Friday 30 March 2012


" We must be ready!" states Edward

Mossy helps him put the letter in place.

" Push it higher Mossy!" demands Edward
" I am pushing " growls Mossy " Try pulling"

The little bears pause for a rest
"" Edward wheezes
" I'm ...only"states a worn out Mossy

 " Oh No! look its wonky! " exclaims Edward
" It's fine " Mossy quickly reassures him, not wanting to have to move the heavy letters about any more!!

A voice beside them says " Paige! Thats my name"

" Edward! Edward! " calls Mossy shaking the little Panda who appears to have fainted

" Is he ok?" asks the little girl " Did he just faint?"

Edward who was coming round states " I most certainly did not faint....I only had five bamboo sandwiches for lunch not nearly enough for a Panda! I was just dizzy for a moment...hunger you know"
" He Fainted" declares Mossy grinning " Fainted.. a girl...."

Before it turns into a fight the little girl says " Did you put my name up ? you did ! Thank you that is such a nice welcome to my new home." She smiles down at the little bears, they fall under her spell.
" Now one of you is my special friend...let me guess..."
The little bears wait Mossy thinking he may be in with a chance and Edward worried she'd pick Mossy!"
" Well I am sure it must be you little Panda for I have always loved Panda's"
Edward is relieved while Mossy grumbles about the luck of Panda's....

Paige helps Edward to the chair so he can have a rest after his 'dizzy'spell.

" What are you doing Edward?" asks Paige puzzled as Edward stands close to her feet.
" We are to have our photo taken" says Edward proudly " Mum always take photo's of her Sasha's and Gregor's on the day they arrive"

Mossy starts grumbling from the back " Thats right take their photo, while I stand here alone and homeless..uncared for...abandoned....after all the hard work I did carrying them great big letters...."
Paige looks back and giggles " You are not homeless, you live here in this home and I care about you"
Edward Rolls his eyes and without turning says " Mossy stop your moaning and come and be in the photo"

After only a tiny bit of jostling the bears settle down and have their picture taken with Paige.
" Mossy what are you doing?" asks mum " why are you staring into the camera that way?"
" Shhh I'm calling MY little miss home! "
" Really?" asks mum getting excited " Can you tell if she's coming?"
Mossy just smiled and continued to stare into the camera........


Yes I finally have my 1969 Redhead Dungarees very happy Sashaphile
Now I will tell you how It came to pass........

Well before Christmas I saw a couple of Redheads on Shelly's site , The above girl was one of them. As soon as I saw her I fell in love but she was way out of my price range and christmas was coming so no way could I even think about trying to get her.....But....when I saw her a name popped into my head which I was surprised by because when this has happened to me before I have alway got the Sasha/Gregor and although I loved the name I did not feel that it fitted her, she struck me as a young sasha about five years old and that name would suit an older looking Sasha.

Anyway a few months passed and christmas came and went and I looked on shelly's site and noticed that she had been reduced in price but still a dream away.
But I decided to sell my Harlequin to restart my red fund with a boost ! Then like it always happens I started to think  that Harlequin was looking very nice and did I truely want to sell her....when fate snuck in the window!

I receive an email from Ellen Church saying that I should sell my Harlequin if I had made the decision and I would not regret doing so when I finally had that 69 redhead in my hands and by the way she was selling just such a girl on Shellys site and here was her picture.Now there were two dungaree girls on shelly's...
Well the picture was the above girl...fate..the very one I had set my heart on!

I thought about it overnight and then took the plunge and asked for her to be put on layaway while I sold everything but the kitchen sink to bring her home.

And that very night when I went to bed my mind rejected the name I had first thought of and settled on the second one that had been vying with the first.

 Things got in my outfit here! a pair of shoes there! ( for my clan not myself I might add) an expensive bill for my car service in January and finally making the decision to sell another couple of my sasha's so that I could widen my collection.

So I would like to thank Ellen for giving me the resolve to stay the course and achieve my aim her name is  PAIGE SHE IS A 1969 RED HAIRED DUNGAREES GIRL AND SHE'S MY 69 RED

Ps I have been dropping clues through my blog...the white letters that make up her name...did you wonder about them???

