Saturday 20 May 2023


 To say I am in the middle of a massive sort out of all things craft or doll related, so will be listing things on my sales page and then onto ebay or marketplace, so keep checking if interested. Working my way through the overflow shed and the yarns and fabrics.

Please don't email to ask if I'm selling X,Y or Z. 

It will appear on the sales page as I work my way through or on my ebay sales page .

Enjoy the lovely weather 


Sunday 14 May 2023


 Well what a great weekend that was for the coronation, beautiful. I'll have to take down all the bunting outside the front and change the flag back, it will seems quite bare once that's done, but it will soon seem back to normal.

We have lots to do here, trying to get the outside sorted but the weather is not playing the game! It was almost like winter here Saturday, a cold wind and low cloud that didn't really move all day, despite a promise of some sun!

Today is supposed to be low cloud to start then clearing... mm... yes it was ! nice and warm in the afternoon

Since we sold my car, I decided it was time to have yet another clear out of the carport! It seems to be a magnet for rubbish! It didn't help that our recycling centre was not open two days of the week, which meant the weekend is a nightmare to try and go. But it's been taken over by a different company and is back open seven days a week. Which meant when we went last week, it was no queueing and straight in and soon back out again.

What it looked like after we'd cleared out the first run of bags etc to the cycling centre!

All the rubbish that will probably take two trips to the recycling.

The reorganised space leaving the bikes and exercise bike along with all the bits of wood and a couple of other things that are waiting to be moved elsewhere. That little, what looks like a bit of rubbish halfway up on the right is where Paul knocked over a tin of paint! So letting that dry before we give it all another sweep once the rubbish is gone.

I am expecting, once it's all cleared to be hearing the sound of sudden braking as cars passing, which are not that many, slam on the brakes in shock at catching a glimpse of a lovely tidy front drive!! I just hope no one appears with a welcome gift for the new neighbours!!! ;)

One of the pluses, apart from it being lovely and tidy finally, is that it's made me get things no longer needed onto marketplace and I have already sold some wooden flooring, two dog kennels and a puppy carrier and so making space and a bit of cash at the same time!

The weather's been very showery all week, so not much moved forward in the garden. However the showers did mean we have not had to water the new trees we planted or the plants in the new bigger flower beds.

On the doll front, I sold a non Sasha doll but still need to get into my studio and sort out the non doll items to move on. There is quite a bit that could go or be reorganised but will have to do it between sorting out the garden or on the rainy days. 

So I'm since I have not got round to blogging any stories, I'm going to carry on trying to get things done around the garden and will be taking a couple of weeks away from blogging even on the Sundays but will be back on the first of June, hopefully with much to report and share.

Wishing you all a happy healthy few weeks, see you on the 1st June


Monday 8 May 2023


 Yesterday it was the adults turn to have a small get together to celebrate the King's coronation.

We had a lovely relaxed lunch with quiche, sandwiches and Paul's freshly made scones with our close friends. The world was almost set to rights by the end of the evening. ;)

I'm pleased to say my coronation flag arrived that morning , the 6th , in time to be flown.

Saturday 6 May 2023



Today we celebrated the coronation of King Charles the third.
Alas the weather here was wet! All afternoon!  So we had to bring the festivities inside.
But there was plenty to eat and drink , so the party is underway, who knows when it will end.. or where...

Friday 5 May 2023


 Yes, thank goodness the King didn't pick the fifth for his coronation! He'd have been surrounded by well dressed dolls!

Hildegard and Rick are off enjoying some holiday fun! I hope they have a lovely time and that the weather treats them kindly!!!

Teresa's girl Skipper is dressed for the Abbey and been reading up on the king, I hope she won't be shocked when a much older Charles arrives for hos coronation! 

Over at Gregoropolis Kenzo, a nice Inuit lad, is complementing Daphne on her new outfit. She does look gorgeous in the matching dress and shoes by Ruth Hartley, the colour suits her perfectly as does Kenzo outfit.

Sebastian Jasper Charles Philip William Rose Gregor, Prince of this realm, is excited to watch his cousin Charles be crowned King tomorrow. 

Many thanks for everyone sending in their photos. still time to join in.

Monday 1 May 2023


 Yes it's the first of May!

We have bought a new bigger flag, since the one that came with the flag pole had gotten tatty and very faded and we want to celebrate the King's Coronation in style.

The wind kindly blew nice and strong, so I could get a good shot of it in full flow.

I could not really tell you where the week went, but pottering about was done and some weeding also. The attention has shifted to the garden, due to the drier weather and that fact that the flower garden was meant to be sorted over the autumn / winter but due to weather was left. 

This whole area needs to be turned into a circular path through the space, with the borders being made slightly bigger.

Paul's made a start , with a little help from me, I'd love to do more but am having trouble with the arthritis in my left knee, but I am helping where I can.

It's still taking me half an hour or more to workout how to get my photos onto this laptop, I finally find the way and then promptly forget just what I did!

Being a royalist, we will be celebrating all next weekend, as will all the dolls, who are already getting excited. So lots to do to get their coronation tea party ready along with our own.

We finally planted a tree in honour of Queen Elizabeth the second, 70th Jubilee and since we were doing that we also planted another for the King.

On the doll front it's been very quiet.

Please send in your photo's for doll day on the 5th, we will be celebrating the king's coronation all week on the blog. If you are not a royalist you can still enjoy the party celebations.

Wishing you all a happy healthy month ahead