Sunday 31 January 2021



 Well January has gone by in a flash! So tomorrow will start the last full month of winter , which seems strange ! I think with everything going on in the world time does not seem to drag at all. 

It's funny how things change with the seasons, back in summer early autumn , we made a point of all meeting up for breakfast at the kitchen table, getting out the bone china breakfast cups, shown above, and sitting down together to start the day. 

But since winter arrived that as slowly stopped as some preferred a lie in , while others are always up at roughly the same time of day whatever the that day may be. Now it's back to mugs of tea and toast while reading the papers on the sofa.

I'm sure once the lighter mornings and spring arrives , we'll get back into the Sunday table breakfasting again and the china cups and saucers will once again grace the table.

Meanwhile we are doing our usual decorating style ,of not having finished the end of the breakfast room/kitchen, we have headed upstairs to our bedroom and started sorting out a few of the things needing doing.

Our house is a semi detached building, so we can, on occasion, get some noise from our neighbour, who is a very nice man and on the whole very quiet, but therefore when he is noisy we notice it more. One of the reason we decided to start on the bedroom before finishing the kitchen etc , is that we removed the old worn original bedroom carpet a few years back and just put down a large rug as a temporary measure, while we knocked the rest of the house into shape.

If we get the room sorted and but a carpet back it will do away with almost all of any noise next door may make.

You may remember that I said I have the wallpaper , that has been sitting and waiting to go up almost since we moved in here, which is now almost sixteen years ago! 

Yes another pattern !

But it's not a Morris and Co one ! If I remember correctly, it's called Chantilly by Colefax and Fowler , another company I love.

By now, if you follow or read this blog, you will know my style is more country cottage/manor house than modern high tech minimalist . in fact if someone offered me a house that was state of the art, high   tech cutting edge or a cottage with a leaky roof and other issues , I'd take the cottage every time.

Not that I'm against technology , I like to be energy saving and warm ,like most but I'd prefer it wrapped in character than clean lines! If you have ever watched it's a Wonderful Life, that old broken down house they buy is right up my street! I can also admire the look of a beautiful modern house with a massive kitchen with a waterfall island and perfect looks but I don't know just how long I could live there without giving a bit of age !

Anyway back to the bedroom , Paul did say should we change the wallpaper for another but no , I still love it and want it to give me that old style cottage/ country house bedroom feel. Anything else would probably be much more colourful ( you know I cannot resist colour ) and not sit in the background allowing the bedding etc to shine.

I have been buying, over last year, some nice Morris and Co bedding to hopefully compliment the walls once it's all done. 

The room is basically the same size as the living room , with a front and back window. Because the house was built in 1926 and in a cottage style the windows go into the roof line. 

Which means the walls at the back and front slope into the ceiling, so the windows are high enough in the walls that you can fit a bed under them. I am five foot two and cannot look out the windows and down unless standing on a stool or chair ! One of our previous neighbours partner refused to move in until their house had longer windows put in !

You can see how much lower next door's now are. Although it was annoying not being able to just look out the windows upstairs, without being either on tiptoes or with a chair , I am now quite used to it and I'd rather have the ability to be able to place the bed under the window.

So the bedroom is now on the top of the list to get done , so work will start this coming week and probably take a month or so with what needs doing and how long it will take to get materials delivered.

On the doll front, I have finally managed to change a couple of the dolls into warmer clothing.

Jenny and Valentine are now much warmer although Valentine is still waiting on his socks and shoes.

and of course Adam was able to go out into the garden with Atticus , now he was toasty warm in a lovely jacket etc.

Well that just leaves me to say have a happy healthy week ahead.


Friday 29 January 2021


 "So where is the snow then? "  Adam asks

" Well it was right here on Sunday " Atticus replies " I was standing in this very spot !"

Adam sighs " Well I'm standing here now and there is not even a teeny tiny speck of snow " he sighs again

Atticus feels sorry his brother missed seeing the snow, he'd have liked someone to enjoy it with.

" Well there is supposed to be more snow coming " Atticus tells Adam, who looks happy at the news until  " But I don't known if it's down here or up north only "

" Up north ? " questions Adam

" Yes up north , not quite sure where up north is " he ponders " maybe where Santa lives ? That's north "

" Mmm " Adam thinks " I'm sure there must be more than one north because we live in North Herts, so we could be up north !"

