Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I have always loved the gregor's.there are or were very few boy dolls that look like little boys, not babies.And the first time i ever saw a sasha and gregor was in the early 80's and i was very tempted to buy a gregor, he looked so nice and was so nicely dressed.
Well to my regret i did not buy a gregor in the 80's, so i set out to search ebay for one.I found one on the US ebay site, a dark denim brunette in orginial box with tag. Of course i bid on him and was fortunate to win, so yet another doll would cross the Atlantic to join my growing family.

When he arrived he had been in his box for years and stored somewhere smelly! Had i made an error!! could i get rid of this horrid smell!! But i loved him on sight, he was small for a gregor and had such a lovely face, i decided that he was the youngest of the family . I removed and washed his clothes, gave him a full wash but did not wash his hair because i did not want to spoil it's fullness and althought it was february i wrapped him in a blanket, to keep him warm and sat him out in the garden but only when the sun was shining , he was dressed in an outfit i had bought from Patty at sashawardrobe.com but did not have a coat, so a blanket kept him warm....yes my husband rolled his eyes !

I called him Tobias, toby for short, my sasha family was growing, i now had two blondes a red head and a boy....maybe i just needed a brunette girl and the family would be complete.......

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