Sunday 29 January 2012

NAMED AT LAST...........................

I have owned a Sasha my first 60's girl since early last year possiably the year before but I never truely gave her a name, for a time I called her Sasha because she was the oldest girl I owned, but the name never seemed right. Then when I decided to go for a red haired 60's Sasha I put her on to sell to aid my red fund .

But my heart was never really in to selling her and I removed her once and then held my nerve to the end of an auction to see if she'd sell secretly hoping she would not.

Well she is still with me and the other day her named popped into my head, so much to her relief ( and mine)she is staying, she needs her fringe sorting out I may just have it levelled up or I may go for a complete re rooted fringe but not until after my Red is purchased. I did even at one point consider having her completely rerooted with red hair which would go so nicely with her lovely hand painted blue eyes but she would not really be a true 60's red ! She also has the floppy head  so will at some stage take a trip along with Percy to be restrung.

However I dressed her in some Rosie Bloom sandels and a Dress by Frances Tricket and I now introduce her with her new and final name of..............................


I do love Rosie's Sandels

I finally managed to get a picture that shows the starburst hand painting of her eyes, although of course a stray hair is crossing her eye!

I also took some pictures of all three of my 1969 Clan and have put them below.....

So here we have from the left Paris, Percy and Nancy, who is looking a bit smaller than the other two.

Such lovely hand painted eyes.

Well now I just need my Red Haired Sasha  and .........well I will need at least one brunette!

down the slippery slope I travel.....................................

Saturday 28 January 2012

RED FEVER STRIKES.........................

After my blog on Reds and the beautiful pictures of Ellen's wonderful red haired Sasha's and Gregor's, I think one or two have been bitten a bit harder by Red Fever!!!

My friend Gill was inspired to finish paying for a lovely red haired slate eyed Sasha she had on layaway with Shelly and have her sent home to join her expanding family of Reds BUT while talking to me on the phone that day she saw a red haired 80's Sasha appear on ebay on a BIN and she promply bought her !!!!! So another is winding it's way to her as I write!

She sent me a picture of the new addition Millar and Lexi is still to arrive................

So that will be seven with Lexi's arrival next week.............

I decided on seeing Gill's picture to gather my reds together for a Red Photo..

Now who is missing as usual from this picture.......

Yes it was Grace again! She always seems to hide when I'm taking pictures of my Reds !  Now if you have seen my reds before you will see that two are missing Maisie a 90's Gotz who I sold to Gill last year and of course I now regret but do have first refusal if Gill decides to sell and Ginny my lovely red mohaired OOAK kelly girl, I loved her but I found that because of her Mohair wig I was always worried about handling her, so I made the decision to sell her and she has travelled back to the US to live with another Sasha family.
Now technically Phoebe second on the right with the bright blue eyes is a Pintuck but I do like her in this Auburn real hair wig from Shelly's, so she is an adopted red.

I do like to see Red haired Sasha's in blues, I think the colour suits them well. The funny thing is Mathilda was my first red head and my third doll but it took me a while to warm to her and now I just love the Red Haired Sasha's.
Now despite the fact that poor Mathilda on the right of the group picture is in the dark! I took some more pictures which I'm going to show you, of some of my non reds.....

Last year Gill's was knitting and selling on ebay a lovely cable sweater and I purchased one and then asked her to make me one as a sweater dress, so she adapted the pattern and made me one, well she also made some more to sell on ebay and I was lucky enough  to nab a couple.

I needed to change some of my girls out of the sweater dresses I have been making to sell on ebay for my red fund and found and dressed them in the lovely cable sweater dresses Gill had made. So below is a picture of four of the girls and also Adam in the sweater.

Now this picture could almost be a picture of me and my siblings because the hair colours and position in family,all apart from the red of Mathilda at the end is correct , if I had a brunette standing in Tilly's place if would be a match.
Starting on the far left we have Sapphire representing my sister Jacqueline ( but she has brown eyes) Nancy as Denise (me a blue eyed blonde) , Adam as my brother  Stephan , Liberty as my sister Michelle  and Mathilda as Susan ( but should be brunette), although I am sure Susan has probably dyed her hair red at some time in the past!.

