.

I nipped and took these photos of the studio! Yes! after all that work before to make some calm out of the chaos, the chaos is back! 

Another problem as well as too many boxes, I also seem to land up with shopping bags full of assorted items, that I have filled indoors and then instead of sorting the things into those boxes, I leave them on the floor to add to the chaos!

So, my plan for this coming week is to sort through everything that's sitting on the floor and give the carpet beneath a good hover. Along with listing more items to sell on the blog sale page and also onto eBay. I have already started by bring out five of the bags of whatever and resorting the contents and now that's five less things cluttering up the floor.

On the other doll front, not a lot has been happening, I have received a couple of items but more about that in another post. Also, I did get some lovely cord dresses off Ginny and have asked her for a couple of others, including one for a non-Sasha doll.

These were the only colours she had left that were already made up. Luckily, they are all colours I like., I have always liked Ginny's photo on her site, of the second dress from the left, that's shown with one in magenta and one in red, always meaning to at some stage buy them. Now I have finally started to.

I still need to carry on with the clear out, one day I dream of a place for everything and everything in it's place! lol

So have a lovely healthy fun filled week ahead


Saturday 5 November 2022


 Yes, just one more doll photo day left after this one!

Hildegard's girls, Julchen and Beverley are outside enjoying some sun before the weather turns colder. Mum is keeping them from checking out the new clothing available, so save them from feeling left out! But mum will soon knit them more lovely winter sweaters and they will be able to enjoy some hot coco and stories by a nice warm fire.

Here in the village, the children are standing about on the dress causing a mess, well their mum is! Just how many pairs of shoes need to sit on the dresser waiting for someone to need them? Can you tell?

Maria and Josie are turning into good friends both being new to the village clan, they went for a little look around outside but decided to return because the weather is now quite chilly! Well, it is November.

Over the pond, some of Steve's girls have sorted out the cardigan's now it's getting cold and dark early these days. A lovely line up of brunettes to warm us in their reds and blues.

Thank you to all those sending photos in, still time to be added.


Below are the number of shoes scattered across the dress, did you see them all?

Friday 4 November 2022



There was lots of yawning and moaning coming from the castle this morning!

It's left for Ginny to find out what all the noise is about.

"Good morning, Princess Araminta, I hope you slept well"

" I've had a terrible night, help me up please"

Ginny helps the princess down from her very tall bed

"Why did you have a bad night sleep? did you eat cheese before bed? " asks Ginny

" Did I eat cheese before bed? " the princess repeats parrot fashion " No I did not eat cheese before bed! The very idea! " She gives a loud sniff " I had my usual hot chocolate, a blueberry muffin and an after eight and a quarter mint"

"After eight " corrects Ginny

" It was a quarter past eight not eight" Princess Araminta stares at Ginny just daring her to comment! Ginny decides to keep quiet, the princess continues " I am exhausted! I barely slept a wink never mind forty of them, there is something in my bed and it's very uncomfortable"

"Oh dear " Ginny says with some sympathy 

" You must search the bed for me" commands the princess " remembering at the last minute to add " Please"

Ginny runs her hand between each of the many mattresses on the princess's bed

" Why have you got so many mattresses? " Ginny mutters reaching right into the back wall

Princess Araminta, who is keeping a close watch on Ginny's search replies " When one is a princess one's comfort is of the utmost importance "

" I cannot find anything" Ginny tells the princess

" Well keep looking I know it's there somewhere"

"How do you know? " Questions Ginny

" Because I pu.. I know !"

"You need to search right to the very bottom, no half measures!" Demands the princess sitting herself down while Ginny carries on her search.

"I cannot find anything" Ginny looks over at the princess sitting down " you could help by getting inside and checking too"

The princess gets to her feet and starts to walk off " Sorry dear I need to go and find someone to make my breakfast, but please keep looking I know it's there. it's green and quite round "

Bewildered Ginny asks the princess retreating back " How do you know that? "

" Well because it's a pea dear! And they are green and round do pay attention! Oh, and once you find it kindly remake the bed and leave one of those little packets on the pillow with a mint chocolate in! Bye" 

Ginny stands stunned as the princess walks off, leaving her with the pea still to find. How does she know it's a pea? wonders Ginny, then the penny drops! I bet she put it in there herself!