Adam turns round and looks along the wall " Let's head this way maybe its more north and we can find some snow "

Atticus is not so sure they will but is happy to walk along the wall " Okay after you "

They reach the end of the wall where they don't find any snow but do find a traffic cone!

" Is that a snow cone ? " asks Adam laughing at his own joke 

Atticus smiles " It would be a giant one if it was " he jokes back.

"Why is there a traffic cone on the wall ?" Atticus asks

" Because the brick pillar was knocked down "

" Who by ? Mum? " 

"No not Mum "

"Dad then ? "

"No not dad "

"Vandals !" asks Atticus shocked 

Adam rolls his eyes " Not not vandals Mr M next door did it !

Atticus is even more shocked " Why! Doesn't he like us !"

"Silly ! it was an accident, he was going out in his great big van and his wheelie bin was too close and when his van pushed the bin, it pushed the pillar and it fell over ! The pillar that is not the van " Adam explains " an accident"

Pleased that we are not at war with the neighbours Atticus starts heading back along the wall, followed by Adam.

" Well since there is no snow here lets go play in the garden " Atticus heads off

Suddenly Atticus tumbles off the wall !

Adam looks over the wall " I'm fine " Atticus's somewhat winded voice says " I must have slipped on some ice "

"Mmm of course " Adam calls down while standing in the sunshine " Ice that's what caused it! This must be an accident black spot ! "

Tuesday 26 January 2021



Before Christmas I came across a lovely piece of Morris and Co fabric , which I knew would make a great cover for a footstool. 

Once Christmas was over , we set about getting the parts we'd need for Paul to make it.

One the size was decided , a piece of MDF was cut to suit.

decide were the feet will go, then drill a hole and fit the nuts, that the feet screw into, one on each corner.

Forgot to take photo of foam but this is it having been stuck to the board and weighted down to set.

Over that Paul stapled a folded piece of 2oz wadding. 

This is pulled tight to soften the edges.

Then it's time to add the fabric stapling it one side then pulling tight across to other side and stapling, before doing the sides.

Now it's ready for a piece of fabric to tidy up the underneath.

I had this piece of checked fabric in my stash, just waiting for a good use. I cut it to size ,allowing for a small hem, which I machined and then returned to Paul to fit .

Then finally it was time to fit the legs. We bought them from a seller on ebay ,just natural and Paul stained them and then wax polished them.

The feet are fitted by placing the screw rod that's already attached to the foot, through the hole to meet up with the nut that was the first thing fitted to the board.

The fabric used was called Montreal in a velvet by Morris & Co , which is blue but can look green in other light.

And here it is in place. I wanted it high enough to be used as a place to also put magazines or books as well as to rest your feet plus also for someone to use as a seat if we have a houseful .

It would also make a good seat for the grandchildren.

So another job done and it's already being used.

Monday 25 January 2021


 Well on Sunday Atticus was outside checking out the snow.

 He walked along the small garden wall between us and the neighbours.

It was almost covering his wellies!

He also helped by taking our reindeer out for some exercise, Rudy the reindeer has to be supervised or he vanishes off and doesn't return until December , looking the worse for wear!

He also helped Wren set up for a snowy winter Christmas style photo shoot.

He's hoping if it snows again ,his brothers will be able to come outside and play in the snow.

Sunday 24 January 2021


 Another week that's flown by ! Not a lot happening here in the week just gone. Although Paul did use some more of the old living room shelving unit, to make me a small bookcase for under the end of the worktop in my Sasha Studio. See above photo of it already in place and filled with my craft and doll books.

Which means that the Victorian glass fronted display/bookcase is now empty but with no place to go at present. It's going into my bedroom to display some dolls but since the bedroom needs everything doing to it, decorating and new carpet etc, we don't want to carry it up there and it become another piece of furniture to move when the carpets ready to be laid. 

However I could do with moving it somewhere either in the studio or into the house , so that I can move about more easily in the studio and get things more organised.

I still have more cushion covers to make, just a few, then they'll be finished and I can move on to next bit of sewing. I've been slowed down by not being able to find just where I put some fabric I've had for a good while. 

