Sunday 29 September 2013


Callie, Verity and Winter were out in the garden enjoying some of this last sunny weather and checking out each others outfits.

Winter had found a nice red satchel to add to her outfit but Verity had left her satchel up in her bedroom and said she'd find it later to show them.

They stood in a row for Mum to take a photo before she went off to make some lunch.

Of course mum wanted a nice close up, then she hurried off.

After mum left to go inside Belinda turned up looking for Dad.
" Have you seen him? " she asked the girl's
" No Mum was just here but have not seen Dad" replied Verity "did you try his workshop?"
" Yes " Belinda sighs " No sign!" she looks closely at the girl's " your berets are smart , can I try one?"
Callie hands hers over and Belinda puts it on.

"Well what do you think? " she asks
" Mm " wonders Verity " Not sure if the colour goes !"

"Well my jackets blue and so is the beret " says Belle
" Yes that's true " confirms Callie " May be the red would look better "

They play musical berets! with Winter giving Belle the red one and Belle giving Callie back the blue one.
" Well ? "asks Belle " Red or Blue? "
"The Red looks good " say Winter and Verity
Belle hands it back " Thanks but I really need to have a ski hat "

" I must find Dad " says Belle moving off " I need him to make me some skis before December when I'm going to Gstaad skiing and if I don't ask now I'll have to hire some and I want my own!" Belle dashes off in search of dad.

Callie looks at Verity in bewilderment " Did she say she was going to custard skiing? "
"That's what it sounded like " confirms Verity
" I would not fancy skiing in custard ! " says a stunned Winter " how strange !"


I was very pleased to acquire this later Gotz ski outfit that is in mint condition and came with the mint condition boots.

Here is a back view showing the 'fur' edged hoot to the jacket..

Here are a couple of pictures of Belle (Belinda)

just because she is gorgeous! :)

now just need some skis............



Today I have changed the dress style to one with a small amount of smocked detail but this makes the dress 'sit' in a different way, so I am undecided if it's on trend or not!
See what you think.

Today we have Claudia wearing her favourite smocked dress by Ruth Hartley, with plain white tights and boots by Lisa and beret by Ruth.

A closer view of Claudia.

We have lovely warm sunshine today which unfortunately makes taking photo's a slight trial.

Showing the side view as Claudia enjoys the sun on her face for a while.

Claudia looks very determined to go off to school in her autumn/winter outfit!

A lovely close up shot.

A back view of Claudia's school satchel.

 I do think that Pinks and Reds suit the brunette girl's.Will have to make her a pink beret to go with this outfit.

Front view with her facing into the sunshine.

lastly a close up of Claudia, the white by her eye is the sun hitting a stray hair!!


Tuesday 24 September 2013


At last having found the blue dress and boots while tidying things away, Callie who was still wearing her spring dress finally got to change into something else!

Looking very pretty in her new blue dress and beret.

One of the things when trying to find something is you discover something else, in this case the little blue bag that goes just perfectly with the outfit, unfortunately it is hiding her stripy tights that are white ,blue and pink the colours of her dress.

Her boots are navy , I do have a pale blue but thought these would go more with the deeper blue hat but I am going to be making some berets so will try to find a paler blue or a navy to go with this outfit.

Callie is quite petite so the hat can look a little blue and is also why you cannot see her tights but I think the colour suits her.The dress is by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha, boots Lisa Hartley and this beret by Ruth Hartley.

 A close up of Callie .

Callie shows you all the back view.

Showing off the other side .

And to end a head and shoulders photo.


I was determined to find the missing dress and boots, so today I gathered all the Sasha things that had been put into bags or just left on the side or other surfaces in the spare bed/Sasha room!!

Below is a photo of the things I found 'laying' about that I piled up on a double bed!!

But I did finally find the dress !!! and then the boots in this tin....

I think I must have used the tin to bring them up from the living room and then totally forgotten what was in the tin which had become buried under other things!!!

This is a photo of the Sasha room, that is really the space bedroom. The white shelves in the corner were originally set up as the Sasha house , with a bedroom at the top, sitting room in the middle and kitchen at the bottom but it was to tucked away to take photo's so is now a dumping ground for everything!

The other corner of the room with the Sasha clothes cupboard which is nice but does not really hold as much as a couple of big boxes would!.
Now next year we are going to turn this room into a bath room! So where an earth I'm going to put all this!! Goodness knows!!



