Friday 31 May 2024



It seems that the power of Sasha is still strong with the force around the village! And try as I might I'm not winning this fight and in truth I don't want too! lol

Back when I had reached number three , of the dolls coming my way, I saw this waif up for sale and although tempted I carried on by.

Then I saw her again and she was still available when I'd reached number four, so being a lover of Enid Blyton and her famous five books, I just had to give in! 

She arrived this week and I'm going to call her Lulu ( I may have used this name before ? ) anyway with her red hair I decided that was the name for her.

Like most of the Gotz dolls, she's missing a few rows of hair here and there and does have the sparse area on top of her head towards her fringe but she's turned out to be much better than I expected.

So this is Lulu an ochre eyed Sasha, like Arabella, who I'm not too sure is going to be happy with another in the village as she liked being unique! 

That's the famous five then..... Do you remember her book Six cousins at Mistletoe farm?.... six.....

There may be trouble ahead...but when there's moonlight and love and romance.. lets face the music and dance.......

Thursday 30 May 2024



Ashley took her baby doll out for a stroll round the flower garden, after a circuit or two, she stopped where she knew others would need to pass her,.

It wasn't long before two of the newbies appeared , also pushing prams.

" Hi " said Ashely as they drew close

" Hi " " Hello" they replied together.

"Lovely weather " continued Ashley " Well between the showers "

"Showers ? " questioned Lola looking up at the sky " Oh is that a grey cloud? "

" Is it? " asked Annie " We'd best head in, come one Lola don't hang about! " and with that they were off!

Ashley considered doing a couple more circuits of the garden but decided to wait a while longer.

Which turned out to be the right decision because just then Ginny arrived from on side closely followed by Bea from the other.

The girls were soon in full swing, Bea stating that Arabella had sent her out to Granny Fortuna's for some bread and jam because she fancied a slice of toast with jam and never mind there was already some in the cupboard , that wasn't crusty enough and she wanted berries and cherries, not plain old strawberry!

Honestly these girls love nothing more than standing about chatting! Hope Bea remembers that Granny's will be closing soon as it her half day! 

Sunday 26 May 2024



Mind you it was spitting of rain first thing today, long enough to soak the dogs on their mornings walk. But then the sun's come out and the sky's turned blue with fluffy white clouds.

The week for me has mainly consisted of me doing some housework, then spending the afternoon sorting through the never ending dolls items I have.

I have spent a few hours on and off, trying shoes on dolls to find out who they fit and then rearranging drawers to house the different dolls shoes, so that I know which belong who! I did manage to clear off the kitchen table for almost a whole day! before the dolls items slow crept back on to form piles of clothing and shoes etc.

The idea from last week of using one of the rainbow drawer units , just for dolls shoes, was started however I was being very optimistic, because today I have had to start clearing out the next rainbow drawer unit for doll shoe use!

One drawer is missing, because it's indoors, full of the things that were in two of the other drawers, that will now need sorting and new homes! 

At the moment I'm still at putting everything back in nice and tidy but there may come a time near the end where some drawers could start to look messy!

Now before you start thinking, she must a problem!, these shoes have been collected on and off over the last twelve years and not all of the drawers are for the Sasha's. There are several drawers for the other sized dolls.

 Today's headliner is the lovely Saffy, wearing a dungaree's set by Sarah , Vintage Sasha and shoes by Rosie Bloom.

Now on the doll front, I have managed to sell another 18 pairs of shoes/ boots, it would have been 19 but I could not find a pair I'd listed!! And even after searching everywhere in the boxes I've been going through, they are still missing! So 18 it is, along with several items of dolls clothing. So slowly but surely things are getting moved on.

Well one doll did arrive this week, Annie, the 68 Sasha and a beauty she is too, even If I do say it myself. So that's the four from the mad five minutes of Sasha mania! 

While sorting shoes, I found some I had to try on the Pongratz dolls for size and several were theirs. I also pulled out a dress I bought for the Pongratz girl , not long after she arrived but's been sitting about in the dolls clothes drawer in it's packet. So finally she was changed.

I washed her clothes, her dress is badly faded in places, which is a shame ( from before my ownership ) and her feet are a little stained where she's been wearing navy socks for so long! I think doll designers should remember this when dressing their dolls, socks need to be white or cream unless made of fabrci that will not transfer the dye.

But now she has some new shoes and a pair of non dyed socks on the way ! 

So I have to confess although 38 pairs of shoes have gone, two pairs did arrive due to Petrana, having a sale of Sasha items on her site. But 38 out and 2 in is I think fine.

