Sunday 31 July 2016


Well despite all my best efforts, okay halfhearted efforts, the smallest bedroom/Sasha room is still full to overflowing !
But I have run out of time! Plans and purchases are now falling in place for the room to become the main bathroom with the old bathroom becoming a separate utility room and toilet. Decisions are having to be made , do we have a shower over the bath or do away with bath and have a lovely big shower?
 If we do will we miss the bath? if we don't will we as we get older find it harder to bath? we could squeeze in a small separate shower but we hate the tiny square ones with no room to move and would it make the bathroom cramped? which is one thing we do not want to happen as that's why we are moving our bathroom upstairs as the original one to the house is cramped !
One good thing we have all agreed on is the wallpaper! Yes wallpaper, we don't want the bathroom completely tiled as we like to be able to ring the changes with paint and paper and you'll never believe the paper we love!

I will share the saga of the bathroom and utility , taking photos of it's change in a few months when it's all complete!
We've also been given the go ahead on filling in our front porch to become part of the house! So it will hopefully all be happening here in the coming months!

But back to the Sasha boxes etc etc,! Well I need to make the space in that room, so will be spending a large part of today moving lots of the boxes into the Sasha studio as a stop gap until all the changes have been made and I can sort out where they can go plus so I can also still get to things to continue sorting and selling whats not used.
It's now getting harder to decide or should I say let go of things because I love them which is why I bought them but I do need to skinny these things down! I say this while also adding things I could not resist which is somewhat defeating the object ! But far more as gone than as arrived, I'm pleased to say.

How can I a lover of fabric and colour be expected to resist things like this ? It's just not possible!

before I had Sasha's I'd buy pieces of fabric just because I loved them, I still have them ,unused, just there to allow me to look at them from time to time. I love upholstery and curtaining fabric's , wallpaper etc I should probably have been an interior designer but I'd have wanted to keep all the goods! I toy with the idea of doing an upholstery course just so I can recover my chairs whenever I see a fabric I love! Maybe I'll do one once I retire and have some time!

But until then I'll have to just look and admire these things.

Works been very busy in so far as people are away on holiday and so staffing's low and a few are doing the work of many, so I've been coming home and falling asleep for an hour or so on the more taxing days! It will not be getting any better soon as there are still people to have holiday and the last week in August is looking to be a nightmare, so I may go quiet that week.

Well I need to go see what Lucas and Socks are up to! Plus there are just a few...... things that need moving from the Sasha room.....

Oh and if anyone fancies some rhubarb and apple crumble ? pop round I got carried away and made enough fruit for two! so there's now two sitting cooling in the kitchen !


Saturday 30 July 2016


Sometimes I see a piece of fabric that's been made into an item for Sasha to wear and just LOVE the fabric and usually how the designer's used it.
I am at heart a person who loves pattern, floral the most and colour, I don't really do dark or murky I much prefer bright and lively.

When I saw this fabric used in an outfit I just adored it so much but unfortunately I missed out on buying the clothes, then it appeared again and again I missed the boat until finally I managed to get bag one off of Shelly's. Then last week another appeared in a slightly different colourway which was gorgeous! Again I missed the boat but then had another chance so leap at it!.

So who would be best to wear this gorgeous longed for item? Then I remembered that poor Martha was still wearing clothes from the beginning of the year! beautiful clothes it's true but still she'd been neglected for too long!

So Friday I changed Martha into this stunning dress and we went into the garden for a photo shoot.
Here are the results.

We used one of the covered garden benches.


Made the very talented Frances Trickett this full length summer dress is to me gorgeous.

I love the beautiful colours and flowers.


 A closer look at Martha

For those who don't know,  Martha was my holy grail Sasha. Never wanted any other Sasha as much as I wanted a full blue eyed red haired No Navel Sasha. Never thought I find one as back then they were much harder to find and if you did see them they were always snapped up before I got there!

  A closer look at this glorious fabric.

Wonderful wild flowers in blues, yellows, pinks , lilacs perfection in a fabric.






We moved over to the new Alpine bed which is turning out to be a great spot for photos.


The wind appeared to move Martha's hair just as I took this shot !


Well I hope you have enjoyed seeing these photos of Martha in this new favourite dress.

Just a reminder that it will soon be the 1st August!! and so time to start sending in your shelf photos for the coming month, I'm off to take a few myself.

Then I must go see what Lucas is up to at the end of the garden!


Friday 29 July 2016


Lucas is still searching for the rare orange lady bird bug much to the irritation of a certain two bears who have chosen the natural stone bench as their favourite place to sit , chat and get some air .

" I wonder how long he's going to keep looking for this silly bug? "
"Who knows! Hopefully once he's searched this area he'll move on down the garden "
"One can put hope!" Sighs Aimee

Lucas and Socks have been searching since breakfast time, so have just sat down to rest , while Lucas decides where to look next.

For a while all's quiet with Aimee and Gertie chatting quietly over one side while Lucas rests with Socks on the other.

" I think we'll have a look down by Drago, there are bound to be lots of bugs and things  " Lucas tells Socks.

Meanwhile over by Aimee and Gertie someone's arrived Edith!

"Bonjour Aimee et Gertie , J'ai entendu ce que vous dites à propos de l'honorable Mme DollyDoodles ! La dame est un saint comme notre propre st Jeanne d' arc. Elle est l'anglais, mais leur apprendre grâce à son français les enfants savent plus que juste où est la plume de ma tante !"

