Friday, 29 May 2015


Well it's being a very busy year what with one thing and another! We are busy every weekend and some evenings at the moment working on the garden getting it ready to open, along with other garden's in the village , for the local Church.

Which is very tiring, then this week I have had to work all week plus this coming Saturday ! due to half term and having people off on holiday plus on Thursday morning I got up at 3 am to take Lindsey to get her coach to Heathrow and she is now in France on her three month art course.

So The blog is having to take a back seat at the moment but once the garden open day is over I will have time to get back in gear!

But I was looking for a photo to put on with this post when I decided to Tot up which new dolls had arrived so far this year! especially as there seems to be so many!!

So first up was

Darcy a girl too beautiful to miss, especially being a red haired No Navel girl !

Then Sebastian and Samuel arrived within a day of each other, Sebastian is on a long term foster so does not count in the ' new dolls' totals.

Then out of the blue Oliver and Olivia arrived , these two were just meant to come here and who am I to go against fates wishes?

They were quickly joined by Anoushka  a no nose I just fell in love with as soon as I saw her on Shelly's.

And that was were I truly thought it was the end for a good few months....until I spotted this young lady on E bay...

The Beautiful Meredith a single fringe 68 girl, I just love the 68 dolls , so when I saw her and believed her to be a 68 girl ....

and then again that was going to be the last for a few months  ......

but what's a Sashaholic to do when

A sweet little dot like this appears on Shelly's looking for a new mum? I could not be so hard as to leave her there waiting ,maybe for months for someone to give her a home , now could I?

and then Millie snuck in ... I had been looking for a Cora for about a year and a couple of times missed out buying one, so when I saw this young girl I bid and fully expected to lose out but she was obviously meant to come here because here she is!!

So It's even worse than I thought as my total above count to EIGHT!!  but I have another girl waiting to arrive as my Birthday present later next month.....I thought she was number eight! but I now realise she's number NINE
So It would appear I only have ONE purchase left... and maybe not even that..... I cannot say why at only time will tell on that front......

I have sold lots of Sasha clothes and a few babies and dolls to purchase all the above, some non Sasha dolls and clothes as well.but now I am getting to the stage where the ones I have I want to keep, only a couple could move on at least that should stop this years run away train....

Well at least the total so far is four Trendon and four Gotz , that seems a good mix.



  1. Lovely additions Dee! It has been so nice to watch you add these wonderful Sashas to your family. I think our tallying includes subtracting Sasha dolls that we adopt out. So I think it is a net gain of Sashas, at least I hope so!!!! So maybe your number is not nine??? We all understand the blog taking a back seat for a time. Take care. :) xxx

    1. Yes I agree with Ginger, it's net gain figures that count, so you're alright for a few more yet Dee ;)

    2. Thank You Ginger, you can see why I could not resist any of them :) That just may work if I subtracted the ones that went against the one's that arrived...
      So looking forward to when all the gardens' done! :)xxx

    3. I like your thinking Sharon but don't think I can get away with that! :) shame.. ;)

  2. Maybe you should tot up the number thatescaped from xxxxxxxxx left The Village. Do we do as Ginger suggests and subtract leavers from arrivers?

    If so, I'm now in minus numbers and you can use some of my buying allowance. Say on the blog that any new arrivals are mine and you are looking after them for me for the next 100 years - Sasha leasing! Nobody will ever kow unless we tell them, that they are actually yours........

    .........Oh, yes, they will because I just........

    1. That's very kind of you Jen but I have to abide by the agreement ! Funny how I thought if I said Ten I'd get no where near it!! I'm beginning to wonder if my subconscious thought that was my TARGET!! for the year!! :)xx

  3. I think the number you have bought this year alone matches my total number! I've enjoyed looking at your blog and look forward to it returning when you're not so busy. Vivienne

    1. Goodness! Just goes to show how bad I have this Sasha addiction!! :) I may need help....
      I will still post but it may be few and far between for next couple of weeks..mind you having said that if an idea occur's that cannot wait... or I get time to take a few photo's... :)

  4. At least you are being totally honest here and luckily not succumbing to Jenni's suggestion to being somewhat untruthful. with your new doll numbers. Remember that some of us are trying to keep an eye on these ever increasing numbers.....though weren't expecting to have to deal with such high numbers in such a short space of time. Still a day to go before half a year is finally up!

    My own New Year resolution rules do allow me to off-set any departing Sasha dolls against the new comers as long as I still only have 65 dolls on December 31st, 2015... BUTI don't think that you and the others had these specifications included. It was just a case of only allowing yourselves to have a specified number of NEW dolls during 2015.

    So enjoying your garden improvements that I can quite forgive the reduction in your Sasha Village posts for the present!

    Good luck to Lindsey and her French Artist's Course.

    1. I am ALWAYS Honest Kendal, I certainly was not expecting to deal with these numbers in this short space of the year!! I thought Ten would be a safe number I'd never actually achieve!!
      I will know better than to state a number in future as it seems that my brain takes that to be a goal rather than a thing to avoid!!
      The good thing about all this work in the garden is we are getting things done that have been on the to do list for a couple of years, so we should be able to sit back and enjoy the garden once we finish!!

      I will pass on your good wishes to Lindsey when I speak to her :) xx

  5. I have a rule that I try to keep to, when I buy one doll so I have to sell another......sometimes I buy first and then I change my mind, after all, it's my rule so I can change it if I want too, as I go along....aren't rules made to be changed anyway? So this year I have bought four Sashas which includes one baby....however, one of those purchases, my No Navel, went to Jenni and Jenni sent me her Toddler, Teddy, so that's ok....even Stephens. BUT, and here's the rub, I've also bought my latest Little Darling AND have three more on order, two of which should be ready about July/August time...and the third, well who knows when that one will be ready to be paid for! LOL! My Ten Ping was a trade so she doesn't count either. But I have sold several BJDs and a Sasha it's swings and roundabouts really, isn't it.
    The thing is, I don't make any promises at the beginning of the year and then thankfully no-one can task me to task over it! LOL.....something to think about for next January, Dee!!!!
    Apart from all that, I LOVE what you've added to your Village clan this year, some great choices!

    1. I tried that rule about one in and one out! It did work for about three dolls and then seemed to vanish.. :) Mind you I have on the very odd occasion sold a few Sasha's all around the same time and only bought one in their place but the numbers soon as increasing!
      Goodness How Many Little darlings is that now!! lol I am still waiting on my first and someone on her list said it's a SEVENTEEN month wait!!! I hope that's from when I placed the order and not from now!!
      Definitely not putting any limited on Sasha's or anything next year, have well and truly learn my lesson Lol I am supposed to be collecting props! I think... :)
      hugs Dee xxx