Saturday, 19 April 2014


After the twins had finished telling their tale of giant green girl eating lizards roaming the garden ! Mum had taken them into the kitchen for some hot chocolate to calm their nerves.
The boys however who had listened to the tale with growing excitement had charged out into the garden whooping and yelling battle cries of ' find the killer lizard !' ' The lizards mine! ' ' Can we keep him for a pet? '

They were soon down into the damp shade garden and where the girl's had abandoned their trugs!

Little Albie puffed out from running to keep up with his big brothers sits on the step, so happy that he now has shoes so can follow the others when they go outside.

Toby looks around " I cannot see no Giant lizard!"

Erik , Robin and Valentine look around searching for a giant green lizard.

Albie's not to sure about giant green lizards .
" What's in those trugs? " asks Robin.
" I'll have a look " replies Toby

He lifts off the blue trug and then drops it with a small start when he suddenly sees Gunther blinking at him!
" At last " sighs a sleepy Gunther " Now we can go for tea!"

At the first sign of movement in the trug Albie shot off the step and sheltered beside Erik for protection.
" Don't be frightened " says Robin " It's only Gunther "

Robin goes forward to speak to Gunther .
" Have you seen sign of a giant green lizard? " Robin questions " is that why you hid in the trugs? "
"Nein ! " says Gunther insulted " I am frightened not! of green lizards ! I am a bear of much bravery and cunning "
" Then why are you in the trug? " Robin continues
" The wind is chilling and I took shelter not knowing how long before the screaming girl's would return!"

Robin leans forward and lifts Gunther out of the trug asking " Did you see any sign of a giant green lizard? "
" Nein " confirms Gunther " no lizards or their foot prints !"

" We'll take you back to the house once we have had a quick look..." Robin is saying as Toby suddenly
starts laughing
" I think I have found the lizard !" and he waves the green dragon puppet around for all to see!

The boys laugh at the girls being frightened of a PUPPET! Gunther explains that he had to carry it on his head , which sends the boys into more laughter imagining the puppet bounding through the plants towards the unsuspecting girls!

"Nein!" exclaims Gunther " It was I who frightened off the junge Mädchen ( young girls)"
" It's not your fault " says Robin soothingly " Those silly girls should have made sure of what they saw before  running home!"
Gunther feels a little better at Robins kind words." I am very tired " he sighs " It's hot and heavy work to carry the giant puppet through the plants "

Valentine picks up the empty trugs and after making sure they are not dirty or smelly puts them on his head to take back to the house!
The boys try to decide who will take turns to carry Gunther back to the home.

" I'll go first " says Albie , Robin's not sure his little brother will be strong enough to take a turn but does not want to upset him by saying no!
" Look ! " says Albie turning round " I have the perfect place for him to ride!"

" So you have ! " laughs Robin, lifting Gunther up and placing him in Albie's hood!
"Right " says Robin " you lead the way and we'll follow, Erik you can take Gunther once we get to the Lychgate, Then I'll carry him from the flower  garden gate to the house " now the decisions been made, the boys set off.
Gunther is loving his view from the hood and calls out " Let us sing a walking song to help us on our way 1"

He clears his throat, hums a few notes then starts to sing " ich liebe zu gehen ... " English" calls Valentine from his place at the back " traurig .. sorry " says Gunther and starts again.... " I love to go a-wandering along the mountain track ..."
 The boys all recognized the song and join in " and as I go I love to sing " Albie pipes in " My Gunther bear on my back!" the boys laugh and sing  " My Gunther bear on my back!!" for just a minute Gunther cannot sing for the lump in his throat he is so happy, quickly he swallows and his deep voice joins back in with the boys " Val-deri, Val-dera , Val- deri......." " where's my tea..thank you ta!! "sings Toby, the boys all start changing the words about, each trying to out do the next and lots of laughing and giggling follows their progress down the garden to the house....


While outside with the boys I thought I would take a couple of phot's of Erik and Robin who both have the NP style hand painted eyes.

A full length shoot to start with.

a closer look.

They are wearing Ginny of a passion for Sasha, cords and Erik is wearing a Gill sweater and Robin one by Michelle. It was hard to get a good close up of the two because the camera kept choosing Erik's brighter blue eyes as it's point of focus. I'll try another time.



  1. Funny, handsome boys! This is a great post. Thank you for more laughs, Dee!

  2. Your welcome Jenni, hope you have managed to escape! :)

  3. I agree with Jenni, this was a great post! I love this little Gunther bear, he's going to be a rival for Mr Mossy in my affections for sure! It was great to see Albie out and about with the big boys now that he has shoes...which reminded me that I was going to do a post a while back to show you the shoes I had on my Natterer boy...sorry, I forgot! And I loved it when they were all coming back to the house with Gunther in Albies hood...singing their hiking song. Lovely!
    Finally the two boys, Erik and Robin, are both very handsome, but I particularly like Robin....his read hair is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Sharon :) Gunther is a little sweetie :) Albie's had his shoes for a while but I forgot to let him appear so he could show everyone until today!
      That hood came in handy for getting Gunther home!
      Robin is very special and Erik is also :)

  4. Great to see your very handsome lads again and out and about in that 'never ending' fab adventurous garden.
    Very thoughtful and clever of Gunther to get in-between the twin's 'left behind in fright' trugs to keep himself sheltered and warm until help and a rescue arrives.....though just as well Toby had the foresight to look in them before heading off homewards again.

    I hope that the twins will resume and finish off their weeding project again after they have recovered as although what they have already done is excellent I can see that there is still a little more to be done.

    Albie's new shoes look very smart!

    I felt myself joining in with the homeward bound song ....although way out of tune as usual being born tone deaf!

    1. Thanks Kendal, I thought I was about time some of the boys got a look in! I could not see any of the girl's apart from maybe Hattie being willing to go and confront a lizard!
      I'm sure once the boys show the twins the 'lizard' they'll be happy to go back to their gardening , they'll just have to wait for the rain to stop first!
      There's nothing like a good sing song! all together now...I love to go awandering..

  5. I really enjoyed this post Dee of your very handsome boys! Gunther is adorable and now that the boys have solved the dragon mystery, I hope the girls will return to their garden. Erik and Robin are just gorgeous, love their eyes :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger. I thought it was about time the boys got a look in. The twins will be out gardening once the rain here stops and the ground dries out! There is plenty for them to do :)
      Erik and Robin do have lovely eyes :)
      Dee xx

  6. All is said and I agree totally: great story and handsome lads.
    And brother Gunther is very special and seems to be at home at the village.
    (I'm jealous of his english.)