Sunday, 7 August 2016


Hello , yes I'm still here but due to it being holiday time , it's slightly harder to get to do the posts, however I hope to do better this coming week and plus it's nice to let the doll shelves have a good chance to be seen before they are pushed off stage by the next post.

This weeks been spent working , including Saturday, but we did manage to get a few decisions made and also start making some changes around the house.

While clearing the small bedroom / Sasha room and discussing the new bathroom, I finally agreed to get rid of a wonderful big linen cupboard I've had for the last thirty years. It's just too big for this house and although I have resisted every time Paul's said about it , finally I said yes!

One of the things I've always needed is a nice big glass fronted cupboard or cabinet to keep the dolls in. I did buy a lovely white one late last year but it was filled almost instantly with other dolls and the Sasha's looked on in disbelief that they was no room at the inn!

before the dolls moved in...

and after , although there are a few Sasha's in this photo they were soon pushed out as others took their places.

I do love this cupboard and in our chats about the new bathroom, we've realised that this cupboard would make a perfect place to keep the bath towels etc. So with that in mind , what to do with the dolls?

It just so happened that a few weeks or a month or so ago we were at the lovely local furniture shop where they sell all manner of wonderful furniture , new and old plus lots of other treasure, when we saw a lovely old dark wood china cabinet, with beautiful detailed glass doors and made by craftsman.
It was totally different to everything else we own but I just loved the look of it.

So remembering that cabinet and hoping it was still around, we measured the space we'd put it in the living room and set off to find out.

Well it was still there and so we measured it and it was exactly the right size! So we hummed and arghed, should we, would it look okay ? until finally I said,YES, I loved the style of it and if it didn't suit the dolls we could always use it as a china cabinet!
It won't be to everyone's taste , which is fine as if it was it would have been snapped up sooner and I'd have not been able to have it.

 So here it is in the living room ready to have the shelves put in and then filled with dolls!

and here it is with some dolls inside!

There is still space for more dolls on the bottom shelves, which is just as well as I still have plenty to go in. But it's made this part of the living room look so much tidier as before it had four different units filled with dvd's and c'd's which have now been sorted out and the cd's boxed up until we can decide what to keep and record and what to get rid of and the dvd's have gone onto two of the shelves in the large book unit on the other side of the room.
Three of the shelves to this new cabinet I have had to leave out in order to get all the heights for the dolls.

I still have two doll sized shelves in the book unit and two smaller ones for the pram's and bears etc.
There will also still be a few dolls not in here , so my other small Gothic style cupboard in the bedroom will stay in use for them. But it's really nice to have them under cover to help keep them clean and available.

We also bought a new long pine kitchen table from the same place and sold them our no longer needed pine bookcase, so very happy as the bookcase had been sitting in our gazebo for months.
We also bought this small art deco light fitting for the downstairs toilet once the changes are finished and it's given us the new colour scheme for that room, green and white.

It still has it's bakelite top and it's been rewired with the traditional twisted flex

The clean out of the dolls things continues. I'd like to say that it's everything out and nothing in ! But that would not be true, however I did sell three dolls this weekend, which helps make a little more space , however there are two dolls arriving..... I know I know but sometimes a doll comes along that you just cannot turn away from and so it goes

But I've plans to sell more dolls and their things, just need to get myself sorted to carry that on but now also need to get the room stripped ready for the plumber to come next month and do his thing.

Do you remember that programme, where they took all of someone's things out of the house and put them in the garden and then they had to justify what could go back inside , so that they finally got rid the things they didn't need, sometimes I feel that doing that would be good , then I realise I'd have to have it all out there for a week or two! while I said yes or no , then had a maybe pile! and then all that taking it out and putting it back, well you'd be exhausted ! So I'll carry on doing it my way , two dozen things out, half a dozen things in, sooner or later there just got to be less!!

Well I hope you all have a lovely week and I'll look forward to catching up with you all again soon.



  1. Get rid of the Gotz Dee...then you will have plenty of room in your new cabinet :)

    1. Now you know I've Gotz to have them! :)

  2. such a good idea to use a cabinet with glass in the doors to show off the collection at the same time keep the dust off them. We've done similar in a giant bookcase/cd/DVD rack in our living room - display space for a wooden model of the Bounty and Airfix model aircraft.

    1. Yes it's much nicer if you can see them and enjoy them, even if they need to huddle together in there!
      Sounds like a good display you have there too :)

  3. Great new cabinet, Dee! I KNOW for a fact that Sashas love to be crowded together for comfort - Bertie told me! They will be happier if they are all in one place, as much as possible. They look wonderful too.
    Well, those chuck it on the lawn and choose progrmmes are all very well, but really, don't you find the presenters a little anal? Something to do with clearing the house of antiques and collections so you can go shopping to help keep businesses afloat making cheap stuff we didn't have room for or know we needed before? You seem to be making great decisions yourself, without messing up the garden! Go Dee!

    1. Thanks Jenni. That's good to know they like to snuggle up because they will certainly be doing that ! lol and they do like to spend their time chatting and making plans, so it's good so many will be together for that!
      I've never actually watched one of those throw it on the lawn programmes and I just know I'd be ignoring what they said and putting most of it all back, but it may make it quicker to sort out?
      Oh and yes didn't think about then all the mess would be in the garden! Not a good idea! :)

  4. Gosh! You have been really busy with all this sorting and rearranging....well done! I love that all the dolls can easily been seen and easily got at in the new cabinet now. And that is some collection you have there btw!

    And I agree with Jenann....those TV programmes are just TV programmes. Throwing away to please a TV audience just isn't real life! Also who wants to live in a sterile home with nothing quirky or personal in it {{shudder}}
    The 'Tidy-up Police' are not going to come knocking on your door asking why you are taking your it your own way and in your own time.
    And you are doing okay by the looks of I say again.....well done!

    1. Thanks Jane, It's been a case of having to make the changes to get the best from the space available.The dolls do look good peeking out from the cabinet and it's lovely to still see them and know they are protected.
      I could never live in one of those 'sterile' homes where you cannot see any personality of the owners in the rooms.
      Thank goodness there are no tidy up police! I'd just open the cupboards and cram it all in ! lol then it would fall back out once they'd left. I will get there ! It's just a case of making the decisions and letting some things go :) Thanks

  5. Love your new cabinet Dee! Your dolls look so cozy and happy! My Sasha dolls are very close together on my shelves and they would not change a thing! A great post! :) xxx

    1. Thanks Ginger.I have to say that I do think they look somehow nicer snuggled in together rather than spaced out not touching. A little like those cabinets you see in antique shops with lots of things that draw your eye and you stand there looking :) xxx

  6. You have been busy Dee, well done! I like the new cabinet, I think it suits the dolls very well...or is it the other way around? Anyway, they look comfortable and cosy in there, so it must be perfect for them.
    I like the new light fitting, a good choice. Green and white will be nice in the new bathroom when it's done :)

    1. I'll be needing a month off soon not just two weeks!I'm really pleased with how well it's worked out and just how many dolls can get in there!!
      So also very happy to find the light, I always find lighting so hard to decide on! :)xx