Saturday 30 November 2013


Ellen Church read yesterdays post about her three No navel's with one looking much smaller than the other two and set out to investigate.

It would appear that Hazel, the petite looking girl , does not look quite so small against her sisters as it would appear.

Ellen's kindly sent us some photo's so we can have a good look for ourselves.

In this photo they appear to be almost the same height but Hazel on the right's shoulder looks slightly lower than her sister sky's.

Ellen says that Hazel's legs appear thicker than her sisters and her torso also.

Hazel being the girl with a brown ribbon in her hair.

I think the legs appear the same size but maybe the torso slightly shorter?

but then here Hazel looks the same as her sister?

This is what Ellen had to say..

Here are the two NN girls that were standing beside each other in the dressed photos. Hazel, with the brown hair ribbon and brown eyes, seems to have slighter shorter chubbier legs depending on what angle you look at them. Hazel definitely appears to have a wider torso and less of a waist than Sky’s that looks to be thinner and more drawn out with a more shapely waist. I think the way the parts of the body were pulled from the mould can play a part in these differences. When several body parts that are differ from the standard are put together, the effect can be made more noticeable. It also makes a difference in where the photographer stands with the camera. Photos taken at an angle can also distort the image to one side or the other

In fact thinking about it Ginny my red haired waif No Navel is smaller than her sisters ! I will take a couple of  photo's of them together tomorrow. In Ginny's case her leg always sticks out to the side which probably alters her height when standing with her more up right siblings, but these girl's Hazel and Sky appear to have nice straight legs.

to be continued......

Friday 29 November 2013


I was looking for a photo to fill the page while I am busy working this week and came across this group of Ellen Church's No navels.

I was surprised by the difference in their heights! I had not noticed this before, so thought I would share it.

See how little the one on the right is! makes her appear like a younger sister to the bigger two No navel girls.

Just had to add this photo of this Gorgeous brunette with Brown eyes, I love her and wish she was living here.

Look at that sweet face, so delicate and fine. love love love......

once again I must thank the wonderful Ellen Church who shares her photos and her beautiful dolls with us all so freely.


Saturday 23 November 2013


You may or may not remember that Ronny sent a little baby Gregor out into the big wide world on a mission to have adventures and then return home having gathered up souvenirs along the way, so that once home, he can be, along with his gifts, raffled for in aid of the homeless.
He is called Drake after one of Ronny's pirate I mean illustrious ancestors.

Well he arrived in the Village the week of the Chat n Snap, very tired after his long flight from Spain but after a nap and some food, he was full of life and wanted to attend the chat n snap and help out where he could.


He was very helpful and sat in the swing demonstrating how it worked to anyone who came past and even when they did not!

He only left the swing later to sit in the playpen and play with Leo another little baby who found a new home at the chat n snap with Dollmum and daughter.

Since the chat n snap he's been enjoying a lovely rest and just being a baby playing with the Village babies Quinn, Gorgeous George, Elton Ron, Rosie, April and Mia.

But now the time's come for Drake to continue his adventures because he must be home by Christmas.

All the boys are in the Playpen, having a lovely time.

Drake cuddles up to the Giraffe while the other decide what to do next!

after a while Drake starts playing with his favourite toy, the jack in the box!

He likes to push it down into the box then turn the handle until....

he jumps out and makes them all start! then laugh out loud in glee...then Drake pushes jack back into the box and it all starts again!!!

Quinn hears mum come into the room, so gets up to smile at her .Mum explains that it's nearly time for Drakes lift to his next place to visit.

She looks into the Playpen but Drakes missing! Then she sees him behind George and Elton Ron who are trying to hide him, so he can stay with them forever!

George and Elton Ron start crying as Drake's taken from the playpen with Quinn calling " No No Mum !"
But Drake cannot stay so mum takes him out to Hattie to change into warm clothes while she gives all the babies some cuddles and explains about Drakes Adventures that are all for a good cause! The babies HATE good causes ....

But mum is sneaky and gives them Storm's bead toy which they love and soon Elton Ron is trying to move the bead over the wire while George watches closely !

Drakes now wearing some warm tights under his onesie and a lovely warm Cable jacket and hat, his dog tucked under his arm while he waits for his lift.He has so many things in his box , I'll have to send his blanket straight to his mum in deepest darkest Sussex..

Bye Drake enjoy your visit with Dollmum and Co , keep well and have a lovely Christmas.


Friday 22 November 2013


Today I managed to find time to change the last few girls into some warmer clothes. Now the only ones left who need changing are the babies and Hattie ! I think Hattie's dragging her feet as she's annoying the boys by wearing the Elliott hoodie shirt, she's changed out of the coordinating beret and boots ! there's a surprise!

Anyway I finally washed Belinda my 69 single fringe girl's hair it was very dirty but I did not want to spoil the very sixties style by washing it but after washing Erik's dirty hair and seeing the difference I decided to bite the bullet as they say and washed it!!!
I was very careful to keep the fringe separate from the rest as I did not want it vanishing into all her hair never to be seen again!!

Here she is getting ready to have her hair washed.

You can see that it does need washing and she's been very patient with me but after Erik's was washed she insisted I did hers next!.

Here she is while it's still wet but you can already see it's much cleaner.

And here it's dry and had a brush. What a difference! It's now a beautiful shining blonde. It's still got some bounce to it. I will leave it a while before I tease it back into shape.

I love this Ruth Hartley, Limited edition of nine, dress on her, it's just the right colour and length , I was lucky to be at home on the computer when Ruth's Christmas dresses were put on was able to get this dress.

Rosina My 69 brunette was up next for a change .I had already removed her shoes when I decided to take a before and after photo.
Here she is wearing a lovely set by Judith of Dolly Doodles, another outfit you need to be in right place at right time to get!.

