Sunday 31 May 2020


Well what a month's that's been ! Sun sun and more sun ! Not a lot of rain and a few very cold nights early on, but on the whole a very nice lead into the summer months. It's still crazy out there but we are doing our best to carry on and keep safe , along with all our family and friends.

We have spent the weekend pretty much in the garden, working when the sun was not too hot and just sitting and making plans when it was. Paul of course did most of the work.

We visited the local garden centre, as soon as they opened on Saturday and bought a few plants we needed for the garden, there was hardly anyone there when we arrived but people driving in as we left. It was the first time in over five weeks that I have left the house and been where other people were.
I pretty much stayed well away from everyone and left Paul to pay while I waited back in the car.

So we spent time repotting older plants and potting the new ones.

 We re arranged this shady area of the garden, planting in hosta's and ferns, Paul also trimmed the tree and shrubs to allow more light in but still keeping the dappled shade. Some of the orginial plants are starting to break through the earth in places, so It looks a little bare here and there. We added a small bark path, so we can get in to weed.

Apart from that I have listed quite a few dolls to sell, no Sasha's, just other dolls that I'm giving no attention to for a year or more. I have also listed them on my sales page. I have bought a doll or two lately, Zwergnase, which I have bought before and then sold on later, these new sculpts will stay around a few years I'm sure.

Well tomorrow is the first of June! So don't forget Doll photo day on the fifth , so get those photos in.

I hope everyone as a healthy happy safe week ahead.


Friday 29 May 2020


When I was taking the yellow theme photos, I took a couple of photos just because I liked the look of the composition.

 I was about to rest the camera down while I moved Liberty and decided to take this shot.

 I'd taken two of the dolls inside when I looked over at the dolls still waiting and look a shot from the door way of the house.

 Still from the house using the zoom.

I feel like they are chatting while they wait for me to return!


Thursday 28 May 2020


Still carrying on with our yellow theme. Lets not forget that Jenny and Valentine were already in yellow before the theme arrived on the FB group. So they joined the others for some group photos.

Jenny, Wren,Sansa, Martha,Liberty and Mary.

and here on the end are Hattie and Valentne.

 The we have everyone together.

 They were very good standing around while all the photos were taken.

 Eight yellow flowers in bloom.


Wednesday 27 May 2020


Carrying on the yellow theme from Tusday we have Liberty.

 Liberty , my first ever Sasha who came all the way from the US, is wearing one of my favourite smocked dresses by another american who sells on ebay under the name Special delivery 2006.

 Libby love's her special delivery dress.

Next is Sansa wearing a Vintage Sasha outfit in a beautiful yellow linen.

 Sansa loves wearing this shorts and top set by VS.

Then we have Wren in a dress by Ruth Hartley one of her shorter earlier dresses.

Wren likes the shorter lengths, says she shows for her long legs!

Then we have Hattie, when I asked her to wear something yellow she arrived wearing this ! Hattie is that yellow I asked.
Can you not see the wonderful yellow button she demanded and lets not forget the delicate splashes of yellow leaves on my blouse!

Well that told me!

 A closer look at the button , at Hattie's insistance and she can be insistant!

So they are the Wednesday wonders, what can Thursday bring....


Tuesday 26 May 2020


The theme this week on the Sasha Facebook group is yellow and for once I actually went to see what I had in yellow and I was surprised that I had a fair amount. Maybe I should not have been surprised as I do like yellow.

So here we have Martha wearing a gorgeous soft yellow pair of dungarees by Sarah of Vintage Sasha, I just love the colour and fabric of these dungarees.

They are usually worn by Ashley my blonde blue eyed no navel but since she was already wearing a new dress from Ginny, Martha got to wear them.

So that's the first one.

 Next is Mary wearing a lovely yellow dress by Ruth Hartley, such a lovely bright fabric.

 Not quite sure it's the colour for her but she so wanted to take part so who can say no!

So there you have it two for Tuesday  two no navels in  yellow.


Monday 25 May 2020


Is a time for fun! and getting very little done.

  " Mum the sun's in my eyes!" Margo complains
" Ooops sorry " says mum

 "It that better " Mum asks

"Yes Thanks " says Margo

 " Are you sure it's fine ? " Magda checks " I can still see a little bit of the sun on the corner of your eye"
" It's fine , it's nothing " Margo says quickly

While the girls are talking Mum starts walking up the garden " I'll be back in a few minutes I want to photograph the Irises "

 " Okay okay I was just making sure "
" Sorry It was nice of you to ask " smiles Margo " I'm just in a hurry"

" Why ? " Magda wants to know

" Because Paddington 2 is on any minute and I love that film "
" What! Me too " cries Magda " Come on lets go before all the best seats are taken "
" But mum wanted us to stay here "
" Too bad " declares Magda " She'll understand when she see us watch Paddington, she loves him too
" She does?"
" Yes , now come on or we'll miss the beginning!"

and then there were none!


Sunday 24 May 2020


Well Paul and I had last week off on holiday! I say on holiday since the country's lockdown our holiday was that perfect place .. home!

