Saturday 10 March 2012


Now I do love a floral print, well in truth I love lots of styles of fabric but I am drawn to the florals.
The other week on ebay a beautiful floral print dress was put on for auction which I loved at first sight.

Luckily for me I managed to win the auction and the dress arrived in the post.My honey blonde girl ,Hermione took a shine to the dress and so I put the dress on her and as luck would have it I had just recently bought a pair of red shoes off Lisa which matched the dress perfectly.

So along with a red hat I had made, Hermione was dressed to impress! I think she looks lovely in her new outfit so I have taken a couple of pictures to share with you all.

I just love the colours of this dress and the red of the shoes and hat compliment it so well. It is nice when you have a few different items that come together to make an outfit.


  1. Hermione looks lovely in her new outfit! It is so nice to get the kids redressed out of their winter woolies and boots, trouble is the changeover of redressing everyone takes so long as I found out this afternoon...and before you ask no I haven't finished:)

    1. At least you have started, most of mine are still in boots, jeggings and sweaters, Hermione is the only one able to enjoy the slightly warmer weather !

  2. dee......yes thats the dress that i thought was lovely, she really makes some sweet dresses with lovely fabrics...the hat and shoes match perfectly ...sarah x