Monday 31 December 2018

THE END OF THE YEAR 2018.. The last post

And what an eventful year it's been for my family ! It just goes to show you never know what lies awaiting you in the coming year.

Yes we knew that we'd become grandparents as our youngest daughter's baby was due in February and so it was that on the tenth , a couple of weeks early, we became grandparents for the first time to the lovely  Clara Elizabeth.
It's been a wonderful year watching her grow and start to chatter and crawl and now trying to walk.

Then there was the almost unexpected arrival of our Golden Retriever Casper in March ! We were going to see what living without a dog was like for the first time in 36 years but we only lasted six months before Casper burst into our family.

He is the softest of dogs and loves to cuddle and sit beside or near you, he is growing into a handsome lad .

Then what happens but Paul decides Casper needs a friend ! So in July who arrives but Rufus!

another Golden Retriever but this time a red. He is also growing into a handsome lad and is much more independent than Casper only after a few months deciding that he'd like a cuddle but does like to sit with us and is definitely the younger brother always getting into mischief .

So two dogs keeping everyone here on their toes plus a visiting baby ! It's been a very busy year with young ones!

Casper will be a year old on the 5th January , it's come round so quick! and Clara on the 10th February ! Time is flying!

On the home front it's also been all go! With the opening of the garden, for the village church back in June , which meant getting all those last minute jobs done , you know the ones where you think Oh I'll do that later plus moving all the rubbish that had been dumped around, old flowerpots , stones etc from other jobs.

But the day went well and Casper was very well behaved with all these strange people walking into his garden all day!

On the Sasha front a long awaited dream was finally fulfilled ! The Sasha studio was finally purchased and put together in a weekend.

A wonderful sturdy building, which has been fitted out to accommodate my dolls and their props.
Looking back and realising it was put up in May , makes me feel a little bad that it's still got lots of things sitting around in bags and boxes waiting to be found a home!

There is an old style kitchen and

and a comfy living room. Plus room for a few other settings.

It still needs electricity run in to it properly but does have heating to protect everything through the winter months. So still some work to do yet.

There was a lovely weekend at the Sasha Celebration in Nottingham in May, where it was lovely to meet and chat with old friends and new and talk dolls! 

Then in October it was the one day event of the Chat n Snap which was well attended and everyone had a lovely time again chatting and snapping up a few items for their dolls.

I have sold a few dolls, Sasha's , Zwergnase and others to reduce the overall amount of dolls I own, not that it's stopped me adding a few like Margo.

A totally unexpected purchase but a lovely one. No doubt there could be another next year , I've learnt not to say a number because I then seem to exceed it within a month, never mind a year! 

I have added a few Schoenhut dolls to my collection the last being Merry, who arrived on Christmas eve.

Merry has the sleeping eyes, which mean they close when she's laid down. I did own one before but I just couldn't take to her but this one's face is much sweeter and her wig is wonderful.

I've also added a few cherish teddy winter ornaments to by Christmas decorations this year so it appears as fast as I try to downsize , I seem to half size back up again! 

But that's the problem with being a vintage collector, almost everything you buy becomes a collection either small or large, you can never just buy one item, if a few more are available and just as nice!. So one teddy becomes two, three , four etc and the same with almost everything else! 

So it's now the last day of the year ! yes I agree it seems to have gone very fast but overall it's been a very good year.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support in popping by now and then to look at what I and my dolls are up to and also commenting either, on the blog, via email or in person when we've met and to those who have just come along for a look. I like nothing more than a good chat and it's nice to know that other do too! 

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year .


Saturday 29 December 2018


This is Snowy the snowman , a longstanding member of the Owen household Christmas decorations.

He's a very glitzy snowman, with his gold backpack and shoes, his golden striped trousers and gold shirt.

He carries his little teddy in his pack, so he always as a friend to chat to.

He is always so happy with his button eyes and carrot nose. I bought him a good few years ago , in an after Christmas sale.

He is tall,  Merry standing beside him is 20 inches, so he's a little taller. He definiately adds a bit of sparkle to the festive season.


Friday 28 December 2018


Well I hope you have all had a lovely festive break and enjoyed the giving and  receiving of gifts from friends and family.
I have really enjoyed decorating the house this Christmas and not just for Clara , although it could be that since she'll be about that's coloured my view.