Friday 27 January 2012


While searching the web a few weeks back I came across a Gregor on the ebay US site , he look very nice and was listed as a vintage early Gregor, so I put him in my watching and carried on. Over the next couple of days I studied his picture and  I decided that I was sure he was a 60's boy!.He was on at a very reasonable starting price of $119= £68
I continued to study his picture to make sure I was correct and then it happened ! His name popped into my head! So although I was only 99% sure he was a 60's boy I awaited the end day. The 11th Jan arrived and of course someone had placed a bid! What to do! were there lots of people posed to make that finally bid at the last minute?

Well I decided to bid anyway and put in a bid of $131 ( because I am supposed to be saving for my red !)which put me at the top at $127.50 =£83 and then I went off to bed has his auction finshed at 2 or the morning.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you ............................

PERCY...who finally arrived this morning , having made no stops on the way, this picture is straight after he arrived.
 He will need restringing which I knew.

The next pictures are after he had a nice wash and hair wash and is in the new Dollydoodles outfit that was awaiting his arrival.

such a handsome boy

In this picture you can just about see a couple of very faint white marks above his left eye and to the side, I'm not sure if its paint, so will be attempting to remove it once he has settled in to his new home. His stringing is white with pale blue flecks, if anyone can date him for me I would be pleased to know.

Now on a note from earlier, the name Percy popped into my head and stayed. I have found that if this happens I usually get the Sasha or Gregor in question..........I will also just drop at little ripple into the water and say that last year another name popped into my head be continued...............

Thursday 26 January 2012


Now I like the sound of the wide faced sasha but I can never tell the difference when looking at them on the computer. Shelly has just listed a wide faced Sasha repaint who I must say looks lovely I like her a lot but am on a mission for my red. But I looked at her and I looked a the doll below and still could not tell the difference!
 How wide is wide???? is it just a little teeny tiny bit wider? or is it like a hamster holding on to his dinner ??

I just cannot tell.

Tuesday 24 January 2012


If you read my earlier blog you will know that I was wavering on whether to sell my Harlequin or keep her.Some of you knidly gave me some reasons and thoughts to try to help me  and I thank you for them.

However from across the pond as they say came an email of pure joy and inspiration! Ellen Church kindly took time to help answer my dilemma with some wise words and also some photo's. I feel that Ellen should have a tag to her name for her love of the early Red Haired Sasha's and Gregor's , maybe The lady in Reds? The Crimson Lady?

Below are some of the wonderful photo's that Ellen sent of her Sasha's and Gregor's to help keep me true to my reason's for selling my Harlequin in the first place.

What a beautiful group of girls.

Beautifully dressed.

Who could resist ?

A great group of red haired boys...

And a group that any lover of red haired Sasha's and Gregors would be over the moon to have living with them...

So my dear Harlequin must move on to another home to give joy to another collector and I must stay focused on getting my Red haired Sasha by July ! The problem now is that seeing all these beautiful reds together means that this first one will not be the last hopefully..........

Once again I would like to thank Ellen for allowing me to share her photo's of her Red's with you and I shall be looking at them daily to help keep me focused.

A SASHA DILEMMA........................

Now You will know if you read my blog that I have a list of Sasha's/ Gregor's that I would like to add to my Sasha family and that I am selling a few things here and there, knitting for sale and also selling a few Sasha's....and here is my dilemma......I am at the moment trying to sell my limited edition Harlequinn, she is for sale on this blog and also on ebay. Now as is usual with me , I have been hunting high and low to find her original outfit which I had not left in box with her guitar and hat. I also need to find the outfit for a gotz doll I had sold to Gill.

Just when I was about to give up I found the box in plain view on top of the cupboard in the Sasha room, now I do have an excuse for not seeing it sooner being only 5ft 2 and the cupboard being over 7ft ! Smaller people have a tendancy not to look up! It's true... we only look at eye level unless in the supermarket where the shelves are getting higher and higher that soon we shorties will need to have a step ladder attached to our trolley's so we can reach our purchases without getting arrested for sizing up people to see if they can reach to the back of the top shelf!!

