Sunday 23 September 2018


That was the week that was....

 Goodness a whole five days at work... tiring!

Especially as the inspector called!! Oh yes the banks do have inspectors , who turn up unannounced to check that all your paperwork is in order or that your cash is being stored , moved and used safely. It was the cash check he'd come to do, on a day when we were very short staffed but had loads of customers! And we passed with flying colours... of course .. was there any doubt? not a one !

So alas no dolly play or anything this week ! Just work , home and rest. However that is Rufus in the photo after a hard mornings training yesterday! Couldn't quite make it onto the sofa!

This morning was a little like this photo , apart from instead of sunshine it was pouring down with rain! and cold ! the temperature has dropped now we are into the later part of the month. Poor old Ginny , the girl in the photo, is still waiting for her arms to be reattached! First I need to remember where I put them !

So we are entering the last week of September! another month that's vanished in the mists! Soon the chat n snap will be upon us and so next weekend I'll need to start checking what still needs doing and where everything is !

Hopefully I'll not leave it a whole week this time before I return ! Have a good week everyone and enjoy the sun , it will soon be cooler all the time but at least we and the dolls can wrap up in our woollies !


Sunday 16 September 2018


Where did that week go? I feel I should be allowed another one because I'm sure that last week left without me! I wonder if my boss at work will accept that?

Dear Mrs Boss, I was just about to start the second week of my holiday when it was suddenly the end of my second week?
I think it was stolen !! while I was otherwise engaged, so I will be in Monday week, with your blessing I'm sure.

Yours most sincerely

What do you think? Will I get a,  see you in a week or get your butt in here Monday sharp or suffer the consequences ?
I know it's so hard to call..... not!

But on a serious note, I have had a lovely week just pottering about, having a friend over for some doll fun, seeing family and friends for a lovely get together last Saturday. Enjoying time at home with Paul, making plans for the house etc.

I've even done some sewing ! Yes I did ! More about that later.

This week a Schoenhut doll arrived to join my Schoenhut doll families.

I have called her Penny and she's wearing a lovely dress by Sasha wardrobe, she is a petite 14 inch with carved hair with a blue bow carved in the back.

In the end we decided to keep the little habitat sofa in the house and I'm going to make a start of recovering it. So we have managed to tuck it out the way but available to use and also for me to measure when I start making the covers.

I'd like to say that my Studio is all tidy and sorted but it would be a lie!, I've been too busy enjoying my holiday to go in there unless I needed something or to put something away!

We bought a new wardrobe on Thursday, which was delivered on Saturday which meant a massive rearrange of the bedroom ! But at least it's meant we have now sorted through lots of our clothing and a large black bag is ready for the next charity shop run. We were not planning on buying a wardrobe until after we'd redecorated and had a carpet laid but it was just the right one and at a fabulous price, so too good to pass.

I'm really looking forward to getting the bedroom decorated and a new carpet laid , hopefully before Christmas, then we can concentrate on the hall and stairs.

I now have a few things to list on ebay along with the big bag for charity, it's amazing just how much you can get rid of if space is limited.

My Kaye Wiggs Elf that Paul bought me for my birthday back in July is finally getting her look pulled together.

With all my dolls, well most, a story line character will take shape once , sometimes before, they arrive and so it is with Elora my elf. She is a night elf who helps protect people from demon dreams and night terrors, she does her best work as dusk falls and night appears.

She's wearing a tatty fairy skirt made by me! yes I did managed to make one thing this week!

I'm loving her look.The black wig is perfect for a night elf I feel.

So that said I'm off to do loads of those things that need doing before you have to return to work the next day.

Wishing everyone a lovely happy week ahead.


Wednesday 12 September 2018


Which is why I've not yet quite started sewing..

First it was investigate all the boxes, trying to decide if anything could be given away.

Then taking over the kitchen table..

 Spreading out the fabric to check just whats available..

A little surprised as I'd thought there was more....

Then planning just what to start sewing..... to be continued..