I have always owned the Cherished Teddies Nativity but this year I decided to add a few more winter Christmas cherish teddies to my small collection

This was my first purchase, an Eskimo decorating his tree by his igloo.

Then this reindeer bearing Santa, assisted by a friend.

Then Nils with his little reindeer in training.

As is usual when an idea takes me , I had to stop myself buying too many , because I started having visions of a winter wonderland landscape of  cherished teddies out in the snow ! Especially as I have nowhere to make a winter landscape in the house.... at present...

I have had a lovely Christmas and received some lovely gifts from friends and family, I hope you all did also.


Tuesday 25 December 2018


                               WISHING YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR 2018

Sunday 23 December 2018


and all through the house nothing is moving....... apart from Granny Fortuna!!! It would appear that while the dog was away the cat and mouse had a play...

I finally gave in to Granny Fortuna's complaints that she was missing important sales before Christmas and allowed her to move her shop back into the house  ! unfortunately she could not go in her usual spot so she's now up in the bedroom!  Don't ask! But she's been selling like it's been going out of fashion, bucking the trend on the high street and is looking at a good pre Christmas profit !
She'll be back after Christmas to start her sales.


Granny had to go up into the bedroom due to the fact that our boiler is leaking! Yes of course just before Christmas and in the start of winter the boiler is in need of replacing!! Luckily it is working but the plumber will be arriving early in the new year to replace it with one with a nice long guarantee !

So there's been no time to sort out any of Granny's Christmas tale but hopefully that will appear early next year.

Also on the home front  I've not sent off any of my parcels and cards that need to go abroad or even in this country, so they'll all be arriving late as usual! When I was much younger I'd be sitting here at this stage in the month of December with everything done, posted and wrapped and just waiting for the day to arrive but it seems the older I get the more I faff about and things just don't get done in time or do but just by the skin of my teeth!

So tomorrow is Christmas eve.... so soon !!! The banks been very generous and is letting us out early! at 2 pm.... with luck that means we'll be out by 2.45 and home by 3.30. Then The fun can begin!

Have a great week ahead, enjoy whatever celebrations you are having if you are having them and if not, enjoy the quiet time.


Sunday 16 December 2018


Okay ! Well I've slightly given up on trying to get Granny's Christmas tale up and running this week. I'm still hoping to get a post on the blog on Thursday when I'm off.

This weekend's been needed to get things done because Christmas is now just 8 days away!

So times been spent on getting the lights, tree and decorations out ready for giving Clara a nice First Christmas.

Even the Cherish Teddies Nativity has a place this year.

So since it will be too dark in the evenings when I'm home from work for photo shots , I'll not be able to post the next section of Granny's tale until Thursday night and Friday, It's almost all ready and waiting, so I'll be back Thursday with Granny finally in her shop with Bruno and up to ...... well I'll have to wait and see...

Now I need to finish buying my families Christmas presents ! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas , unlike myself , and is now just sitting back and waiting for the day.
Have a great week


Thursday 13 December 2018


Well of course you out there who have grandchildren , will have laughed heartily at my Sunday statement of my intention to get all my photos done to carry on Granny's Christmas tale this week !

Her Maj arrived one day early ! Tuesday and she's teeth... so it's been all hands on deck to take her mind off her hurts.  She's been a little trooper but at of course it's a tough time for a baby.

So I am sharing a photo of  some of my teddies that I took just before she came , when I was trying to find some space in the cabinet for some of my larger BJD dolls. However they were too large to fit that particular shelf , so the teddies got their shelf back and a rearrange and a few extra friends.

Then of course the boiler's decided to leak! So have had to have the plumber round about that today and on Wednesday I had two appointments in town , one in the morning and one in the afternoon!

So Granny is tapping her foot waiting, however she does vanish to answer the door whenever the postwoman calls and oddly sometimes there's no post? strange...

Hoping to continue sometime before 2019.........


Monday 10 December 2018


Cold! but in Granny's new shop things are finally happening...

Lots of things spread about the floor 

although those jars are still empty !

I can see a few new items and the cards still need a place to go!

but still no sign of Granny ! Just what is she up to !!


Sunday 9 December 2018


Well the best laid plans and all that! There was I with Granny Fortuna chasing my tail about her Christmas posts but I just had to ignore her ( I know dangerous! )  and give in to the virus that had decided to stay awhile longer than usual !