I digress.. I found the oufits in the box and added some that were sitting about waiting to be put away. So I have just been dressing my harlequin and therefore handling her and now I'm thinking, she is lovely and my only side part haired doll and her hair is so nice and still has the factory curl and her face is lovely........

I have added a couple of pictures so you can see her..

So now I do not know what to do!!! Keep her and take even longer to get my red or sell her hopefully and have more money in the fund!! I could leave her on ebay and if noone bids and she falls off at the end, I keep her or I could just pull her off now..........WHAT TO DO!!! this keeps happening when I think of selling a Sasha I do not ' play' with a lot or have not quite taken's that Sasha drug that they all have impregnated in their bodies.........maybe I should put her in box until I see if she's sold......but then she wont be able to breathe!!!

Monday 23 January 2012


and Gregor's.When I started to collect Sashas and Gregors I also started to collect  'props', ie things that would add a little something to a Sasha/Gregor photo, something that would maybe add a little action.

While searching the web I came across the American Girl bikes.There are a few different kinds of bikes made for her and a trike. I of course could not resist! I have always loved miniature items and the AG bike falls nicely into this love. It is made in such a way as if you were only the size of an AG doll you would be able to ride this bike off down the road.
It even as a working head light!

It even as a stand so you can pose your dolls without them resting up against something!

It has a metal shopping basket to hold their things, a mirror to see whats coming up behind and a hooter to warn other road users.

Adam is showing you how well he can sit on the bike.

And here is one of my favourite pictures so far,of Hattie out in the garden riding the bike with her friend Hoppit riding in the basket.

Friday 20 January 2012


Having acquired some more socks I thought I'd set out a sock wheel to see what I had......

Yes It's coming along nicely but I can see that I have a couple missing, I'll just go look for them...............

 Mmm look who has arrived ! two of the babies Rosie and Dulcie, they seem very interested in the socks....

What's Rosie up to....

Dulcie is wondering what Rosie's doing? Oh I think she likes the colours on the socks she's touching.

Looks like Dulcie's decided she'd also like to get a closer look at the socks.....

Mmmm I think the sock wheel is no more......

Dulcie seems to be gathering up the socks...

Look out Dulcie! Rosie's coming....

Too Late Dulcie she's got you.....

Lots of giggling and rolling around going on..

What's that noise? The doors opening ! Quick...

Quick Dulcie sit up........

Look the girl's are pairing the socks up to save mum some time.......maybe they have not quite got their matching skills honed but close on the colours..................oops mum here...

Monday 16 January 2012


Yes Boo Hoo! Yesterday on ebay I came across a listing for a Red haired early Gregor starting at £4.50!!
 There were not a lot of details but I know he was early, so I placed my bid  and knew I would have to wait 6 more days before he would finish and I would have to bid against anyone else who had spotted him..

I went to bed and it took me a while to get to sleep , thinking how much should I bid up to, how to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to put in a winning bid and would I manage to get him for a decent price and still have my arms and legs!!

I went off happily to work only to come home to find my bid had been cancelled and Gregor no longer for sale.......

The seller was a business so I did not realsie that their details, address etc and phone number were all available on the screen if you knew where to look! So no doubt someone made them an offer they decided not to refuse......................................................... Boo Hoo...

Anyway at least I will not be done for robbimg Peter!!!! but Paul may well have lost himself a few bob!!

Sunday 15 January 2012


I have added the pages but cannot work out how to put things on them and not the main blog!!!

I may be here all night..............................


My daughter as arrived home and shown me how to add to new pages so hopefully things will start to appear on them soon.


to have a sort out of all my Sasha's clothing!
Today I went to the room I keep all my Sasha's and Gregor's and their bits and pieces and clothes in, well I say I keep my Sasha's and Gregor's in there but they keep appearing downstairs, in ones and twos and the next thing I know there are  a dozen or more chatting together in various places in the living room!

But I am happy with that because I like to see them and not have them hidden away.However I had only planned to go in the room for a moment to get something but three hours later, when my stomach started to protest that it had missed lunch, I realised that I have far too many clothes and things!