A closer view. You can just make out the little bead detail on the Hoodie.

Rosina decided to wear the other Ruth ltd ed of four, dress and apron set we managed to get. Due to the sun shining through the French doors at the side of the table where I am taking the photo's this one's come out a little bright!

A closer view.

Next up is Cornelia my 70's wigged girl. I had been looking at this outfit on Ruth's January Sale page for ages and finally caved and sent for it.

And I am really pleased I did. The skirt is a lovely Apricot and there are matching flowers on the blouse and all my purchasing of different coloured shoes from the lovely Late Jean Jensen paid off because I had just the right pair waiting to finish the outfit off.

Her ribbons are a bit vibrant but I'll look for a better match later I was waiting for my shopping to arrive having defrosted the freezer and cleaned out the cupboards ready to be re stocked! especially as almost everyone is telling me or sending me emails with tales of the winter of 47 or 62/63 and piles of snow.
We can now at least last a couple of weeks if the worse comes to the worse and if not we have a lovely choice of food instead of the bits and bobs that we have tried to use up, what was left so we could turn the freezer off!.

I trimmed her fringe as it was too long and covered her eyes completely but now I am not sure I like it!

Thought I 'd show you a photo of Erik with his nice clean hair, it's been drying under a beanie so needs fluffing up a bit but it's so lovely and clean, it's amazing how dirty their hair can be even though it looks Ok.

Well I am now poor as a Church mouse and of course what's happened the Car is still playing up and I may need to buy another!!! :(

Oh and the heatings just decided not to work! although it was perfectly Ok this morning..... well I am off to buy a Euro millions ticket .....that may at least cover the cost of a plumber!!


Thursday 21 November 2013


Yesterday Jocelyn put this fantastic photo on the Facebook groups page.I think it is worthy of a Christmas card at the least and an art exhibition or more.I could just imagine this in the Tate Modern with a big price tag! Mind you with these lovely Sasha's and Tom in the Middle they'd be worth a few bob on their own.I put it on tonight because it helps you to feel connected to that time and place.

It's one of those photo's that just turns out extra special .

I asked Jocelyn for permission to use this photo in order for you all to enjoy it to. She very kindly agreed and please remember this photo is her property and therefore anyone wanting to use it must seek her permission.

Thank you Jocelyn for sharing this Sasha masterpiece.



Before the Chat n Snap I asked Ginny of A Passion for Sasha if she would bring some 'trend' style dresses along for me.
She very kindly put a small selection in a bag for me to see when I had time, the same dresses were available to all but these one's I had requested.

Well when I had the time I stopped and she showed me the dresses she brought, of course I could not make up my mind with everything going on around me and other dresses I could see on her table that also called to me!

So I selected two from them and added another from her sales table, paid then asked her to hold the others for a little while, then later said to put them out I be back later and if they were still available I would look again.

Yes I can see you have guessed correctly, when I returned the dresses I was dithering over had gone and I just bought a lovely blue one I liked.

So of course after the day the CnS,  I landed up sending Ginny a photo of the dresses I had turned down...yes every one of them and asking her to make me them!! especially as I had wanted the lilac check to go with  a set of purple boots and a beret I already had!!Luckily for me Ginny had sent for more of the fabric so I did not miss out.

Well they turned up this week, so this morning instead of getting on with the housework I dressed the girls in their new dresses.

Here you can see the three dresses I turned down first time, the red, lilac and blue. The green is one that I saw on Ginny's Etsy store and snapped up.
You can see that I had the perfect beret and boots for the lilac dress and especially asked Ginny about doing a lilac dress yet still I passed it over because I did not remember on the day!!!

Here are all my no navel girl's on trend!.

It's been a case of swapping boots and Berets about in order to have the right pair or beret with the correct dress, so not quite enough to go round yet in that department.

From the left we have Ashley in the red , Ginny in the Lilac, Raven in the blue, Agnetha in the yellow and Winter in the red tartan. I knew buying these boots over the last few years whenever I saw a different colour or ordering a pair direct from Lisa Hartley would be useful in the long run.

I like the shadow of Winter you can see on the board to the right.

These are the three I put back!! yes I know I need an assistant to prod me and say "Whaaat ! " just like one of the minions in Despicable Me ! :) I knew I should buy them but I was thinking 'what if I see something else!! yes  "Whaaat!"

Here is Raven in the blue check, such a gorgeous colour. I have always loved blue's in all its shades.
The beret is by Ruth Hartley and so are the boots I think ! If not Ruth then Lisa.

A closer view of Raven.

Next up we have Ginny  in the lilac with Purple boots by Lisa and A lilac beret by her mother Ruth Hartley.

A close up of my lovely Ginny ( my favourite NN..shh don't tell the others )

Here is another Girl I love Ashley again in Lisa Hartley pixie boots that I asked her to make me last year and this is one of my Berets. I loved this fabric when I saw it but landed up not picking it because I would have then had three red dresses! yes I know  "Whaaat!"

A closer view.

Here we have Sapphire my Velvet wearing the extra dress I bought teamed with A Hattie beret and lisa boots, The tights these girls are wearing are ones I made and some are available to buy on my sales page.

A closer view.

I think we have shown off your outfit before Agnetha ! Pardon ! You have to whisper Ok!
" Someone wanted you do have your photo included because he was desperate ! Who? You cannot say but don't look left? Ok .....

I did not look left but my camera did !!

A closer view.

I do so love the no navel girls! I was so tempted by the one with shorter hair on Shelly's but she is the same as Ashley except for the length of her hair. What I'd like is a brown eyed blonde and a blue eyed red of course the girl with shorter hair is sale pending I wished I bought her!!!!......but that's that way it goes with Sasha's...want want want..... " WHAAAAAAAAAAT !!!