Sunday 30 April 2017


Due to the fact I now appear to own TEN No Navel girls, it took Birdie a while to meet them all, so this is very photo heavy, refreshment may be required before you commence!

The girls all gathered outside on one of the covered benches, so Birdie could meet them and also they could see Birdie and hear what was being said!.

" Hello  I'm Mary " says Mary
Birdie looks puzzled " Mary ? are you The Mary ? "
" No that's my aunt "
" Oh "
"Hi Birdie I'm Caitlin"
" Hi Caitlin, I love your jacket "
"Thanks "

"Hello I'm Ginny and I'm a fairy "
"Hello Ginny , a fairy? "
"Hi I'm Martha, she's not a real fairy "
"Am Too!"

" She wants to be an actress " whispers Martha " and this month she's playing a fairy from A Midsummer Nights Dream "
" I see " says Birdie , really a little confused " Well " she raises her voice " She looks like a wonderful fairy " Martha and Birdie exchange a smile.

Those watching think what a nice girl Birdie is to play along with Ginny being a fairy.

Next she's meeting Wren and Raven " Oh how wonderful to have bird names! I wish I'd had a birds name !"
"Well being called Birdie's quite special " says Wren
"Yes " agrees Raven " your not named for one bird but all!"
"Oh " laughs Birdie " I didn't think of that ! Yes Birdie is right for me I love all birds"

Turning to Winter, who is next inline, Birdie gasps! " Oh my sweet lord!"
The others look at her puzzled
" It's.. it's... " she sighs and whispers " beautiful !"

The girls closest all turn to look where Birdie's looking and then they understand!

Winter is wearing a beautiful smocked dress in a fabric covered with birds!

When Birdie finally stops looking at her dress Winter introduces herself and says " You can wear it next if you want? "
Birdie's stunned " Pardon? I can? next? me ?.... wear the bird dress, really? "
The others giggle and then Birdie giggles too!
"Yes , you can wear it next , we share all our clothes, well almost all "
Birdie thinks she's found heaven! Sisters with names of birds, dresses covered in birds!.... amazing!
"When's next? " asks Birdie smiling
" Mmm Maybe next week " says Winter " I'm due a change of outfit as I've been wearing this one a while "
"Maybe you'd like to swap with me" says Birdie eagerly " I've only just put these clothes on!"
Winter laughs " Maybe tomorrow and I'll have a look through the clothes to see what takes my fancy first "
Birdie realises she's being very pushy so smiles and agrees that tomorrow is plenty soon enough to get to wear the bird dress !

Introductions over Mum gets the girls in line and takes some more photos while they are all together.

Mary, Caitlin, Ginny and Martha

Birdie, Ashley and Sansa

Wren, Raven and Winter






I'm thinking a  full blue eyed brunette would be a nice addition to the group , maybe....

and maybe a nice full brown eyed blonde girl... maybe...

I'm thinking this group is just fine as is...

I remember someone saying to me I'd need to collect all TWELVE ,eye and hair combinations and I remember saying I did not intend to do so ! However it appears I'm heading for the number twelve just not in the way of the traditional set !

There is just something about the No Navel's I truly find hard to resist..... watch this space......


Saturday 29 April 2017


Sansa and Ashley are making their new sister feel welcome.

They join her outside for her first photo shoot!

Seeing her new sisters are both in yellow, she asks if there are any yellow clothes she could wear to fit in. The girls say yes and dash her off inside for a quick change.

They are soon back

All looking Spring like in shades of yellow.

"So" says Sansa " What do we call you? "
"Well " says her new sister " my names is Brianna "
"Hi Brianna " her new sisters chorus

" Oh " says Brianna quickly " but no one calls me that "
"Really ? " asks Sansa surprised " Then what do they call you? "
" Well... "

" they call me Birdie "
"Birdie? why? " questions Sansa
"Well because I love birds!" smiles Brianna.. Birdie " I am always rescuing them and nursing them back to health and I collect lots of bird ornaments and toys and books, well anything about or of birds really"
"How interesting " smiles Ashley

"Well if you find any birds that need saving you'd best go see Dad first" says Ashley " Mum'd not keen on bird close up!"
"Oh !"
" It's fine, she likes them just not in the house or flying towards her! " giggles Ashley
Sansa giggles too ! " It's so funny watching Mum ducking and diving to get out the way! "

" Can I feed them? " worries Birdie
"Yes, we feed the birds here , Mum too , just don't bring her an injured bird in a box, take it to Dad "
"Okay " smiles Birdie relieved

"I'd love to see all your bird collection ? " asks Ashley
"Me too!" pipes in Sansa
Birdie's thrilled her sisters are interested " They should be here in a day or two I'll show then "
"Great " smiles Ashley " we'll see you inside once your photos have been finished " with that Sansa and Ashley go inside leaving Birdie to have her last few photos taken.