Well I am still searching for the blue dress and boots! But while searching I came across this lovely dress and saw that it was the right style for the village trend this Winter.

Verity decided that it was 'her' colour so who was I to argue.

The dress is a little longer than the tartan but does have the required style of collar, long sleeves and straight front.

This photo's a little light but still a nice one.

Still cannot believe how beautiful this Sasha Dungarees girl turned out to be!

The dress was a lucky purchase from Maureen in US, I was watching it on Ebay and totally forgot when it was to finish, so missed out but then on the Mart Maureen mentioned that someone had been unable to complete the purchase on a couple of her dresses.
I asked if this dress was one of them and if so I would be interested in buying it and as you can see it was and I did !

These tones of browns , beige do suit Verity.

You can see I went o natural on the background today, I though she'd disappear into the beige MDF board but did use one for her to stand on due to her balancing with the backpack.

Verity thought you'd like to see both sides!

So that's now two in the Village Trend for Winter, now If I could just find that other dress......

Sunday 22 September 2013


The other year I saw a fabulous photo of one of Ellen Church's No navel's in an outfit I thought was great.
here it is.

So I decided that this is what some of The Village Clan will be wearing this Autumn / Winter . Not an exact copy but along the same lines.
One of the reasons I asked the question on where do you keep things on the previous post was because I could not find a blue dress and some blue boots that I wanted for this post! However I did find the following items which will start the ball rolling.

Worn by my no navel Winter , here is the first go.

Winter is wearing a Tartan dress by Ginny of A passion for Sasha that I bought last year with some short pixie boots by Lisa Hartley and a red Beret by Ruth.
The striped tights are some that I made and she is carrying her satchel on her back.

Of course because I wanted to take this photo's the sun was shinning but I cannot complain as who knows how much more lovely days we will get before autumn truly sets in.

The satchel I had had for a while and it was hard to get her to stand wearing it, but does look good on.

I have put her hair over one shoulder so you can see her satchel. I'm really pleased with this photo.

I have taken off her satchel in this photo and the sun is shinning on her.I am quite pleased with the outfit but may change the tights for a black pair I think red tights would be to much. But overall not a bad start.

I took this last one indoors in front of the dvd shelves , give you all something to read!!!!

Looking back at Ellen's photo I can see I need to get a nice neutral background of these style of photos.
something else to add to the list of things to do!!



store your clothes and things for your Sasha's and Gregor's? I ask because I have just spent at least half an hour looking for some clothes and boots that I cannot find!

Those of you who follow this blog on a regular basis will know that I have a Sasha cupboard where I can hang some of their dresses, coats ,sweaters etc. Which is good but still not enough space! Now the problem with this is that any dress with pants or hair band etc will not be together which can be a problem if you come to sell something and cannot remember which pants etc, if not same fabric, goes with which!

Also I still have other things stored in boxes of various sizes!

When I change a Sasha or Gregor I will put the clothes I have taken off on the side and then one thing leads to another and things get separated or put somewhere else and like today i cannot find anything! Although It does mean I can find something I totally forgot I had!!

Kendal is very organised and keeps her dresses and their matching items in plastic bags in large boxes, the plastic bags could be a good idea to adopt to ensure that things stay together but I made me wonder what others do?

It would be interesting to find out, I look forward to your comments  :)



A lovely NP girl of Ellen Church's wearing a dress by Ruth Hartley?

Another of Ellen's Np girl's, love these long sleeved dresses for the coming winter months.

 Verity My dungarees girl wearing a top by Lesley of  Special Delivery.

Paige my other Dungarees girl in a blouse by Ruth Hartley and crops by Michelle of snuzz1mich

 Claudia my 1970 Sasha, falling hair but who cares with that face!

Anastasia that was a beautiful Np waif who stopped off in the village for a while.

Miriam a 70's Sasha in a ballet outfit by Frances Tricket.

 A gang of Trendon girl's doing their ballet exercises, all in dress by the wonderfully talented Frances Tricket

A beautiful Np waif of Kendal's.

A whole group of Trendon's well there is one little Gotz in the centre front but what can I say this is a multi cultural Village and most group photo's will have both .

For SS-R    Ice Ice Queeny .. is that a stutter????? :)