Saturday 29 December 2012


My middle Daughter asked what I would like for Christmas and unlike the youngest
who always follows up with " For you not your Sasha's!"  she was quite happy to get
me a lovely outfit I have been coveting for a long long time!

Raven very kindly offered to be the first to wear this outfit and she looks very nice in it
I think.

YES! At last I have the Ruth Hartley Scottish dancing outfit! I do love this outfit, makes me want to head off to Scotland and start buying all things Tartan!!!!

You see, I like it so much I'm making you look at It twice!! In fact I would quite like another set but it's a long time till next Christmas! I may have to save up myself!!!!

My father in law who is 91 always gives money for Christmas as he can no longer cope with Christmas shopping. So when I saw the following item I decided to buy it slightly in advance of the money arriving and it arrived today so Evie is modelling it for me.
This is another item for my Sasha's I have wanted for a while and I do already have a couple of these that I bought recently and when I saw this one sitting on Karen's site and waiting for a buyer I could not resist so snapped it up as part of my Christmas present from MFiL.

It is in apple green, the golden delicious kind, with holly leaf motif.

Here is a closer look at the holly detail. Such beautiful little buttons on all these jackets.

I have one more Sasha related present that I will be posting later.


  1. such lovely gifts for Christmas. I was a lucky girl too, as my husband took my request seriously and I've got a new Sasha book to enjoy.

  2. The girls look beautiful Dee! Great choice of outfits!

  3. Two wonderfully smart Sasha outfits! Lucky you.
    Ellen Church has sent me one of Karen's jackets for a Christmas thank you gift, as she says that she has really enjoyed my blog posts for another year.
    Unfortunately there hasn't been the time, as yet, for me to do any 'Sasha trying on play' (in fact, I hate to admit it, but the Sashas and Gregors, apart from that baby session around the computer, haven't been touched since a few weeks before Christmas, just been so busy!) but I'm hoping to get some in between more family and friend's visits throughout the New Year and coming week.
    Sasha love and thanks for showing us these beautiful outfits, from Kendal.

  4. What beautiful outfits Dee! Both are really lovely and your girls look gorgeous in them!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x