Sunday 29 June 2014


With the arrival of my new slate eyed waif , I now have four girls, although technically I have five because a brunette will be arriving soon.

So here is a photo of the four , Ava, Simone, Waif and Callie.

It is so strange how things with Sasha's go round in circles! I have owned another red haired Slate girl and also a blonde. Both were beautiful Sasha's and I wish I had kept them especially the red ! But as is usual they were sold on to help fund another Sasha.
The one I had the hardest trouble finding and buying was the brunette! Don't ask me why, that's just how it happened either when I saw one that appealed I had no funds or it was already sale pending. When I owned two reds I bought them together because I could not decide between them, which should have told me never to sell one of them!,and I again struggled to find a blonde,  bought one who was lovely, then sold her on because I could never remember her name! and did not do anything with her!!
I do find that if I cannot remember their names they tend not to stay long?

So now that I have two blondes and two brunettes I will need to find another Red! I'm blaming Gill because of  her six gorgeous Slate eyed girl photo's.
And I am considering having a go at re rooting my new waif myself!! Yes I did just type that, it's only the top of her head! How hard can it be? First I need to consult the experts on where to obtain needles and hair etc and how to go about it!
Then Paul will have to take the poor girl's head off! That's just something I cannot face doing!! but I will say that all those people who re root for others should check their in box after I start, there could be an email requesting the imminent arrival of a half re rooted blonde in need of saving!!!

So here is a closer look at the Slated eyed girls who are awaiting the arrival of their brunette sister and a possible hair op!!
If I do try re rooting I will keep you all informed of my progress or non progress!! You have been warned...


Friday 27 June 2014


Another slated eyed darling arrived in Hertfordshire this week this time at Gill's.

Gill is a big fan of the slate eyed Gotz girls and this week a beautiful red haired girl arrived to join the family.

Say hello to Mathilda .

She's joining Gill's other slate eyed girls

She's joining a fabulous line up......hold on that means there are three reds but only two blondes and two brunettes!! Mmm I see a purchase or two ahead......  :)
OR one of those other reds could come live here? ......


Thursday 26 June 2014


I was minding everyone's business and looking at ebay, Sasha dolls and clothes , when I saw a BIN for a slate eyed waif.
I had a good look at her and put her in my watching....I had another iron in the fire, so should not really have been looking.
Well half an hour or so later I returned to find her still waiting for someone to buy her, so I had another look the price was very good and I had been wanting a slate eyed waif, so before I could think twice I pressed the button!!

The seller was lovely and ensured she arrived very quickly and with no added costs!

She arrived today ( Monday ) and these are the photo's I took before her hair wash.She has a very small dent on her forehead just above her right eye and another in her left foot.

Her hair's been cut by a determined little barber!.

More a short top and leave the sides!!

But she's got such a sweet little face that the rest does not matter. I wanted a waif to either shorten the hair or remove it and wig her.

So here she is after her hair wash and brush just chilled while it dries.

I will wait and see what her hair looks like once it's dry and she's been dressed. She was a very good price but is the hair left worth saving and having the added cost of a re rooted front? or do I go with complete removal and wigging for now?  Only time will tell..and the call of the scissors......scream!!!

Well it's amazing what a hair wash and a change of clothes can do to a Sasha!

She's been wearing her hat while her hair dried and it's helped her 'comb over! ' sit over the cut area.

She does have a lot of hair but I'm not sure now good it is.

Her comb over !!!

What a lovely girl she is now she just needs a name while she awaits her fate!!

Oh and she's going to have to have her lips paint removed, she cannot go through life with only half her lips painted!!

She's not told me her name yet but maybe she's whispering it? Can you hear anything???



For some reason best known to the computer!! this second post about the garden visit as published it's self below part one!!

So you need to look below part one for the final part of our visit to Ashridge.

Tuesday 24 June 2014


Today Sunday we had the opportunity to visit the gardens on the Ashridge estate. Violet and Sapphire were over the moon to have a chance to wander round these lovely gardens.

We parked along side the building and the first garden we came to was the Italian Garden.

The house is used for many things, including Weddings and Christening. There was a christening party today. Croquet equipment was waiting on the grass to be put in place.

The twins were very impressed with the Oak tree planted by Queen Victoria!.

The girls had insisted on wearing their gardening clothes and boots in case the Estate gardeners needed any help!

" Wow" says Violet " What a lot of roses!"
" Yes " agrees Sapphire " Lets go look!"