I did get in a smocked dress that Michelle had been holding on to , for me plus a cardigan. But again 12 more clothes had left making a total of 24 items and only two arrived ,so still ahead on that. I'd love to say that the place looks empty! But it barely looks touched! Although there was more space in the big chest of drawers until I started finding things and putting them away but I'll get there , even if it takes me the next six months!

Well I'm still searching out things to go and things to stay and be put away , I'd love to say I'd emptied a few more boxes  but not quite yet. So to that end, I'm off to continue, have a lovely healthy week ahead and if a Sasha doll should appear requesting to stay, let her or him , you know you want too ;)


Wednesday 22 May 2024



But Annie did ! Introducing the beautiful Annie ( Annabel ) my 68 blonde.

She came in her original outfit along with her gold tag, She's been restrung and her old strings are in her torso.

So hopefully now she's arrived  all will calm down on the 68 doll need.... hopefully!

She's been changed but trying to decide if I should try and remove her gold tag? 

She's wearing her new welcome to the family dress by A Passion for Sasha and some Jean Jensen dancing shoes because I forgot to sort her out some shoes and socks and it was raining cats n dogs when I realised they were all over in the doll studio.

So Fantastic Four or Famous Five? Mmm well I do have another new A Passion for Sasha  dress in this floral design....  

Monday 20 May 2024



I got to talking to my sister Michelle about dolls shoes, and one thing leading to another, she sent me this photo of her Rosie Blooms!

 Alas  she would not let me buy any of these gorgeous colours. She keeps hers in their boxes with the colours written on the outside.

But I like to keep mine in the drawers of one of the units, so I can see the colour straight away and not have to keep opening boxes.

This is one of the drawers with Rosie Bloom shoes in. I am in the process of re arranging how I store them  as I used to have a piece of cardboard sitting on top of these that allowed me to put in another layer of shoes. But that meant a balancing act of trying to hold up the cardboard covered with shoes while trying to see what was underneath!

So now I'm going to just turn the whole of one unit into a shoe caddy.

so these 

and these 

and these , which were a gift from a lovely Sasha friend. Two Rosie and one other. I'll also need to keep an empty drawer as around twenty plus of the dolls are wearing Rosie's B's.

Then we have the Petrana shoes and boots.

More Petrana , this time her Ballerina pumps which are my second favourite doll shoes after the Rosie B's. Again some are on my dolls, including the A girl for all time dolls.

Here we have an assortment including some Jean Jensen, Bonika, Marti , Alcraft and others.

These I am about to sort through, they are for Sasha Baby/toddler and Pongratz dolls and others. So again they need trying on then splitting up into drawers for each doll, and selling on of any un needed.

I still have a small bagful to sort away.

It was good to see my sisters photos of her shoes to know it's not just me!! Maybe some of you would like to send in a photo or two of your bundles of shoes or just your favoutites and I'll post about them at the end of the week.

Sunday 19 May 2024



Well yet again the week seems to have passed very quickly! The weathers been mainly dry and bright although today seems to be the best so far and is lovely and warm.

I have had a cough since January, mainly effecting me when I go to bed. I'd been put on blood pressure pills and they said at the time if you get a cough let us know as it could be the pills. So I had a cold just after Christmas, so they said it was probably the cold. I agreed , however a few months later they checked my blood pressure and said they wanted to increase the dosage, I mentioned the cough, oh it would effect you more than in the evening. So I took the extra dosage and the cough continued also happening in the evening more and sometimes earlier in the day. Finally I decided to make an appointment when it was waking me in the night to cough. 

Long and short, the doctor changed the pills and sent me for an x ray, just to be on safe side. She also agreed that the cough was probably the meds. I started the new pills yesterday morning and when I went to bed last night I realised I'd not been coughing! and I didn't cough or wake up to cough in the night either! Which I think proves that it was the meds! and I should have gone earlier and stuck to my guns about it being the meds making me cough especially as I'm not normally someone who suffers from coughs! 

So hopefully these new pills will have at least sorted out the cough and the blood pressure.

The week's been spent enjoying the garden and the usual things that need doing.

Hazel is our headliner today, wearing her new dress from A Passion for Sasha. I do love this fabric Ginny's used for these dress , all the colourways seem to be lovely.

On the doll front there have been arrivals, as show over the week, along with plenty of parcels being sent off. I'd love to say that there is now lots of space but I've maybe got rid of one large plastic box but added a smaller plastic box!

Yesterday you saw me complaining about the amount of  doll shoes that are here ! 

