Monday 29 August 2016


And the Porch infill is on the go.

Yesterday Paul laid the base on top of some waterproof plastic.

and put up the side wall frames.

 and then we stopped until today Monday.

And today Monday, Percy joined Dad to build the porch.

He has his own tool belt and is ready with his screwdriver to help, where he can.

he's ready for anything dad asks him to do!

Mmm looks like he's checked dad's measurements!

"Hey Dad ! Did you measure this right? " Percy cheekily calls out..
" You cheeky monkey! " says Dad and pretends to push the flooring up to trap Percy in the corner
" Whoa Dad! I can't get out! "
Dad laughs and pulls the board back helps Percy out ruffles his hair and gives him a job to do.

Hamish sticks his head out the door wondering what all the laughter's about!

Percy helps mum put all the floor insulation down.

Then Dad gives Percy a job of sawing some of the side insulation down so it will fit between the walls better.

Percy does the bottom part saving Dad from having to keep bending down.

Percy also cuts up some smaller pieces for Dad.

Even when Mum calls him in for lunch , he carries on working.

It's hard work but Percy's loving it!

After lunch Dad gets Percy to go round and take some check sizes.

He takes his tape measure and calls out the sizes to Dad , who checks them against his ones.

" How much did you say it was ? " calls Dad
"225 cm " Percy answers

" Are you sure? " Dad calls back
"Yes " shouts Percy checking the measurement again.

Then Mum appears and calls him in for his bath ! after a lot of grumbling and Dad promising he can help him in the week. Percy goes in.... slowly...

Well one of the outer piece's of boarding is up, so it will protect the insulation behind it. This still needs a vapour barrier and slates and then a top cement board which will be rendered to match the house walls but first we need building control to come and check what we've done so far.

a longer view.

So a good start made but tomorrow it's back to work, so things will slow down but we have to wait for Building control so not a problem.

to be continued...


A reminder that it will be the 1st of September on Thursday this week, so please send in your doll shelf photo's so we can have a nose at whats on September's doll shelves around the world.



  1. Ahem! Good morning Percy!
    I fear we need you to come to Bryn Derw for a few weeks. Our house needs sorting out. We need a porch and the local builders are doing something Mammy calls 'taking the Michael' with their quotes. Oh, that's all except TLP, who are wonderful but too busy to do the job this year.

    So, you see, it is down to us, the Gregors, and we need a man of expertise and experience to oversee the job. That has to be you as, well we've made the odd crooked bird house and a table with a wonky leg, but this is something a little out of our comfort zone.

    We can offer you a salary of a packet of biscuits of your choice, sandwiches on demand and as much hot chocolate as you can drink. Oh, Mammy says that would be using your expertise for slave labour, so I've to withdraw my offer of slaveryxxxxx the position.

    Perhaps we can just email you for friendly advice then?

    Um, let's start now - do you knock the house down first, put the porch and then rebuild the house behind it? Where's my sledge hammer - ah, there it is! I'm ready Percy! Just say the word and I'll have the walls down in no time!
    Emrys xx

    1. Good Evening Emrys
      I would love to come to your home and help but school is about to start! So Mum insists that I have to go because she says if I want to be a builder I need to get an education!
      Lucky with Dad we don't get no quotes.. well we do... when he says he's not doing it but Mum ignores him :) Mum's very cheeky !

      What biscuits have you got? I love biscuits with a nice cup of tea but not builders tea, that's too strong!ugh! I do love hot chocolate too ! I wish Mum would let me miss school but she says these days they'd fine her and she'd have to cancel the plumber and we'd all have to bath in the kitchen sink!

      My first piece of advice is.... PUT THE HAMMER DOWN..... Emry's you don't knock down the house or you won't need a porch until you have to live in it because the house is rubble!
      Just follow what me and dad are doing and you'll soon be making your mam proud

      Percy x

  2. PS I forgot to say your Mum and Dad are both doing a great job. You have done a great thing in teaching them all these skills, Percy! E x

    1. I taught dad and Mum everything they know... just don't tell them I told you... ;) x

  3. That's certainly taking shape very quickly from the looks of things! I had originally visualised in my head that it was going to be mainly GLASS, rather like my conservatory, so that it why when I suggested it might be good for your Sasha photographing you replied that it might be too dark for that! (Not sure where I got that idea from although my head often has a mind of it's own!)

    Great to see Percy helping Mr Dad. Gives a super Sasha/Gregor perspective to the post so that we're not going to miss the Sasha involvement after all!

    Hadn't realised that the building inspectors were having to be involved on such a smallish 'filling in' project. Did you have to have planning permission too?

    1. Glass does sound nice but we are turning into part of the hallway, so the only glass will be the stained glass in the window of the door and side panel.
      Percy will be in the thick of it as he so wants to be a builder/joiner like Dad.
      Not only do building inspectors have to be involved , you have to pay £500 for the privilege !They charge you by the square footage!

  4. My word Paul doesn't hang about -as they say. It was only 5mins ago the wood was all stacked neatly and now the porch is nearly done. Undoubtedly Percy's help has cut the workload?!
    As for your question of yesterday - I love seeing all the changes in your house and garden. As you say it's like sitting chatting with friends. So everything that goes on in the Village is of interest.

    1. I always like to make sure everything's available so when he decides to start nothing hold him up! lol Well apart from having to have it checked by Building Control.
      I'm sure he'd not be as far along if it was not for Percy's help with the cutting and fixing.
      Thanks for your input on what happens on the blog and if you are happy with it. :)

  5. Way to go Percy! So nice to help Dad with projects around the house. Plus this project is pretty sizable and will make a big difference in the appearance of your home. So well done to step up to the plate and do the job! :)

    Paul is so talented Dee and it seems that he can do anything and do it well. I am so excited to see how your project progresses. I am not familiar with your planning permissions but I hope you get what you need for the next part of the construction. Percy's tool belt and tools are awesome!!! A great post!!! :) xxx

    1. Percy's a very hard worker :) It's going to be a great addition to the house and Percy's help will make it so much easier for his Dad :)

      I have to agree, he is a gem as being trained in building with wood he can turn his hand to most things.
      When you build here you need either Planning permission and or building regulations. Because the roof and pillars holding the roof up already exist we only needed Building Regs, which means that as Paul builds it, we have to call them in to check that we are building it correctly with the right materials and not cutting corners etc. So we have to wait for them to come and check that in floor/wall are sound and we have added insulation, once they have inspected that, Paul can cover in the walls and floor.
      I bought Percy's tools and belt off Chris Meatyard at the Sasha Festival in 2012, I loved it so much I just had to get it. :) xxx