Thursday 29 March 2012


" Thank you Miss Liberty for showing me round the house" said Edward politely
" My pleasure " replied Liberty copying the Little Panda's formal speech " but whats this box still doing here?"

 " Surely thats the box I arrived in!" declares Edward

" It looks a bit bigger?" says Liberty questioningly

Suddenly a little grey bear appeared
" Oakey push me higher! I cannot get to the edge!"

Liberty quickly places Edward on the chair and hurries back to help the little bear out of the box.

" I've got you little bear " says Liberty
" Thank you " sighs the little bear

" Hello Edward" says the little grey bear
" Good Afternoon Mossy, can I ask what you are doing here?"
" Well the lady wanted a little bear for a rattle and she could not decide which one to buy so she bought
us both"
" A rattle?" asked Edward mystified " and what do you mean both?"

" Whats the food like here?" asks Mossy " I'm starving!"
" Well the Bamboo sandwiches are not up to much" sighs Edward
" Bamboo! I want lovely Honey in my are one odd bear!"
" I am NOT a bear I am a Panda" says Edward stiffly

" Excuse me but when you have finished discussing your lunch could someone help me out?"

" Oh another one " exclaims Liberty rushing over to help the little bear.

 Edward looks at Mossy " Whats Oakey doing here? "                                                                       
" I told you the lady wanted a little bear for a rattle and she could not decide which of us so she bought us both"                     


" What is this about a rattle? You cannot put a little bear in a rattle! it would be dangerous and not very nice!" says Libby getting angry on the little bears behalf.

Oakey chuckles " Not Rattle ! He means Raffle "

"Thats what I said " Mossy declares " a Rattle"

" What raffle are one of you going in then?" asks Libby curiously

" The sasha festival raffle " states Oakey importantly " and I'm the one going, I'm just stopping over to have my picture taken then I'll be off "

" Hoy! I may be going in the rattle erm raffle!" says Mossy indignantly

" Sorry It's me going" states Oakey " You might be a little strange with your big green eyes, I'm more traditional"

"Who you calling strange! come over here and I'll show you"

" Libby could you go back to the box, there is a present in there just for you" says Oakey ignoring the enraged Mossy.

Libby searches the box, at first she cannot find anything.Then suddenly she touches something soft.

" Oh" breathes Libby softly " He's so sweet"
" Hello mum" says the little bear

" You are such a sweetie! Whats your name?"
"I'm Hugh" says the very tiny bear " your mum said you deserved me because you had helped Edward settle in while he waits for his little Miss"
" Well Hugh, I'm happy to meet you and to have you as my very own. Do you need bamboo sandwiches with no crusts?" she asked worriedly
" No only old Pandas demand Bamboo sandwiches"

" Who are you calling an old panda! You young whippersnapper! " Edward growls" and Bamboo sandwiches without crusts are a world famous delicacy! "

Oakey looks longingly up at Libby " Any chance of a honey sandwich? I'm only stopping overnight before I'm off who knows where!" he gives her his soulful little bear look.

Libby giggles " Come on I'll get everyone some honey sandwiches and a few bamboo ones too"

" I still say I should be in the rattle!" complained Mossy " Ive got my own emerald and I'm known for my good looks! .....Who's is he to be calling me strange!! ...He walks round with an oak leaf round his neck! thats strange........" Mossy continues to grumble
 Edward covers his eyes, it was so peaceful here....

Thursday 15 March 2012


A box arrives .

Out of the box a Panda starts to climb.

Ooo its a bit high !

Phew! down safely.

Mmm Lets see where I am.

" Whats this box doing here?" asks Liberty " Oh Hello ! Who are you? " she says spotting the little Panda.

" You are so sweet" says Liberty picking up the little Panda

Liberty puts the Panda down on the chair. " I am NOT a sweet " states the Little Panda " I'm a panda and my name is Edward"
" Hello Edward " smiles Liberty " Shall I find your Sasha or Gregor?"
" That would be very kind" says Edward very formally for such a little Panda

" And if you have any bamboo sandwiches, no crusts, I would be obliged, It was a long trip" sighs edward

While Liberty is gone , Edward finds someone to move his chair into the front window.