So over the next week or so I will be sorting out the things that I no longer need or was an impulse purchase and never used. I will list some of them for sale here so that I can avoid Ebay's expensive fees and some I will list on ebay when they have a freebie listing or if I'm not sure how much to charge.

I will also list my Harlequin here , she is on ebay at the moment so you can see her there if you are interested but I will be listing her here also and would be happy to put her on a layaway if that suits someone.
I shall be putting all money into my Red haired sasha fund I am going to give myself a deadline of the 1st july, which is my birthday to have obtained her or have put a big deposit on her.

I will be trying to set up another page to run alongside this one to put things on but I am still trying to work out how to do it, if I manage to do that , I will also put on a page where I am just going to put pictures of my ' Sasha clan'  because I like to look at pictures of other peoples Sasha/gregor's and what they are wearing and maybe you would like to  too.

So I'm off to try to set up a couple of pages wish me luck and lets hope I do not crash the whole blog!!!!!

Saturday 14 January 2012

EXCUSE ME........

'AHAH MM  Excuse me!

' Oh hello Nancy .Is there a problem?'


'Whats wrong, Nancy?'

' Did you or did you not name me Nancy after Nancy Sinatra ?'

'Well yes you know I did,being as you are a 60's girl'

' And have you not just done a blog about boots and mentioning my namesake and I'm no where in sight!!!!'


' You can say that again!'

'Oo  '


' Ok so we'd best put you in now '

'Thank you Mum'

'My pleasure Nancy'

Here we have Nancy in glittery tights....
' Glittery tights Nancy?'
' It was these or pink blue and white stripe! you need to get more tights'

Here we have Nancy in a purple and blue cable sweater dress, now do these pale baby blue boots go best ?

Or do the purple look better? theres only one way to find out FIGHT !!!'
'MUM '
'Ok  Nancy just a bit of fun!!'

I think we'll go with the.......

'Mum you have cut my toes off!!'
'Mummm !''
'Ok but are you happy now?
'Good but you know what we really need?'
' No what?'
' A nice pair of lilac boots!......................... Lisa .............. Lisa do they come in Lilac? and what about a nice navy blue or deep green?...... Lisa ..... Lisa.........Nancy is that woman running away from me????

All together now ' These booots are made for walking, and thats just what they'll do, one of these days these boots are gunna walk right  after you......yeh thats you Lisaaaaaaaaaaa'


SASHA... taking a liberty with Nancy Sinatra's song 'These boots are made for walking', which by the way was the first single I ever bought and is around somewhere in the house even if there is nothing to play it on!!

What boots is she on about? I can hear you asking.....these boots.....

Made by Lisa Hartley and sold on Ebay , these are my Winter boots of choice for this season. I just love them as you can see by how many pairs I have.
They come in a range of colour suede, they are easy to put on over tights,socks, jeggings etc and help to finish an outfit . One of the things I love on Kendals blog is her pictures of her girls and boys wearing colour coordinated shoes/sandels with their outfits, they just finish the outfit so well.

I purchased an outfit on ebay recently , i was not 100% sure but I liked the look of it so bid and was lucky to win it, it is by Bello Bambino and I have added a pair of Lisa's pink boots to complete the outfit, I think they go quite well...see below..

Maybe not quite to Kendal's standards but getting there slowly...Lol.

My model today is Kirsty who had been rather neglected lately, she is very happy to be first to wear the new outfit and the soft pink boots and she gets to play with the teddie first too!.

Here are a couple of new colours that I received today a lovely rich purple and a soft baby blue.

Some of the other girls wearing these boots wanted in on the action so here they are.....

 Sapphire in burgandy, Kirsty in Pink, Liberty in Light Brown and Violet in Black.

Violet is modelling a kilt I bought on ebay, with a sweater by Gill and the Black boots to finish, a nice cosy outfit for these winter days.

Kirsty getting in one last time, showing her new outfit. Well now you can see why it will take me a while to save for that wish list of sasha's and Gregor' it me or is it the people who keep tempting me????...what's that about Will Power?  Is he a rugby player??????....never heard of him............. Oh Lisa what other colours are available ?.....Lisa...Lisa!