Sunday, 27 April 2014


Unfortunately did not get a chance for any Sasha play today but did go out to buy some bulbs for the garden did not find the bulbs we wanted but did return with four Acers and a very Large Cornus Kousa !

The Cornus has been put into the flower garden to give some height to the back of one of the beds and the Acers were put into pots and arranged on the patio.

Not that best photo as we are still sorting and cleaning the patio but these are the four Acers we came back with..we are a nursery or garden centre owners best customer! As the lady who was collecting and putting her plants into her car said " You've made me feel not so bad now I've seen what your getting!"

We then of course needed to go out and buy just one more pot of the right size and look to use despite having about twenty odd sitting about. Then we wanted to use the square pot you see in the photo which had a holly we were going to train into a small tree but had since changed our minds, so that had to be found a new place in the garden which led to more weeding !

You can see more of our wobbling fencing behind the plants, today we ordered the next lot of five fence panels, posts and gravel boards which will come in a couple of weeks! Then it will be another couple before we have the time to put them in!

Here is another photo of today Mabel the Lodger Cat .......

Deciding that Igor the gargoyle is the best place to sit while watching whatever is happening in the planting!

She sat there for quite a while much to Igor's embarrassment!!



  1. Gardening is a never ending job, isn't it! We had our visitors here and I left the dead heading for just a few days and now it's looking like it'll take me ages just to do that!
    Love the cat perching on the top of Igors head! Perfect!

    1. I do love gardening but as you rightly say it's never ending! You go out to do one tiny thing and if you are lucky two hours later you return!!
      That Mabel thinks she runs the place!!

  2. I can well see why YOU are the garden centre's BEST customer if this is what you bring back in just ONE visit! That haul would equal to at least five YEARS of visits in my gardening world!
    Such wonderful specimen plants.....not to mention the pots!

    Realising now just why I'm not achieving the attractive and wide herbaceous boarders, like you have over there, and that I always crave for! Too much of my money is obviously being spent on my Sasha hobby!

    A splendid advantage point for Mabel to keep watch for any 'extra food' movement in the undergrowth.

    1. What can I say The garden centres go into a nose dive whenever we decide NOT to visit them!!! :) We have a no more than five plants rule per visit.....unfortunately we do not always remember until we are driving away with a full boot!
      I must say most of my money goes on Sasha's but every so often the garden gets a share!

      That Mabel caught a rat today, so maybe that's what she was after! There are some a couple of gardens down but they'll not last long with Mabel and Saffy on their trail!

  3. Your new plants are beautiful and, the more time/money you put into the garden, the more fun things there are for the Sashas and Gregors to do there. The acers will be wonderful for them to climb in and play under, when they are established.

    Gardening is hard work at this time of year. Our veggie plot is definitely getting a lot more attention from DH than I am just now. (So sorry for my self! Weep, whine. Stamp of the foot!) I am engaged in open warfare with ground elder in the flower garden and am considering just letting it turn itself back into a wild garden so it can grow up, be independent and take care of itself....I wanna play dollies and I'm short of energy as it is. (more moaning and sobbing as I have another little one woman pity party)

    Mabel is a sweety and Igor is a very gentle gargoyle, letting her sit on his head like that. My cats are asking for a gargoyle to sleep on, but I'm just pointing them in the direction of our sleeping dog, he makes a great cushion.

    Enjoy the gardening!

    1. Thank you Jenni, we do spend our money on the garden or house, so everyone including the Sasha's get to use the space!
      I hate ground elder, we have a patch that's appeared up the very back that needs sorting before it spreads, why must weeds insist on trying to take over when we want to be able to play Sasha etc not weed!
      Mabel would love to sleep on the dogs but their having none of it, so Igor is the place to be for Mabel , while she surveys her Queendom!!
      Dee x

  4. Cats are often a little mysterious and they obviously love relaxing in the garden,
    watching the grass growing and the gardener busy working around.

    Seems to be quite the same in germany ;)
    Gardencenter are a great thing and a sore temptation - but in my case, they're sometimes beaten by some internetgardenshops who're selling special plants for collectors. F.e. Geranium, wich I love!

    1. Yes the cats do like to watch you when you work! they especially like sitting or laying in the sunniest spot while they do it!!
      Garden centre, nursery's and online plants what more can a garden lover ask for? some help with the weeding maybe????
      We also Love Geranium! :)

  5. Beautiful choices Dee! Your cat looks like the Queen! xx

    1. Thank you Ginger. Mabel I do believe thinks she is the Queen cat of this garden realm!! xx