" This path may be something Dad could copy? " muses Violet checking it out while Sapphire studies the roses at the side.

A little while later Violets shouting " Mum ! Mum ! Look at me!"

" No Mum ! Mum Look over here at me!" Sapphire starts calling !

"Well what beautiful roses round the fountain " says Mum smiling " You look like a pair of pretty statues!"

Sapphire keeps perfectly still pretending she's a statue!

"I'm a statue too! " whispers Violet trying to keep still like her sister.

"That was fun" they chime together meeting in the middle " Where shall we go next? "

"Well " says Sapphire " We have four paths to chose from!"
" In that case" Violet laughs " Lets go this way !" and she runs off closely followed by her sister.

The paths are very long for such tiny feet

"I'm tired " says Sapphire hanging back
" Come on " encourages Violet " I'm sure there's a bench round here somewhere! "

"Look There!" says Violet " Quick it's empty come on Saff!" and they start running.

Soon the girls are resting and talking about all the lovely roses.

" I wonder if Dad would let us have a rose garden like this? " says Saffy
" It's way too big " replies Violet " it would take up almost all our garden! "
" That's a shame " sighs Saffy

They soon get their second wind and are off exploring the garden again.They arrive at the rock garden and sapphire stands beside a large plant.

"How much bigger than me is it? " she asks her sister

Violet studies it and answers " You'd need at least three of the boys standing one on top of each other with you at the bottom!"
"Wow!" gasps Sapphire

They come to the gates of an underground tunnel but they are locket due to the roof needing to be repaired.

They can see light at the end " Oh why does it have to be shut" Violet complains!

To be continued....


Sunday 22 June 2014


 Violet loves how bright the delphiniums are in this flower bed.

The girls investigate the flower combinations in the Delphinium bed." I bet mum would like some Delph's this colour! "
"Yes " says Violet " their like Sapphires!! " Then realising what she's just said they both giggle and Saphhire climbs in the flower bed pretending to be a Delphinium!

In another part of the garden they come across a statue and Sapphire climbs on to what looks to be a tiger cub.
" Be careful !" calls Violet worried she'll fall

"Look no hands!" cries Sapphire letting go
" Don't be silly !" says Violet " Hold on!"

"No " says Sapphire wobbling
" Well if you fall off don't think I'm going to save you!"

"Will !"
Violet turns gets down and walks off shouting over her shoulder "WONT !"
Sapphire climbs down and hurries after her.

They come across a large building which says it a fernery? Looks from where the chairs have been left someone's had a meeting there.

The girls find a chair to use and make up.

From the windows they can see a bed with a very large Banana plant in.

After a short rest the girls start looking round.
Violet finds a bird of Paradise plant " Look " she calls to Sapphire " Here's one of those plants Uncle Steve's got at his house and Dad wants!"
"What did Mum say ? " asks Sapphire
" What another plant to try and get in the greenhouse!!" they laugh

Sapphires checking out the other side of the fernery where a large Yucca plant stands.The large white rocks placed for the ferns to grow out from.

"Come on " says Sapphire " Let go find the other side of the tunnel!"

It's not long before they are standing at another gate looking at the work being done to make the
roof safe again.

To the side is a chamber where the General buried his horse! and you can see all the flint used for the walls and roof.

"Come along Girls " Mum calls "No one's opening that gate for a while yet!"

The girls hurry after Mum and Dad who are off looking at other parts of the garden.

"Dad would love steps and rocks like these in our garden!" says Sapphire
" I'm sure he would but where are we going to put them !" says Violet sounding somewhat like Mum!
" Mm " wonders Sapphire " maybe we could build them over next doors fence!" they both laugh imagining what Matt next door would say!!

Soon their at the herb garden standing on the step of the sundial.

" This is much bigger than our sundial!"
"Well this is a much bigger garden "
"That is certainly true!"

They like the Yew topery standing guard in front of the two beech houses.

They go inside and stand on the bench and look out.

It's cool inside the light filtered by the leaves and branches.

The greenery letting in the dappled light.

Violet peeps out squinting in the bright sunlight.

She wonders if they could a mini version of this living house! She'll ask Dad later when he's sitting resting!

The girls decided they were too tired to walk all the way round to go down into the sunken garden where a maze had been cut out of the grass meadow.

We all walked back to the house, which is not open to the public , and went inside for a lovely cup of tea and the twins had some fruit juice, where plans were made, plants added to want lists and the beautiful view enjoyed.