Friday 2 March 2012


Toby and Zak decided to check out what was happening in the world of Sasha bloggers and found Kendals site this morning....

" Hey Look" Says Toby " Kendal Says it's World Book day!"

" She's very Pretty " says Zak
" Who?" asks Toby
" Kendal" States Zak looking at the girl on screen .

" Thats not Kendal! you fool " laughs Toby " thats one of her girls"
Zak blushes " I knew that ! " He tries to recover " I meant Kendal's girl is very pretty"

Toby lets him get away with that statemant because he is reading about World book day.

" It says yesterday was world book day so we have missed it!"

" Oh NO! " Exclaims Zak " We cannot read any books until next year "

" What?" asks Toby confused

" Well we've missed book day, so now we have to wait until next year for another book day before we can read a book!"

" RESULT" crows Toby " No more School work if we cannot read any books!! I LOVE World book day"

Percy arrives drawn by all the shouting thats going on.

" What are you two up too?" he asks
" We have missed World book day so we cannot read any books until next year " States Zak sadly
" Great isn't it" Crows Toby
" You are a Pair of idiots" laughs Percy " you can still read books, World book day is just to encourage us all to read books"

Its Toby now with a long sad face while Zak looks relieved.

" Come on I'll read you the Tale of Peter Rabbit " says Percy trying to cheer Toby up.

Zak looks over Percy's shoulder as he starts to read . Toby is still upset that he's going to have to do his school work, that he is not listening to the story.
" Any way I've got that dispactsia!" mumbles Toby " So I cannot read...never.."
Percy looks at Toby in disbelief " Do you mean dyslexia? "
"Yes " says Toby " That as well I have both of them!"
"Toby you have not got Dyslexia, thats someone who has trouble reading because the letters all change about when they try to read. You have something way different"
Toby pricks up his ears " What? " he asks in wonder...
" Youngusreadieus!"
"Oooh Whats That? " asks Zak
" It means he is only five and he is still learning to read, the same goes for you Zak, so why dont you both sit down and I'll read you this story and then you can both practice reading some of the words to me" says Percy with a smile.

" What was that we've got Percy? Youngus what?" asks Toby

" Never you mind what you've got! sit back and just listen to the tale of Peter Rabbit " says Percy getting annoyed.
Sometimes its really hard being a big brother! and now he's going to have to explain to mum about youngusreadieus, thats not a conversation he's looking forward to......

NB Sorry the pictures are so poor but the flash did not go off so had to brighten the first few, If I could handle a camera I'd be dangerous!


  1. Dee...great story,good to see that Percy is a patient older Brother,does he help with Maths too? that was another major topic on the news seems the vast majority of us have forgotten how to add up and subtract!Percy,your skills are in big demand young man, Dee,you have a really good imagination x
    Chris xx

  2. Kendal asked me to leave this comment for her.

    Very entertaining Dee.Great story Idea.
    many thanks
    Sasha love from Kendal.