Saturday 28 February 2015


The first No Navel I bought was Ginny, this was after not even liking them in the beginning! But then after a while of seeing them here and there I began to LOOK at them and see their elfin face's, little sharp chins that give them the look.

So Ginny I found quite by chance and made an offer which was accepted and she arrived here to start me off on a long and very slippery slope.

Ginny is a waif due to having some missing plugs but to me she is just gorgeous and full of character !

and here she is the lovely Ginny.

She is also the smallest of my No Navel girls.

Then I missed out on this next girl but  she was bought by a friend so asked if she ever decided to part with her could I have first refusal and luckily for me she let me know when she'd reluctantly decided to let her go so  Martha arrived.

and here she is, Martha , who to me was the  Holy Grail of Sasha's.I just wanted this girl more than any other, Np or whatever. So I had the red haired no Navel I wanted, so was one happy bunny!

Look at that face!

So there was I thinking I had done it , got that red haired No Navel of my dreams, I was also collecting a few blondes and brunettes along the way.

But then while looking on the internet I came across a No Navel red in most of her original outfit for auction she looked liked she could have a dirty mark on her face and a very kind Sasha friend asked them to put on a better photo which showed it was just surface dirty, so Paul said if I bid and won her he would pay for her as my along came Caitlin

and here she is ! Caitlin still had that new smell to her and I think she'd barely been played with if at all
her fringe is a little choppy but I believe that's how she left the factory.

I think Caitlin as a sleepy eyed look about her and with that hair it's as if she's just got up!

Well 2014 was ending and I was looking at my no navel's, the red's in particular , when I thought to myself I would not mind owning half a dozen of these red haired beauties.

Then 2015 arrives and along with it the offer from a friend who for some very strange reason thinks I love no navels and red's in particular! I have no idea why she would think this......  :) who offers me a no navel red...of course I said NO straight away not having any available cash....... are you NUTS!! I said I would need to gather some money together and luckily she said she wanted her to go to a good home....But she let her come here anyway!
and so Darcy arrived...

and here she is the beautiful Darcy, who appears to be almost as minty and Caitlin.


So why as this happened? I have come up with a theory ! I believe that my lovely Ginny my red haired Waif was sent ahead to see if I could truly love these Sasha's as not everyone does , shocking I know!! So Ginny arrived and wriggled her way into my heart and then sent back the message that this was a safe place for a No Navel to find a home and so over the last few years they have arrived and every so often a Red appears ready to move into the village luckily when I can find the means to accommodate her .

so Ginny

was joined by Martha

 and then Caitlin arrived.

and now Darcy's here!
So Ginny who was out numbered by two brunette no navels and three Blondes is now in the biggest group of four.

I am now going to put on some photo's of the girls that I took this morning.



                                                                            GINNY    (  VIRGINIA )


Wearing Vintage Sasha dungarees and Passion for Sasha gingham



The Fantastic four 


Will four become more! Who knows ! not me ! I was over the moon when I managed to get Ginny then Martha but here I am with these four plus five others so now nine girls in the village. I do know that I find it hard to resist these girls especially the reds! I would like another Brunette hopefully one with good hair but who knows what the future hold with Sasha , they come when THEY feel like it not when I want them or can afford them ! I recently missed out a beautiful brunette, so it was obviously not meant to be...yet.

Now I am off to spend some time admiring these girls.



Just after the new year I was offered a Sasha. Now I was going to be good and also had Samuel on Shelly's to pay for but sometimes you have to go with the flow especially when what's on offer is TOO GOOD TO MISS!
And when it's a Red haired Sasha I'm 75% there! So I said yes plase and could I have a few weeks to get money together thankfully the answer was yes!
So while I have been having a good clear out the money I have made has gone towards paying for these dolls, first Samuel and now Darcy.

Yes the new girl is called Darcy. Allow me to introduce her to you all....

She has the most gorgeous auburn hair, hard to see in a photo.

Still with a beautiful wave in her hair !

And here she is Darcy my new red haired No Navel girl! That's the other 25% that's going to grab my attention!

She is in almost mint condition .

How can you not love these girls? They are my favourite of the Gotz girls especially the reds.

Darcy is wearing a Plum gingham dress by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, Jean Jensen shoes and unknown maker socks. I just love this Plum gingham dress by Ginny.

So another red haired girl joins the Village Clan and a No Navel at that, I am one very very happy Mrs Mum this morning :)


Thursday 26 February 2015


The Winner of February's photo competition is....


Congratulations Anne, a worthy winner , everyone loves babies and teddies!

Thank you to everyone who was kind enough to send in a photo and I hope you'll all start looking for THAT photo that could win next month.
And Thank you to everyone taking the time to vote.