Luckily I love holidaying at home, of course it means you do tend to spend a bit of the time doing those jobs that have been sitting and waiting for ages. Like clearing out the larder cupboard and rearranging the shelves.

 The cupboard before...

 and after, now we can actually see whats in there!  Alas no chocolate ! What do you mean it looks no different? I'll have you know lots of changes have occurred..

We also finally cleared out our shed at the end of the garden, that we'd promised to our next door neighbours at least a year or more ago!  Since I'd attempted it once before there didn't look to be that much in there.. wrong! There was still a fair bit, so we moved the boxes into the carport to be sorted through once lockdown's over , so we can give anything decent to the charity shops.
Paul took the shed down and then help our neighbour put it back up in his garden, he was over the moon to finally get it.

Having removed the fish pond, I put a post on our local community group asking if anyone wanted two fish and some pond plants, lilies and irises and they were collected by a local couple, the fish found a new home and  even the plants didn't have to go in the recycling.. result!

Paul repaved the area where the fish pond was, so all ready for our new garden project, which was arriving on the Thursday.

Between time we did some gardening and other general things, along with some sitting out enjoying the late afternoon sun. It's called pottering I believe :)

On Thursday the project arrived and we carried a few items round and made a space on the patio.

 Trellis had to be removed, space made and then Paul set to work first thing friday morning.
 I have documented the build on our blog page over the last three days.The suppliers say it can be erected in two days and I'm sure it can if there are two people who can wield a hammer, but since we only had one ladder tall enough to reach and one person with a degree in using a hammer, it was all pretty much left to Paul !
Plus Saturday ,here the weather was not really good , with a very strong gusty wind which was cold along with a few short but heavy down pours but Paul kept going until the roof boards were on and there was just the last part to do.
While he was doing all this I was site supervisor, refreshment monitor and photographer. I was also taking photos and listing dolls etc to sell on ebay or the blog sale page or both.

By today it just needed it's roofing felt and board edges and then it was finished!

several hours later, after cleaning , moving pots of plants here and there it was ready to use.

 from the patio table to the sofa.

 from the sofa to the table.

 between the gazebo and the house.

 From the house to the gazebo.

We had worried it might cut down the light and be too oppressive but, it's been filled with light all day and due it's open aspect it's not oppressive at all.

 So we are very happy that we now have this great place to enjoy outside.

I have posted the making of this gazebo on the garden blog if you'd like to see more.

Wishing you all a lovely healthy week ahead



Friday 22 May 2020


 " Well what's going on? " Jenny asks Valentine "what's all this wood about and how come mum's not been blogging about us!"

"Well " answers Valentine " They've been on holiday! not actually away on holiday, because the country's in lockdown, but not working , both of them, at the same time"
" But then why's mum not been posting on the blog ? "
" Because she said she would get more done if she avoid the computer and people could probably do with a rest from her wittering!" They both giggle!!

" So what's all this wood for? " Jenny demands
" It's their new garden project " Valentine states " I helped them with the design " Jenny gives him a sceptical look " I did ! I'm not going to be just an interior designer you know, I'll design gardens too! "
 " You've still not told me what this is!"
" I would tell you but then I'd have to kill you " states Valentine with a grin
Just then dad passes by " Dad ! Valentine says he's going to kill me!"
Dad keeps walking but says " Don't kill your sister Valentine, it's not nice!"
Valentine's grin widens  " No sir  "
Jenny huffs " well I'll just go and ask Mum " and with that she off in search of Mum , closely followed by Valentine chuckling away much to her annoyance!


Friday 15 May 2020


 "What's that you have there Zak ? " Mum asks

" Some dusters I found them on the floor outside Valentine's room "

 Mum looks at the 'dusters' she's sure their not dusters but not sure what they are!
"I'm going to use them to dust off my bike " Says Zak walking off down the garden.

 When Mum comes out into the garden later, she sees someone looking at the pot plant on the table.

They turn round and she sees it's Valentine.
" You're looking very smart Valentine " Mum says then she frowns ! " Where did you get those short trousers from? " but she knows the answer as she finishes asking " VALENTINE!  Have you just cut up the new trousers that just arrived from Ginny!"

Valentine looks down at his new short trousers " Yes aren't they cool "

he continues " Stylist but practical in the warmer weather "

 "B b but!" stutters Mum " they were a perfectly good pair of trousers ! I could have asked Ginny to make you some shorter one's if you'd asked me!"
" I don't have time to hang around " declares Valentine " Someone " he looks pointedly at Mum " was taking away my best suit , so I needed clothes"

 " Valentine you have more clothes that most of the girls" states Mum
Unimpressed Valentine turns to go " Not being a one trick pony " he says " I always have to be moving forward not standing still and stagnating "

 "For some of us it's a need to look good , not a game of one upmanship!"

 Stopping near the Yuka plant he sighs" One could almost be on holiday, these clothes are so comfortable "

 He goes quiet for a moment , which worries Mum greatly...  and she should be worried, Valentine's thinking which other trousers he could cut the ends off! after all it's only the start of the warmer weather.
Without another word he goes off inside whistling.. Mum feels a shiver run down her spine.... it's not good ...she's going to have follow him and just see what he's up to ....