Tuesday 11 September 2018


Today one of my friend's came to spend the day for some doll talk and play!

Jane brought along two of her Sasha's who talked almost as much as we did! While they chatted , we organised a little more of my studio, clearing some space and helping me make some decisions about what needed to go where, which was really helpful. I had managed to set up the living room ready for the visit.

Jane was amazed at my stash of fabric, so I shocked her later with the other four boxes !

We left the girls still chatting while we went inside for lunch! I hope that pig's not on the sofa!

Jane very kindly gave me a gift .

Two beautiful petticoats and three pairs of mittens for my BJD Kaye Wiggs dolls all made by Jane.

She also helped put together  a style/look for my newest girl Elora, that Paul bought me for my birthday, I knew what I was after but Jane helped me pull it together. It always helps having another's input , especially if they are on the same wave length as you.

Her wig needs fixing down properly and a better photo would help but Jane was a massive help, in guiding me to a few places on the internet, that had exactly what I was looking for style wise for her.
Then we looked for the right fabric , then found some possible fabric in the boxes I already had, but I'll still buy some of what we saw for a colour choice.

But we had a wonderful day, which went way to fast but plans were made , characters formed, story lines discussed, so much so that the Sashas had been left to amuse themselves for hours!

It was one of those day where you needed forty eight hours in a day and it still wouldn't have been long enough!

So now I am buzzing to get the sewing machine out and start putting her look into clothing she can start wearing.

There was only one person who wasn't happy about all the attention the new girl was getting.....


Sunday 9 September 2018


Another glorious day today, the sun is shining , there is a breeze, so all in all perfect.

 Yesterday we had some family and friends over to meet  Princess Clara. The flowers above were given to me by Gill ,who is Courtney's god mother, and my very good friend.
Clara behaved like the princess she is , allowing her adoring subjects to coo and cuddle her and bestowing them with killer smiles to seal their adoration.
That baby knows how to work a room! So Proud !

It's always lovely to have a small gathering where the chat flows and a good time is had by all. Of course you always have too much food and drink , so loads of left overs! However I sent Courtney and family plus Lindsey who was going with them for a visit, off with a bag of food.
Then Paul who is playing in two bowls finals today, took another bag full off with him, so not too much left for just the two of us to plough through.

Because the weather for Saturday was going to be sunshine and showers, we removed the dog's crates that they sleep in and brought back in the old Habitat sofa from the workshop. This sofa is over forty years old and still going strong. I'm keeping it for when Paul retires and his computer goes, then it can go in the dinning room area , re-covered.. that was the plan...but after we brought it and I put the things back in the workshop, that had needed moving to get it out, as I walked back up the garden I thought.. no it's time we got rid of it and we can buy a new one when we need it!
Naturally I forgot to tell Paul of this momentous decision !( and it was a momentous decision as he's been trying to get rid of it for years ) while he was off getting his dad and aunt , I remembered and told my youngest Courtney.
However during the conversation I said that Casper liked to sleep on it when it was around before we moved it to fit in Rufus's crate. So Courtney says, well surely it would be better to keep the sofa for them to Paul gets greeted with I was going to suggest getting rid of sofa but now we'll keep it for the dogs!!  Almost......

My week seems to have played out this way! We laid some lino in the dinning area , so that we can have it all tiled later and in the beginning we measured the space were Casper's crate used to be and found it would be perfect for my arts and crafts bureau! So I made plans to bring it from the workshop to the carport , so that I could work on it . While out I had a look for a suitable wallpaper I could fit to the back board.

There was not a lot the would work, either pattern too big or just to blah but I did find this one which has a very pale blue background.

Yes birds and flowers! What drew me to it was the colours and it's all about colour for me.There is also a sparkle of silver reflecting through it ,although you cannot see it in the photo.
In truth I'm not a great lover of birds , they are fine and I'll feed them but who and what the are? Mostly no idea and no interest. But these birds have colour along with the plants,so I am hoping
they will work where I need them to!