Such great photos being sent in for us all to see, looking forward to seeing what arrives next month !


Monday 23 February 2015


STILL SORTING!!  What do you mean I only started last week!! Are you sure? well it feels like it's been three hundred days...well maybe not exactly three hundred.... but at least three sure? well it seems......a loooooooooooooooooong time..............

The floor is still a no go area but a little less so but I have been making progress! I have , I decided that I would list things for sale on my sales page and or Ebay, so that's what I have been doing ..which is why it's taking so long!

It's surprising just how long it takes to decide what to sell, not helped when I put things back that have not been used for a couple of years!! then go back the next day with the good fairy and put them in the get rid pile! But despite the Keep it Monster !! , I am managing to move things on to new homes!

I was off today, so took out more clothes and put them on Sophie to model took photo's and cropped and sized them to put on sales page this evening.

Then I decided to look into this box which as been sitting in my bedroom for a long time... I can see it from the bed and after looking at it since I started this clear out today I decided .....

that it ALL had to go! Yet more wool ! Back in my early Sasha days I would knit and sell things for Sasha but now there are so many knitters out there and I do not have as much time to knit as I used to , that I may as well sell the wool I bought to knit for Sasha with. I stopped buy wool ages ago for this purpose but have so much I am now going to sell it off as it would take me years to get through the amount I have!

So this afternoon I removed almost all of the balls from this box and took a photo of each one.

These balls in the bottom I left because some have been used and I want to keep a small amount in case I need it for something ..that's the Keep it me at work!!

But it's now all listed on the sales page and any not sold by 1st March I will bundle up and put on ebay, it's GOT TO GO!! Then I will be able to reuse the box for some Sasha clothes I am keeping but that need a bigger box! Then that smaller box will be gone! So if you know any knitters who may like some fancy wool, get them to take a look!!




The young British? actor Eddie Redmayne hit Hollywood gold tonight in taking the Oscar for Best Actor in a Motion Picture.

Young Eddie looks stunned at the rapturous reception he is receiving from the waiting crowds .

Off to the side Virginia and Tatiana chat , Virginia missing out on her third Oscar to the Actress Neryl Peep an old pro who won her fourth Oscar for her portrayal of an evil old bag in the film, From here to maternity , loosely they say based on the script writers mother in law!!

Oh wait Eddie's joined the girls, the three were all at SRADA  ( Sasha Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts ) together.

They congratulate him on his award and tells Virginia she was robbed!

Eddie leads the girl back to have their photo's taken together by the Paps! What a wonderful trio of British Actors, we'll be seeing so much more from these talented Thespians in the future !


Congratulations to the actor Eddie Redmayne for his well deserved Oscar .

Sunday 22 February 2015


Tonight is Oscar night in Hollywood and on Friday it was decided that on the face book Sasha group we'd do Oscar night, dressing our dolls for the big event and sharing them photo's.

I'll pass you over to the reporter outside the theatre where tonight's winners and losers are waiting to find out their fate!

First up is Sophie in a lovely gown by the new couture group Ruffles R Us ! She's braving the cold without a coat ! What a trooper!Loving that tan , she must have picked up while filming in France her soon to be released film, Carry on Tanning!

Looking back over her shoulder she makes her way into the theatre to find her seat and hopefully be spotted by a director!

Next in was Claudia Joan Collins a well established actress of over fifteen films, she is wearing her trademark Leopard print , it would not be Claudia without that leopard print, she's happily waving to all her fans who are calling her name.

Pro that she is she stands patiently to allow all the mass of photographers to get their shots. Looks like Claudia is O' Natural under that jacket! What a girl!!

Now we have the up and coming young actress Tatiana Waif, looking very of the moment in her shawl and green boots with short dress.

Tatty turns and lets the shawl fall open to show off her white dress by Petti Coate!

This youngster is up for best actress for her role in the film Girl Most Odd! and she could just win!

I can hardly hear from the incredible roar of the crowd as our next star arrives to enter the theatre...

It's the two times Oscar winner Virginia 'Red ' Owen ! This young lady is a wonder to watch on the big screen, she makes your heart sing or weep with her wonderful performances! Could she make it a third tonight!!

She is wearing the top designers tonight, her wonderful rich purple velvet coat is by the doyenne of fashion Frances Trickett, who only dresses the best! I can spy that her dress is by Dollie Patch the American fashion house and she's also on trend in Lisa Boots.

Will she win tonight for her heart breaking portrayal of Effie in Gone with the bins! The sequel to that famous old film Gone with the wind ! Only the person with the golden envelope knows! So lets get this party started!!