It may be in the cupboards in the studio but too much in front of them for me to get to easily. So will need to spend sometime in there next week having a tidy up.

My daughter moved into her new house on Friday and is happily emptying boxes and deciding what goes where! I love houses and bringing out their potential , although of course this is not my house, I will give them idea's to that end. They, of course, don't need to take any notice lol.

However today they had to have the gas turned off as they could smell gas in downstairs cupboard , when the emergency team arrived , they found that a pipe had eroded and so now not gas! Luckily they have some heaters from their old house but not the best of starts and makes you wonder if the previous owners knew that the pipes need changing! But they are safe and that's what matters, it was a small leak but none the less!,

We still have plenty to do here ourselves, on the decorating front, but I'm sure they will be asking Paul to help them with any little jobs , once we are released from house arrest.

Saturday the weather was very cold but lovely and bright. But today Sunday , although it started bright it also started snowing! in the afternoon!

So finally a wintery wonderland outside the door! Of course no one was ready apart from Atticus, to get outside and enjoy some snow time. It started quite slow but was soon starting to cover the ground.

Before I retired last year I'd have been complaining about it arriving on a Sunday when I had to work on the Monday but now I'm fine with it, as long as it doesn't turn to ice overnight ! Mind you not that I need to be anywhere ! This is a view from front bedroom windows of the snow in the fields across the road.

Here is Atticus walking on the garden wall and looking at all the snow around him,  later he helped out but that is for another day.

I'm still into my reading while the weather is so cold but need to make sure I don't spend all day reading!

Paul started making my new foot stool this weekend and it should be finished tomorrow , so I will share photo's in te week of how it was made. 

On the doll front no one's left and no one's arrived and no doll items have been purchased , so far.

So I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


Thursday 21 January 2021


 The children looked at Gregoropolis today and saw that they were sending out a hug fest, even though they are on a break! But they know just how important hugs are especially in these times.

So Georgie and Wren hug to send a hug back to the Gregoropolis kids and also out into world and hope that a ring of hugs can appear globally , so the world feels the love.

Sunday 17 January 2021


 So the week went past as quick as usual or maybe even quicker ! I received a couple of doll outfits but not for Sasha's since my Sasha's do have lots of clothes that I just need to get out and use.

What I have been doing is making cushion covers out of some of my fabric stash! 

Most are oblong in various sizes, there is one that is square in the same fabric as the living room curtains. They are for various rooms in the house. I still have a couple more to make, but I am really enjoying making them.

Georgie decided she had to try them out for comfort !

She looks comfortable enough ! but she just asked if there was something at the bottom, small and round like a pebble or even a pea! 

When I gave her a look of surprise she laughed and said she was just kidding!

I am slowly getting used to this laptop, still need to workout a few things but at least I have been able to write this post as if I was still using Paul's old work computer, which is mainly what I need. I do also need to work out how to reduce the pixel size on the photos but apart from that all seems fine with it.

My daughter, mother of the princess Clara and the princeling Adam, will finally be moving house next week ! So when next we visit , it will be to a totally new town and house. It is a much bigger property, which she needs with two young ones, and I'm really looking forward to seeing them and their new house as soon as we are allowed.

Paul's dad had his covid vaccine injection last week, so he now has some protection once the two weeks is past. They are going really well with the mass vaccination plan, so hopefully it won't be too long until we are all injected and the country can open up a little and start the process of returning to the new normal.  

We did get the smallest bit of snow this week alas not enough for any doll photos especially as it was followed immediately by rain. 

Most of my Sasha's and Gregor's are still in boxes in the bedroom and at present have no place to go! but seeing everyone's photos on facebook and the blogs makes me realise how I'm missing not having them to hand. I have had a coat and hat for one of the boys for a couple of weeks but still it's awaiting a wearer! I may have to find a space in my bedroom where a dozen or so can be released and stand about complaining .

I'm back into reading and have finished a couple of crime novels and have another couple on order! It's a slippery slope because if I'm into a book I want to get it read ,which will be pretty much everything else will come to a stop! But on the plus side it stops me wandering the internet and maybe buying dolls that tempt me or other doll related items!

On the doll side no dolls have arrived and none have left, mainly on the leaving side that's because I really don't  want to be going out to a post office to post anything but I will have to sort something out now I have the laptop , so that I can get things moving forward again.