 This photo just shows the tip of the iceberg! I didn't remember to take one when I had added even more to this.! There are not just Sasha shoes here but shoes to fit all the dolls, well most of them and also dolls I have now sold on. So it does seem a never ending task to sort out pairs and decide about selling etc.

I sold 21 pairs last weekend and have sold another six so far this weekend which is a good start , if it can just continue on and they can all or almost all go that would be wonderful. I still have a lot more that need to go but I'll get there , she says !

 My favourite author, when I was eleven, was Enid Blyton, The Adventurous Four and The Famous Five, and with these four dolls that have arrived my mind wanted to say the famous five not the adventurous four.... just putting it out there...

Well have a lovely healthy week ahead 


Saturday 18 May 2024


 Shoes are there in this place! Well dolls shoes that is !

I'm being to lose the will....

Friday 17 May 2024



Well with everything happening in the village doll world, Hattie decided she'd best check out what's going on.

I asked her where she had been and she said in the middle of the Sasha's watching and listening to the comings and goings or should she say comings and more comings.. ( at this point she gave me the Hattie stare ! I had to pull my top away from my neck , where it had suddenly gotten quite tight )

"Well" said I," it's the double decker syndrome  ( She continued to stare ) You know I hurried on.. Double Deckers ? "

"A chocolate bar from the old days" Hattie stated 

"Huh ! No " I laughed a little nervously , if I'm honest " no double decker buses " 

She looked confused " Buses ? What have buses got to do with all these dolls arriving since January? "

Speaking with a mothers authority I stated " It's a well known fact that things will either never be seen for ages or they will arrive, like London double decker buses, is pairs or trios "

"So you are blaming all this on double decker buses !" she was not looking impressed

" Well " I huffed " at least it's not what your dad thinks!"

"Which is? "

" That you are all made from a plastic that gives off a drug that makes people want more and more and I am therefore in the middle of having an overdose!! "

Everything went silent, nothing, not even the birds, busy at their nests , made a sound....

After what seemed like ages Hattie sighed " Well if nothing else, it makes you sort out the doll studio " Then she turned and calling to some of the new family members, offered to show them round the garden.

I watched her go followed by the newbies, with more of her brothers and sisters tagging along. Once they had all vanished into the flower garden I relaxed but suddenly tensed again " Oh I wonder if I should mention one's not arrived yet? " I muttered softly.. nah she'll find out soon enough and hey I'm in charge of this village..  I think..

Thursday 16 May 2024



So I did! I was not looking to buy another doll at this time, having three on the way as it was! But this no navel brunette girl showed up on eBay and well she started calling to me! she told me her name is Hazel as soon as she arrived.

Stupidly I had adopted out all my brunette no navel's and lately I had decided that I'd love to have another brunette lass if one appeared at the right time.

Well even though due to the other three being on their way, it wasn't really the right time but she just would not agree! I even sat watching her auction and had decided no more bids, only to throw one in, in the last few seconds and I do mean seconds and I won! So more items need selling to help in her adoption fee recovery!

Lots of lovely hair

The no navel girls are excited to have another sister join them and agreed to line up for a photo disturbing their animated conversation! Saffron, Ashley, Martha, Virginia and now Hazel.

So just one more to arrive to complete this mad buying spree that happened!

Wednesday 15 May 2024



This is Georgette who likes to be called Georgie. She is actually the first doll I adopted in my mad five days but she had to travel here from Europe, so took a little longer to arrive.

It was after Frankie arrived that I decided I really needed a brunette and a blonde sister for her!

I's seen this more waif sitting on the bazaar, with her issues and therefore a nice low low price. So I went off to find her and did a deal! At the time I had to have her hold on while I raised more funds and then she was on her way!

She's needs to have a tear in the arm socket in her torso repaired. She had a hair cut but I love the shorter look , she's got the usual sparse hair at the front but that's fine.

She's also pregnant ! No I lie that's just her dress sticking out and me forgetting to straighten it! No she also has the two sized leg syndrome! So her leg needs to kick out for her to stand properly! Plus she has a tiny white spot under one eye.

So here she is with her sister Frankie, who will show her the ropes and help her get settled in.

So now I just need a blonde. But that will have to wait until the end of the year or until I see just the right girl!, hopefully not till the end of the year! There will be a blonde arriving but not a gotz! 

Tuesday 14 May 2024




She was a showgirl..

With feather cuts in her hair

And a gingham dress up to there!

She eats meringues hey!

and she can cha cha 

She's was born in 69

And now she's all mine!