Sunday, 29 January 2017


Is it just me of does Sunday seem to appear quite quickly after the last one? Certainly does not seem like it's been a whole six days that have passed.

Well I have taken a couple of photo's of the new stained glass in the front door during daylight.

from inside with the natural light outside.

from outside on Friday when the day was wet and overcast.

The door looks quite dark in these photos.

So not a lot happening on the doll front. I did a photo shoot of the different sized dolls I have with the new tea set , my biggest doll is Evelyn my Schoenhut girl .

 who is on the right here and is around 20 inches.

I need to get a photo sorted for the Chat n Snap so I can get the ticket sales going., which I hope to do today.

Paul bought me a new camera as his is still being fixed. I went for a small camera as we don't need two big camera's.

This is the Canon Powershot SX720 HS , it had very good write up's by people who own them, it does a little singing and dancing and now I need to get used to how to use it.
It can download the photos via WiFi to the computer ! But I will still buy a cable and a card reader, I like to cover all the bases!.
I will also have to get used to not having a view finder.


Having been down to my Sasha Studio to get the table and chairs out, I returned to try and find the food but due to having moved many boxes into it while sorting out the bathroom, I could not get to everything, so came away empty handed apart from the one cake.

I have to confess that even though I've not used the studio properly yet , I've been eyeing up the gazebo ! We plan to enclose it with walls similar to what we did on the porch , it will be a much bigger area at a guess around 12 ft by 10ft, is near to the house and we could possible heat it throughout the winter or colder months. So now I am wondering if this would be a better place for my Sasha Studio...

Another thing I'm in need of is another large doll cupboard !Yes I know there is one in the living room but I have a pile and I do mean pile of dolls up in my bedroom and a small cupboard with dolls in. I need to find a large old cupboard that I could use fr these dolls but in room settings.
If the gazebo gets done and gets heat, I could have the cupboard in there, of course my Sasha's Gregor's would be inside the house but my other less valuable dolls could live in there.

All this from seeing a doll on ebay around seven years ago and thinking I've always wanted a Sasha , I'll make a bid and see what happens.....

Wishing you all a great week ahead

Reminder that the 5th of Feb will be Doll shelve photo day, so time to get clicking



  1. Interesting - I do love to see photos of your front door and the Schoenhut sitting so nicely at the perfect matching table with that beautiful china and finally your new camera (..tadaa)!

    (I'm missing only a few photos; the camera singing and dancing and the PILE of dolls in your bedroom.)
    ... I'm admiring your special humour every time it shows up ;)

    1. Well you'll know just where to ring the bell when you come for tea ;) Evelyn is my favourite and largest of my Schoenhut dolls and looks so nice taking tea :)
      New camera..things to learn...

      One I know just how the camera likes to sing and dance , you'll see the photos :) maybe I can take the photo of the PILE with the singing camera ? ;)
      I love to make people smile... :)

  2. Smart front door... SO YOU! Love that chimney pot besides it. (I'm well into chimney pots and now have five here all planted up.)
    Good looking camera too. I'd love an 'all singing and dancing' new one too... but haven't a 'Paul!'
    My Sundays come around far too quickly too!
    I used to embroider tray cloths in my youth. We used to iron on the transfers. Thinking that I might still have one hiding away somewhere here.
    Unfortunately I had my doubts aboutbyou having your studio in Paul's shed so I'm thinking that the Gazebo, when it is closed in, might well prove to be lighter and therefore better, and especially being closer to the house for transporting the dolls and camera/s.
    Your Schoenhut girl looks a super size and fit for the teaset.

    1. Thank you Kendal.. it is indeed so ME! lol I love chimney pots as planters we have two the larger one in the back garden.
      It's lovely that it can sing and dance , I just need to hear the tune and join in!
      I did consider the Gazebo first but it would have taken more work but now I see it would be a better place... mind you I barely mentioned moving to there before Paul was saying he could use the existing studio for his stained glass! Maybe he'll agree to all the work and cost needed for the move.... we'll have to wait for the warmer weather to see !
      She's 20 - 21 inches and looks so right there :)

  3. I love the front door, what a treat to see every day when you return home. And Evelyn is my favourite too.....I just want to hug her!

    And a permanent place for roomsets *happy sigh* good luck with your plans working out there. Not so sure you would actually leave any dolls in a room outside the house though, as I'll bet they all have value to you. I would still keeping looking for a doll cabinet for indoors.

    1. It is and I feel like it's always been there already! I don't remember what it was like before! She does have that was about her Evelyn :)

      lol I think the cupboard will appear a lot quicker than the bigger studio and yes, I'm not sure who I could leave outside...

    2. Easy...leave out the G-G-Gotz!!

    3. Now Simples that just ain't nice ... should I be calling you Trump?

  4. The door looks great Dee, very in keeping with the style of your house. I like the colour too, blue being my favourite colour along with white.
    The two girls look good at the table, they're the perfect size for the tea set.
    I hope you find a cupboard for your dolls....and that you get what you want done in the garden/gazebo. Funny how we seem to grow so quickly into the space available and then need more! ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon, that what I thought since the house was built in 1926. I have always loved all shades of blue:)
      Those two girls are still sitting there ! I just love how they look so much!
      I need a certain person to agree to another doll cupboard.. in the house.. :)
      Space and dolls just don't seem to go together! xxx

  5. PS Meant to add: great news on the camera! You'll be back snapping again in no time. I have a smaller Canon with no view finder, I keep smashing it into my face as I search for the view finder! LOL....hope you get used to it without as many injuries as me ;)

    1. Thanks, I'm looking forward to seeing how to use the different singing and dancing parts.. should make for some interesting photos! I find it so strange to look at the camera and not through a view finder! xx