Friday 15 April 2011


Now i had a brunette gregor ( Toby) and a red head (Duncan) so of course i needed a blonde gregor to complete the family!! So i scanned all the sites,Shelly, ebay etc. I found the most beautiful blonde gregor of sale at a good price but it said 'hand finished eyes' not knowing at the time what this meant i emailed the seller to enquire. She very kindly emailed me back to explain and while i did this a more canny buyer nipped in and purchased this beautiful boy.........( stared at screen in disbelief.....)...that will teach me to hang about when a buy it now price is involved.

So heart broken ( well for a few minutes) i carried on my search. I was on the us ebay when i found several sasha's and gregors for sale by a seller who had obtained them from an estate sale ( how i wish we had estate sales in this country!) and there leaning on a garden gate was a rather dirty looking blonde gregor, i placed him in my watching then returned to study him closer. Could he stand alone? he was leaning back against gate maybe seller could not manage to get him to stand? we all know how hard it is sometimes to get them standing when they dont want to. How dirty was he? would any marks , dirt come off with a bit of TLC? Well i watched him and he watched me and then into my head popped his name the dye was cast, i placed my bid and went off, the auction would end sometime early morning our time.

Before i went to bed i went on and checked how i was doing and my bid was still winning and as you do, i decded to just look thru the uk ebay site......mistake or not?.....because someone had put on a lovely Blonde Gregor with a BIN or make an offer......what to do!!!! i might lose Ethan due to someone in us making that extra $1 dollar bid while i slept and this uk gregor could be snapped up like the beautiful boy before.......are much humming and arring and nashing of teeth , i made an offer and of course it was accepted, so now i had my blonde Gregor Tristan but what of Ethan in us! Well he would probabley be snapped up as my bid was not a large one, due to postal costs etc.

Yes you have guessed right, when i came home from work the next day there was the email congratulating me on my winning bid, Ethan was coming home to uk. So that is now the Twins Ethan and Tristan increased that family to ten overnight!!!!
Ethan is in the blue and Tristan in the grey, they are both from early 70's and i can tell them apart by their hair.They are very well behaved and always stand up when asked to, which is good as i was worried that Ethan may have had loose strings Ten more than enough in the family.......................................or so you would think......................


  1. I am glad you found your blonde(s!) eventually...I was the lady on ebay with the blonde Gregor you missed :)

  2. I'm glad he found a good home, he had a wonderful face...see i still remember him...sigh..

  3. We always remember the ones that got really hope they get a nice home but you still feel gutted all the same that it wasn't with you!!!
    I love your blog by the way - it is super to read!!