Birdie's feeling so much happier now she knows they all like birds! and they didn't laugh at her nickname !

It would have been really hard to have to hide any birds she needs to care for!

How lucky her new Mum said yes!


Well due to this girl being a totally unexpected arrival, I'd not thought of a name for her,  however when she arrived with her little birds nest box, the name Birdie popped into my head and just would not go away ! no matter how much I tried to make it!
So Birdie she must be, that's what it's like with dolls and me, some insist that they KNOW their name and there's no changing it!
I've also given her the name Brianna , which she's agreed to accept as her 'proper' name but says she'll probably not answer to it... dolls...

Wednesday 26 April 2017


I could hardly turn her away.......

This young lady came knocking at my door today...

Totally unexpected ! No idea she would be arriving ...

Luckily the door was not shut tight, so she was able to make her way inside out of the cold!

" Hello?   anyone home? "

" Mmm no one here! Maybe they were not expecting me... today? "

" I wonder when they'll be back? "

" Is it best to wait here in the hallway ? "

" I wonder if there are any other No navel's here?   Hello ? "

"Seems I'll be waiting for someone to come ! I wonder where the kitchen is?  "


Well indeed! I was not expecting a No Navel to arrive in the village any time soon! But when someone sends you her photo and says she'd love to come live in the Village !
Whats a lover of No navel Gotz girls to do! as my good friend Dawn says, it would be rude to say no!

So I didn't ! 


Sunday 23 April 2017


Well since last Sunday was Easter day, we saved our catch up post to this Sunday.

Last Easter weekend we decided would be an ideal time to sort out the front step, as the postman or any delivery drivers would not be turning up over Sunday and Monday , so would give the concrete base time to dry out before someone stood on it!.

After our usual discussion of should it just be big enough for the front door or wider to cover both front door and side panel, we decided on making it wide enough to cover door and side panel, so Paul made up a frame to put the concrete in to form the base for the step.

And by Monday morning it had set.

We had been out on the Saturday and bought the concrete makings and also looked at paving! Well would would have thought a few paving slabs would cause such debate ! We landed up going to three places and did come away with some paving we loved.
ONLY it was sandstone, which means it comes in it's natural coloursway and was hard to decide , after falling for one particular piece of the paving due to the markings on it, to find another two pieces to complement that first piece.

Plus it was a totally different colour to what we went out for.

This was the slab we fell for with the markings.

It's almost as if someone's painted these details on it.

We found this piece to go with it and another which is not as good a match but when we got it home we decided it was too light and did not sit well with the front door and house.

So it was back out to search for another paving.

This time we kept to our original colour choice of dark grey.

This is Rectory paving the same as we have in front of the workshop in the back garden.

So first job Saturday was to finish off the step by laying the paving on top, we also decided to take the paving across the front but lower to tie it all in. Here you see Archie, my eldest daughters dog , and Hamish our's, inspecting the work. Hamish on the left looks like he's doing his impression of a Highland cow! Time for a trim!

"Excuse me boys could you go back in and shut the door please ! Thank you.

Makes it much easier now to step up into the house.

Paul decided to move a couple of our Hosta's in their pots round to the front as after the early morning sun this area will be shaded by the house, so a good place for them shade loving plants..
Those two pots have now become three ( after garden centre visit Sunday ) ! but camera battery on charge so no up to date photo I'm afraid

So another little job done, now if I could just find that plaque !

Today Sunday after a chilly start as warmed up very well, so Paul decided he needed to go and get a bag of compose so he could pot on some plants.... I went too........ So we came back with these

Fatal! if we go together and the sun's shining we just cannot resist the plants on offer ! We remember that we need a plant for this pot or that place ! We also bought some Cherry Tomato plants for the greenhouse and also some sweet pepper plants! Then of course there was large plant that looked nice and would be good to fill a space.. if we can find one!!
But we did get the plants to fill the hanging baskets in the greenhouse ready to grow on until they can come out in May when there is  less  chance of a frost!

I've told him we are now banned..... well at least for this month ;)

Have a great week ahead.