" Oh this is so hard " mumbles Edward " I should have asked the lady to put me on the chair"

" This has been a very long day " sighs Edward sitting on the chair to rest.

A while later Liberty finally finds the little Panda standing on the chair looking out the front window.

" I spoke to mum and she says that you will be the bear of the 69 red haired sister when she arrives"
" I know " sighs Edward " I'm going to have a long wait it would seem"
" You cannot spend months looking out the window" says Liberty in a worried voice
" I'll just look for a little while " yawns Edward " Did you find any bamboo sandwiches?"
Liberty goes looking for bamboo sandwiches!!!

Edward looks out into the village checking the road for any sign of a postman or delivery driver.

Maybe if I'm a very good Panda and wish really hard she'll get here soon........

Now where is that girl Liberty with my Bamboo sandwiches?

Saturday 10 March 2012


Now I do love a floral print, well in truth I love lots of styles of fabric but I am drawn to the florals.
The other week on ebay a beautiful floral print dress was put on for auction which I loved at first sight.

Luckily for me I managed to win the auction and the dress arrived in the post.My honey blonde girl ,Hermione took a shine to the dress and so I put the dress on her and as luck would have it I had just recently bought a pair of red shoes off Lisa which matched the dress perfectly.

So along with a red hat I had made, Hermione was dressed to impress! I think she looks lovely in her new outfit so I have taken a couple of pictures to share with you all.

I just love the colours of this dress and the red of the shoes and hat compliment it so well. It is nice when you have a few different items that come together to make an outfit.

Friday 2 March 2012


Toby and Zak decided to check out what was happening in the world of Sasha bloggers and found Kendals site this morning....

" Hey Look" Says Toby " Kendal Says it's World Book day!"

" She's very Pretty " says Zak
" Who?" asks Toby
" Kendal" States Zak looking at the girl on screen .

" Thats not Kendal! you fool " laughs Toby " thats one of her girls"
Zak blushes " I knew that ! " He tries to recover " I meant Kendal's girl is very pretty"

Toby lets him get away with that statemant because he is reading about World book day.

" It says yesterday was world book day so we have missed it!"

" Oh NO! " Exclaims Zak " We cannot read any books until next year "

" What?" asks Toby confused

" Well we've missed book day, so now we have to wait until next year for another book day before we can read a book!"

" RESULT" crows Toby " No more School work if we cannot read any books!! I LOVE World book day"

Percy arrives drawn by all the shouting thats going on.

" What are you two up too?" he asks
" We have missed World book day so we cannot read any books until next year " States Zak sadly
" Great isn't it" Crows Toby
" You are a Pair of idiots" laughs Percy " you can still read books, World book day is just to encourage us all to read books"

Its Toby now with a long sad face while Zak looks relieved.

" Come on I'll read you the Tale of Peter Rabbit " says Percy trying to cheer Toby up.

Zak looks over Percy's shoulder as he starts to read . Toby is still upset that he's going to have to do his school work, that he is not listening to the story.
" Any way I've got that dispactsia!" mumbles Toby " So I cannot read...never.."
Percy looks at Toby in disbelief " Do you mean dyslexia? "
"Yes " says Toby " That as well I have both of them!"
"Toby you have not got Dyslexia, thats someone who has trouble reading because the letters all change about when they try to read. You have something way different"
Toby pricks up his ears " What? " he asks in wonder...
" Youngusreadieus!"
"Oooh Whats That? " asks Zak
" It means he is only five and he is still learning to read, the same goes for you Zak, so why dont you both sit down and I'll read you this story and then you can both practice reading some of the words to me" says Percy with a smile.

" What was that we've got Percy? Youngus what?" asks Toby

" Never you mind what you've got! sit back and just listen to the tale of Peter Rabbit " says Percy getting annoyed.
Sometimes its really hard being a big brother! and now he's going to have to explain to mum about youngusreadieus, thats not a conversation he's looking forward to......

NB Sorry the pictures are so poor but the flash did not go off so had to brighten the first few, If I could handle a camera I'd be dangerous!