Well I'll not be finding out quite yet as when we ( royal we here ) put down lino , Paul's work desk was rearranged and the space for my bureau vanished in the mists!!

See what I mean ! Plans made and lost within the same day! Twice!

I cut a piece , too short! Just to see if it looked as if it could work and I think it could look okay!

Definitely lightens the background, so it could be the one I'll use...unless I find something better....

I've spend a couple of hours in my studio this week trying to find the floor and the shelves! I was very pleased to empty out a few boxes and a couple of bags.

Along with almost a box of clothes !  I've also found several pieces of fabric.

and more...


more... but these last are only scraps that I bought as a bundle but sooo pretty...  ( normally I crop my photos to hide whatever rubbish is around them but because Edward landed up covered by the fabric I felt It would be nasty to cut him out the photo.
I almost feel I should attend a meeting for people who just have to buy pretty fabrics! But since I've not actually bought any in at least six months....I'm fine.....yes it's true I've not actually gone to look at fabric for that length of time but I'm sure I could resist if I did... maybe I'll just have a look later...

So I think I may set up the sewing machine on the end of the kitchen table later this week and see what happens.... stop laughing Michelle.. I will use it.. I will....I've plans...

The dogs have kept me company while I write my post , getting in some extra sleep after all yesterdays excitement of lots of visitors giving them attention.

Well wishing you all a lovely week ahead. I hope to report that I have made something with some of my fabric by this time next week... I can hear you laughing Michelle!  Sharon.. don't you start...... and organised my Studio more , that Granny's been receiving vegetables from the market!  I don't know where she thinks she's going to store them.....


Wednesday 5 September 2018


September! yes already.. it will soon be Christmas.... Nooooo ! I must be having so much fun because the time is surely flying!

From Carol in Canada we have Cinderella , who so wanted to come to the Halloween ball at the Chat n Snap but alas not this year.

 but she wants to play along

Looks like she'd even got her mask ready..

Maybe next year?

meanwhile over in Gregoropolis

A wonderful group of Brunette 68 boys have taken up residence. I have to say every time I go past this photo I keep expecting them to start singing Bohemian Rhapsody.... I see a little silhouetto of ....

But Hollie Belle, Ann Marie and Meghan are taking it all in their stride and looking pretty and summery and wondering just how many brunette 68 boys will be coming to stay?

From Karin in Switzerland we have this lovely photo of  Sasha in her new dress by Vicky, doesn't she look stunning.

From Viv in north Wales we have two of her Sasha family try to be heard over the noise of the sheep in the field behind!

Again from wales but this time from Jenni, we have 130 year old Flora checking out what Jenni's having for lunch and telling her she doesn't know she's been born having such a delicious meal.

Flora also decided to check out the flowers outside the cottage where they all live.

From the Sasha Village we have a dresser full of dungaree girls....

Although these are no navel dungaree girls.

I think they are as pretty as the Emma Bridgewater pottery above them.

Three of my most favourite things ! Sasha no navels, EB pottery and a Pine dresser ! Could it get any better!

From the Sasha Village we also  have a shelf of  Schoenhut dolls and their pets, they may need that nurse if those wild animals turn nasty!

From Ginger across the pond in Cow Creek we have this delicious line up of lovelies, from the left ,
Edith, Bonnie, Polly, Joanie and Gwennie .

Many thanks to everyone sending in their photos for the doll shelf post. Still space to add more if you'd like to join in.


Monday 3 September 2018


Mabel Lucie is out and about for the first time in ages !

and that's because Mabel Lucie is very.... loose...y !

Some times she just as to hang on to whatever or whoever is close by !

She's feeling very hopeful that her wayward legs may be corrected soon! She's heard that Mum is going to look for just the right seal to help keep the new strings tied.

 It's quite hard when your legs want to do, what they want to do, and not want you want them too!

It means you have to work out where to walk and if there is something to hang on to along the way! Wide open spaces are not an option!

So maybe she'd best go help Mum with finding the whatever she's looking for... well once someone comes by that she can hang on to!