Sunday 27 March 2011


Well now i had two sasha's both from America. I also started to look at sasha information and websites, i dicovered that red headed sasha's were hard to come by and what should i see on ebay but a redheaded sasha with a buy it now price...what to do!!!

I told my husband that the red headed sasha was rarely available and look what a good price and she was bound to be snapped up!!! yes he caved and i was the proud owner of my third sasha ,who arrived before Liberty, due to me buying her from an english seller.

She is called Mathilda, Tilly for short. I now had three sasha's Two blonde and a red head.Naturally as very sasha lover will know, i now needed a Brunette and a Gregor...........yes i was on that slippery slope and beginning to move fast........

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