My arm is still giving me grief but hopefully that will improve over the next couple of weeks.

So I will wish you all a happy healthy week ahead.


Saturday 16 January 2021


 So we finally got some snow! it snowed early this morning but was already starting to vanish at eight am because it was quickly followed by rain! 

Alas no time for getting any dolls outside for a photo shoot even a mini one! But it looked pretty while it lasted.

Friday 15 January 2021



Yes I have finally sorted out getting a new laptop which arrived today. I am still in the process of sorting things out on it and remembering or having to reset passwords etc.

But I thought I'd have a go at putting on a blog post to see if it works! So far it appears to be fine!

I don't have any photos loaded on here yet but hope to have resolved that later this afternoon. So I will be back blogging properly in next day or so , with a good old catch up on Sunday.


Tuesday 12 January 2021




These three girls had found their way onto the dresser which gave me the idea for a monthly blog post of 

whose on the dresser? Because it appears no matter how many times I tidy this dresser of dolls , sooner or later one will be placed on there , just for the minute......which then turns into several days or even weeks!

So I have decided to take a photo each month showing what dolls are on the dresser! You can see that 

when I took this photo there were three dolls!

Georgie, my newest Sasha, Elinor my newest AGFAT and Dixie who is not new but is wearing a new dress from Ginny of A passion for sasha on Etsy.

I wonder who will be on there come February? The same three? Maybe one of these and another? A totally different doll or dolls? Or no dolls? I will just have to wait and see!

Sunday 10 January 2021


Well the second Sunday of the years arrived and I’ve hardly progressed since the last one ! Sunday that is not Year ! 

We have not had any snow , shame , but it as been quite cold and on one of the days it did try to snow but was a very weak effort! I can hear you all saying..... she wants snow ! She who as spent years complaining if it was forecast or actually arrived.......but now we are restricted by lockdown and I no longer have to head out at seven fifteen am , down twisting country lanes, well I can live with a small snowfall .


My plan of stacking four big piles of books in the living room in the hope it would inspire Paul to refit the old living room shelving into a bookcase in the lobby worked a treat!
When asked was I going to do anything with those books I was able to say well I need the unit made first!
I was a little worried it would make that area look untidy or full but it doesn’t, it look really nice and much to my surprise all the books fitted the space.

Well I say all the books, when what I should say is all the books in the four large piles on the floor, there are still the books in my glass doll cupboard in the studio ! But I’m working on a place for those to go.


On the doll front my AGFAT Elinor the Elizabethan girl arrived a couple of days early than expected which was lovely.
I’m very happy with her, she does have a sweet look to her and is wearing a lovely outfit.
At present she’s just arrived and been meeting a couple of the other dolls who are downstairs at present, Georgie, Dixie and Wren.

I also received the jacket and coat from Ginny of A passion for Sasha and have to that the denim style jacket , which I got in the purple needle cord is just gorgeous! Georgie took one look and snag it and is now looking very happy , although she says she needs a scarf and hat now !
Which I intend to have a go at making later today.

I finally phoned the doctors about my shoulder/ arm and had to have a call from a physio to be given some exercises to do ,to repair the damage done by my fall. So I am hoping that some knitting will help rather than hinder that.

I finally  finished my book , part was a bit boring but most very interesting. I think if I was American the 

Boring part about politics not related to the senate would have maybe held my interest more.

I then read a detective novel by Rosemund Lipton which was good.

So I now need another book to read unless I read one of my previous ones. I also need to get some sewing done this week so that the kitchen table can be cleared of my sewing machine. One of the things I did do this week was change how I store my cottons, needles, scissors etc. I have for a few years been using an old tool box of Paul’s. It was quite big and long and was the type when opened that had two shelves that opened out with a deep base. But really it was very cumbersome to cart about and hard to find a good place to store due to its size.
So I ordered a few small clear boxes and a stacking set with handle which also arrived this week and so I spent some time moving my sewing things over into various boxes in orderly fashion, all scissors, cutting equipment together, all needles etc on same unit and now I have a few smaller boxes that will fit into my sewing / fabric cupboard in the studio and be easier to just take out the boxes I need rather than everything else.

I will wish you all a lovely healthy week ahead.