Aimee and Gertie look bewildered ! Edith sighs and then says in English " The Honourable Mrs Dolly Doodles is et saint to teach the enfants my tongue ! She did go to see your Queen Elizabet and her husband get the medal of honour ! She is a grand lady ! "

" Really !" says Aimee her eyes wide with amazement!

"How do you know all this? " asks Gertie suspiciously
"Because I listen to Mrs Mum when she tell the things " Edith replies " I can hear and eat at the same time!" she imparts with a slight sneer
"You should beg of the forgiveness of Madam Dolly Doodles "

Edith stomps away happy to have taken that gossipy Aimee to task.
"Wonder why she's got a bee in her bonnet about it? " Gertie sniffs
"Probably because they are both French !" decides Aimee

Meanwhile ... "Come one Socks let's go find Drago and see if he's ever seen an orange lady bird bug, he's been around forever ! "
They get up and start moving away, Socks in the front sniffing everything, the hairs on his back are up as there is a strange smell about!

" A dragon should know if anyone does!" says Lucas
Lucas pauses for a moment wondering what that sound was but Socks is making so much noise sniffing and now sneezing because he's got some pollen up his nose that Lucas forgets about the sound and calls a sneezing Socks to hurry !

"Maybe we should write to Lady Dolly Doodles and apologise ? " asks Aimee
"Well I don't see why but we can if you like "
" She's that famous clothing lady called Polly "
"Polly? " says Gertie
"Yes Polly wally doodle dolly!" says Aimee
"No that's not right " says Gertie " Her names not wally !"
"Oh well anyway I think we should send her a gift "

" I know !" gasps Aimee excitedly " Let's send her some garlic and some Onions! "
Stunned Gertie waits for Aimee to finish " Yes and Gertie you can use my aunts pen to write the letter . I know just where it is! on the table ! " Aimee gets up " Come on we need to be quick and get to the shop in the village before it shuts , don't doodle I mean dawdle "


Thursday 28 July 2016


"Now Socks you must look everywhere! they are very small so will be hard to find!"

What is Lucas up to!

" and " Lucas continues to an attentive Socks "  we only want the ORANGE ones! " Socks is well all socks!

"Just like these one's " Lucas shows Socks his new orange ladybird t shirt " Them's rare as hen's teeth !" and Lucas knows this to be true since he never managed to find any hen's with teeth even though he chased all farmer Bruce's hens!

Lucas and Socks set about looking for the rare Orangeous Lady buggyus ! They look everywhere , behind all the rocks in the Alpine garden and on all the plants.

"OH!" say Lucas looking behind a large rock he thinks he's just seen something hide underneath!

"What is that child up to!" whispers Amiee to Gertie
"Not a clue " sighs Gertie " and neither has he! " she giggles.

" Mrs Mum thinks he's one of those Idiot Savants " confides Aimee
" Well he's certainly an Idiot !" giggles Gertie

Suddenly Lucas turns and sees the bears. " Have you seen any ladybirds? Not the red or yellow ones but the orange ones!"
"Orange ladybirds? " says Aimee
"No such thing!" says Gertie

" Yes there is so Orange ladybirds! " Lucas cries " Mrs Doodle Dolly made this t shirt of them " he shows them his t shirt " See ! Mrs Doodle says them very rare like hen's teeth! "

"Whose Mrs Doodle Dolly? " Aimee asks Gertie
" Haven't a clue ! but she thinks there are rare orange lady bird's in England "
Aimee suddenly remembers where she's heard the name before " I know who Mrs Doodle is , she's a french woman eats lots of garlic and onions !and we won't mention the wine she gets through!"
" Really ! " says Gertie amazed
" Yes " confirms Aimee feeling very clever knowing something Gertie does not " Yes I have heard it's best to stay up wind of her ! "
"Understandable " agrees Gertie

Lucas has wandered off while the girls chatted and is now standing on a rock telling Socks how he wants him to search for the bugs where he points.
" Now over that way!" says Lucas pointing, Socks sits excitedly watching Lucas wave his arm about!

" Socks! you are supposed to be searching! "
"Woof  Woof " says Socks

" Now Socks " says Lucas slowly " I     want    You " he points at Socks, who gets even more excited if possible " To go....go... over ...there.. " he points to the left " find.. Socks.. find .... the ... bugs! "

" Do you think that dogs deaf? " asks Aimee
"No just stupid " replies Gertie
Aimee considers this " No I think he's deaf because Lucas is shouting really loud and he sits there wagging his tail and barking "
Gertie rolls her eyes " It was so lovely and quiet out here before they arrived "
"Let's watch and see what happens " says Aimee seeing a good story she can tell the other bears once they are back home " He may find some of those orange buggy things he's on about and we don't want to miss it!"
Gertie sighs deeply , how is it she's surrounded by fools! She should have gone to Anastacia's dance lesson, at least she could have had a laugh !

I think we'll leave them there watching and searching , it could take some time!


Monday 25 July 2016


I did buy a boys outfit as we appear to be a little short on shorts! :) So when I saw this set, on Dolly doodles, I bought it for one of the boys to wear and who should nip in quick but Ragnor !

He was already wearing a burgundy coloured outfit and so when this arrived he insisted that it was 'his' colour! Well since he's not had his own new summer outfit I let him claim it.

So here he is Ragnor.

He is right when he says this is his colour it does suit him well.

Robin's come to join him, Robin has also changed into his summer shorts set but appears to be without shoes!

I see It's my fault you have not got shoes on! Hows that then?  Oh because I only bought down the box of girls shoes ! Well actually there were a couple of pairs of sandals in there you just did not look!

I don't know it seems I have to do everything! I'd best go find Robin some sandals I don't need him getting a cold !