Not being one to spend all day in bed I found myself sitting covered up in the afternoons watching all the Christmas/ winter films that were being shown back to back on TV. I don't usually watch daytime TV but was so bored that it was better than nothing and I found if I dozed off and woke again it didn't really matter story wise!!

Also this meant I was able to scroll around the internet , Granny Fortuna at my shoulder!, and purchase things for her shop ! She made good use of my weakened state and various parcels have been arriving and been whisked off by said Granny without me getting a look!

I managed to drag my bones into work yesterday and so it's not been until today that I've been able to think about things that need doing.

I still need to get Christmas cards, a wreath for the front door and loads of other things, so we went out to check  what was around for Christmas!
We headed for one of our favourite shops and on the way called into a local garden centre, it's not one we visit much and it turned out not to be worth the visit this time ! So we carried on.

The shop we arrived at sells secondhand furniture and items along side a few new pieces, we have bought and even sold to them over the years but in late November and all through December it fills with Christmas decoration and goodies.

I could not find my camera, so had to use my phone, but below are photos from today's visit , I found a couple of Christmas items but we did find something we just could not pass by, so I wonder if you can pick out just what came home with us ! I'll share at the end of the post and you can see if you were right!

They have a shop and out back this long double chalet and also a barn.

inside the bigger of the two chalet buildings were walls of decorations.


full of glitter and sparkle.

They also do a large selection of garden statuary.

some is very basic but there area few gems amongst them

This building is the barn

 It's filled with old china and other items plus pine furniture.

There are new items also mixed in on the shelves.

 more decorative items

 and some strange animals !

 a pig in boots and a straw hat! You never know what will be sitting on a shelf or round a corner!

It's the sort of place you need to spend time in and search to find that piece of treasure that you love.
I nearly bought a small china jug that really appealed to me , it was only £4.00 but I managed to resist.. this time..

Well any idea what we bought? Paul saw it first and pointed it out to me and I was smitten straight away !

On a positive note I do have this coming week off ! So will be able to get Granny's tale photographed and back on track! Although Princess Clara is coming for a few days visit mid week , she's insisting on checking out her Christmas accommodation ! so she can see just how big her Christmas stocking is and if the chimney's big enough for Santa to get down!

I still need to get my front door wreath! and make space for the Christmas tree and lots of other pre Christmas things, like buy other members of the family, apart from Clara , a present!

I did receive a couple more knitted items for the Sasha's this week.

 From Rosie we have the yellow and red winter sweater and there are already arguments about who gets to wear it first!

and from Diane one of her wonderful shawls. Even more dolls are after this not just the Sasha's! I'm sure I saw a glint in Granny's eye as I removed it from it's packing ! and a few of the Schoenhut dolls have been admiring it!

Well did you work out what came home with us from the Christmas store?

 Did you guess ! It was the pipe smoking Rabbit!

The detail on him is wonderful and he's made of metal because he is nice and heavy,I am quite tempted to go back and get his friend, the rat , who is holding a mug of ale ! But I need to think about it , he was not cheap!

So tomorrow Granny will be in her shop up to who knows what !  having bought new stock and with a much larger shop in which to display it !

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy week ahead.


Wednesday 5 December 2018


Well it's now time for the last doll shelves of the year! And what a lovely year of doll shelves have we had.
Many thanks to all those who took part whenever they could and also to those who joined in every month. It's your photos that give us the chance to enjoy other dolls, their clothing and their settings.

So let's get this party started..

First up we have Jane W's Choir girls getting in some carol singing practice with Lorina on the harp.

While elsewhere in the house two of her babies are patiently waiting for Rudolf to get up and take them on a sleigh ride! Come on Rudy get a move on!

Over in Wales Jenni's girls , Bea and Missy are planning on writing out their letters to Santa right after they've decided what they really want this Christmas !

Over in Cow Creek , young Gracie's found the Christmas dolls and is having fun playing with them.

While at Gregoropolis Christmas decorations are being found and plans made for decorating the home.

While the lads have dressed in their lovely winter wear ready to go find just the right Christmas tree ! They are hoping to get out without any of those new bossy girls, Christmas trees are their department  !

Over in Switzerland Karin's girl Darcy is getting some much needed vitamins , that orange looks yummy.

There is still time to have your photo added, I'm is still on the way....

I hope you have enjoyed these photos and if so would you like to continue in 2019 !