Thursday 13 December 2012


to myself! I know I should have wrapped her up but I would have worried about her stuck in the dark for so long and she wanted to come out and see everyone, so I gave in and here she is.

This is Raven , my No navel brunette who completes the set.

She is wearing A lovely Vintage Sasha outfit by Sarah ,that was awaiting her arrival. Peeking from behind is her Teddy Aimee.

Aimee is feeling a little delicate after eating too many honey sandwiches on her journey!

Ashley and Ginny are so happy to meet their new sister Raven.

Well there will be no more Sasha's, Gregor's or Babies purchased this year! and definitely a lot less next year!!


  1. Awwww what a little sweetie! She's really lovely, congrats on her safe arrival and yes, she'd have been very miserable on Christmas Day if you'd left her packaged up until's better to let her out today, settle her in and then she can join you for the festivities at Christmas instead!
    Big hugs
    Sharon in Spain x

    1. I'm glad you understand Sharon1 It's never nice to be left in the dark!!
      And at least she can get to see all the Christmas festivities as you say

  2. Sharon might understand you having a play BEFORE Christmas Day but I think that it is very naughty indeed!!!!
    We don't let other members of our family even have a quick peep at their presents so it's not fair that we should have another rule for ourselves.
    An overall glimpse if really necessary to check if everything is ok and as described but then put away safely out of sight is our motto here. NOT dress, have a little hold and play and photograph before the 25th.
    I think that you will definitely on Santa's NAUGHTY list next year!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

    1. I hang my head in but what can I say I'll just have to get myself another present for Christmas!!!!!!I could do with being on Santa's naughty list next year, it might save me a fortune!!

  3. I love your new Sasha! It's such a joy to see all three of them together. The no navels are a beautiful version of Sasha and each of yours have their own personalities. Diane

    1. Thank you Diane. I love the no navels as you say a beautiful version of Sasha and it's wonderful how they all have their own personalities.