Sunday 30 December 2012


I received some lovely photo's of Ellen Church's room settings
here are some of them.

I wish we could get these American Girl room settings over here! And PAPER CHAINS!! I remember making these when I was a child and again with my own children! What a great idea to have Sasha sized ones! I may steal this idea for next year!!

I am going to keep my eye open for one of these armchair and stool sets. Ellen's partner had the covers made for her for Christmas. The little book case is also sweet.

A lovely little two seater sofa which would go nowhere with my lot! If you saw the post before this one!

A bigger view of the room with Chocolate drinks and sandwiches ready to eat!

Another part of the AG set the window with window seat! I may have to get a plane just to go shop in an american toy store!! The window seat even opens up for storage!!

Ellen's attention to detail is fanastic, notice the Sasha sized Christmas cards on top of this desk and over on the fireplace!

I must thank Ellen Church who allows me to share her photo's with you and for taking the time to photograph all these lovely settings and sasha's.

Now I'm off to add a few things to my new years List.....

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  1. Aren't they absolutely beautiful room settings! I agree with you that it would be wonderful to be able to get these gorgeous pieces of furniture over here in Europe without the hefty postage and even heftier customs charges. Perhaps we should charter a European Jet and go en masse to a American Girl store to stock up! The only thing is, these peices must be quite big, where on earth do people display and store them all!
    Thanks so much for sharing Ellens photos, they are just beautiful!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx