Saturday, 19 March 2011


Well i am very very new to blogging but i wanted to share my sasha's and gregor's with other's who enjoy collecting and dressing these beautiful dolls.I have admired Sasha's from afar for many years and nearly purchase one for my eldest daughter in the early 80's!( what a bargain that doll would be now, if i remember correctly they cost about £11.99) what drew me to them was their faces and also that they had boy dolls, a rare thing from what i remember, also they were children , not baby or toddler dolls.
However i did not purchase the doll and over the next few decades saw the odd one now and then.

In january 2010 my life changed when i was looking at ebay, which i had not looked at for several years, when i came across a Sasha, she was a red head in a white fuffy coat and hat. I put her in my watching and went on looking.I can back to her several times, then decided that i would bid on her.
Well any Sasha lover will know that she was a Kyra? and i watched her sail well pass my bid!
And this is where it all went Wrong? Right? Haywire?
I decided to look for another Sasha, i was now determined to have one.I started looking on ebay .com and i found several for sale, some mint in box  and some not. Two caught my eye a sweet Blonde in a white dress and green shoes, and another blonde (mint in box) which said it was a 25th anniversary Sasha.

Well i bid on the sasha in the white dress because she was finishing first and i kept the other in my watching.Much to my delight i won the sasha in white and that should have been the end of it..........but no .....the sasha in the box called to me.........she wanted out of the box...........could i save would appear that i was meant to because i bid and i won much to my surprise. Well i was going to call my first Sasha Liberty because she was coming all the way from America and the first name that came to mind when i bought my second sasha was Isabella. So now I had two sasha's, I was very happy and just ahd to await their arrival from the USA.

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