Monday 30 September 2019


These are my photos from Standen House , there are loads of them , so you may wish to grab a drink and sit and enjoy or flick through at a rapid rate , or skip completely but if you love Arts and Crafts and William Morris you will find lots to look at.

The entrance


3 Corner of front walled entrance


5 Corner of billiard room which had two screens with videos of William Morris and his work , running which was why it's dark in this corner.


7 Lovely bright wallpaper in the downstairs hallways

8 Conservatory/ Garden room where lots of swathes of William Morris fabric were spread around.




12 Loved this screen, a good idea for getting some more WM fabric in the house...


14 Sitting room

15 the stairs


 17 Another gorgeous wallpaper


19 One of the bedrooms




23 The dressing room with a built in wardrobe which was rare at the time.

 24 another bedroom



27 This room was having the floor polished by hand by volunteers.

28 Dinning room


31 This rooms walls were all hang with fabric.




35 more pattern wallpaper in another hallway

36 Look at those colours

 37 The shop set up








44 The National Trust shop selling William Morris.. alas i could only buy a small note book while drawling over the treasures available!

Well I won't put the garden photos on here but on the garden blog but lots of inspiration was found in this gorgeous house and it's contents.

I did say to Paul you could make me a conservatory/garden room just like the one in this house, he just smiled and said yes dear.... he knows I'm serious but he realises that I'll be dazzled by something else in time, hopefully much much smaller that he can make and stir me away from my grand plans !


Sunday 29 September 2019


It's come way too soon ! We're just had two wonderful weeks off and must return to work tomorrow! No I didn't win the lottery or the premium bonds, so it's back to the rat race Monday!

Mind you I'm to old to bother with racing any rats and I do enjoy my job , when left alone to do it! But we all know what it's like with  bosses, always something they want you to do different or more of, these days the staffing gets less but the work more? Anyway that's all for tomorrow but now a mini catch up!

At the very start of my holiday I bought something for the garden off  Etsy ,which didn't arrive until the second week.

The parcel that arrived was much bigger than I expected! The poor USPS man complained about the weight! He'd carried from his van !! Knowing what it was I'm surprised he didn't do himself an injury!

It was well wrapped!! at least six layers ! and the item inside getting ever smaller!

A lovely stone trough for my alpines.

now I just have to decide where it's going! Of course I needed to buy some alpines for my new trough plus the old sink from the kitchen which we are also turning into a garden trough. We visited a couple of local garden centres but nothing!
So we went online and ordered a lovely selection which arrived while we were away and our daughter put on the shelf in garden out of Rufus, or ruthless as we call him, reach!

some of them !

We did plant up the old kitchen sink, we just need to get another couple of bags of grit to finish the top and use for the other trough etc.

and this is now out in the curve by the front door. The brown areas are where the grit is still to be placed.

Paul also replanted the border where the new pot was placed. He needed to move his Dicksonia's so they could get more light and be in a place where the frondes could be clear and not caught against the hedge.

So we've gone from this....

to this ....

To this ! The Dickonia's are already looking much happier.

After last nights long rainfall the frondes are starting to stand again, it's been fenced off for the winter while the plants establish and the dogs mature.

On the clearing out front, the shed, we are giving to our neighbours, is still full of boxes but due to the rain and going away we have yet to clear them. However I have sold three of the pieces of furniture which are being collected today, so that is making some space but still a lot more space is needed.

But I'll need to spend the next few weekends sorting out the Chat n Snap, so things may come to a halt until the end of the month, but a good starts been made.

We had a couple of worrying days with the dogs! first Rufus decided he didn't want his food, now Rufus loves his food and also Casper's or the cats if he can get hold of it, so this was not normal and then was sick then he just slept and could not be bothered with anything and seemed quite sorry for himself. Next morning right as rain!
So then Casper goes off to his training only to return early because one of his paws seemed to be hurt, Paul washed it checked for any seeds or cuts scratched etc nothing. Then it was his turn to want to just sleep, his nose was warm and again he just was not himself.
Then next morning, wet nose and back to himself ! So whether they both had the same virus and Casper's sore foot was a red herring who knows, not us! Just pleased they both appear to be over whatever it was and I can get a proper sleep without needing to go check on them to see all's well!

On a doll note, I did receive ,just before my holiday, four boy scout outfits, which I'd commissioned from Ginny of A Passion for Sasha. Which I need to dress the boys in because they are desperate to on some adventures before the truly cold weather sets in.

So I need to go change these boys before they mutiny !

Wishing everyone a lovely healthy week ahead and a reminder for those who would like to send a photo in for doll shelf day in October... that month starts on Tuesday ! Yes It's coming round again and so soon!