Sunday, 12 February 2017


My week off has just flown by! All those things I planned on doing... still waiting....some things not planned happening!

One of those unplanned things was getting another doll cupboard I had been thinking about it and also had started looking for an old pine cupboard with deep shelves onto which would fit so much doll stuff I'd be hard pressed to fill them!!  Cough cough... should such a cupboard actually exist it would probably not fit into the house!!

My daughter had bought a cupboard from Ikea , which had been delivered the Wednesday before my week off started, so It made me look at their website to see what they had. Which is how come last Sunday I ordered a display cabinet, which had glass doors and sides and two white wooden fitted shelves and three movable glass shelves. We decided that we'd use the bottom part for storing our bed linen ,that still needs a home and the middle and other shelves I could use for my dolls.

It arrived on Wednesday and once Paul came back from London, he spent several hours fitting it together. It is a very nice sturdy display cabinet.

So over the next day I started to fill it with my dolls , adjusting and adding shelves where I needed them height wise. At the end of Thursday I said to Paul, that I really could do with all the cabinet for my dolls and he said , well use all of it then! So now it's all mine, thanks to a very lovely husband whose waiting for me now, to find somewhere else for the bed linen to go, again!

So here are the photo's of my new doll cabinet and it's contents.

I show you this one as you can see the bed linen , sitting on top of my massive box of wool to the side of what was to be it's cupboard area.

shall we look inside?....

This middle shelf I am going to keep for use as a room setting, quite bare at present but I have some plans :) Ivy and Evelyn are still gossiping over their teacups!

On the shelf above are my cloth bodied dolls.

and above them at the top are my Wichtel's dolls  and my Blythe girls.

Below the centre shelf are my Bramber bears and a few friends.Mossy and Edward are not here at present but downstairs where they can keep an eye on things!There are a few other bears to be added now they have a dust free place to sit.

Then at the very bottom, we have a couple of Kidz n Cats dolls sitting chatting and the smaller Schoenhut dolls, although one of these is downstairs waiting to have a makeover.At the front are my two smallest Kathe Kruse dolls.

It was originally my intention to not use the glass shelves and have just the two upper shelves with room settings but you can see just why I had to change this to only one room setting shelf and four 'home' shelves!

Does this mean that all the dolls now have somewhere to live? Mmm ...there are a couple of taller dolls that still need a home, which I hope to find them downstairs in the other doll cupboard.

Also this week I bought some fabric ( like I don't have boxes of the stuff ! but you always want to look at more ) to make a couple of dresses for my Kaye Wiggs dolls.

Here is the fabric with the pattern pieces ready at the side..... and here are......

Fabric and pattern pieces.... you thought I was going to say the dresses ! didn't you.... well like everything else , other things got in the way and it's all still sitting like this! But I do intend to cut out the fabric this afternoon.....

On the house front , we have finally agreed on the wallpaper and also the paint for the stairs and  hallway, so may start on that next weekend.. but there is a lot of prep work to be done before we can start the actual papering, so a slow process about to commence! But it's nice to know what we are now aiming for.

But Paul did put up a couple of the light shades in the hallway downstairs , just to get them out the way . They are called flycatcher lampshades and date from the  1920 to the 1950's.

This one is mainly yellow and white with a bit of darker yellow .

The one by the front door ,is mainly white with touches of blue, yellow and green.

So that's what's been happening or not round here in the village! I wish you all a lovely week ahead
and enjoy your Sunday.



  1. Wow! I didn't realise you had SO many different types of dolls living with you Dee! Forget another doll cabinet...I think you need to buy a HOUSE to fit them all in :) Hope the old leg is holding up and not causing too much discomfort...sending virtual hug xx

    1. Yes somehow there seem to be quite a few different ones who have found their way into the village!
      A house would be sooo nice or failing that a whole room! :)
      The leg is arthritis! which I thought it might be, so it's a case of live with it! Nowhere near as bad as it was but does ache on and off all day :) thanks for the hug xx

  2. I was right, this cabinet is perfect for your dolls. I so enjoyed looking at each shelf and seeing how you have decided to group the dolls and bears. In fact I had a good old nosey at who you had, I hadn't realised that you had 3 Blythes....or that you had so many Schoenhut dolls.
    I also love that can have roomset size displays in the cabinet, that is impressive and it also means you don't have to find a place to store the table and chairs!

    And I love the fabric choices. Lucky KW girls getting such pretty dresses. I so hope you enjoy working with the Martha pattern........when you have the time of course.

    And those light fittings are perfect vintage touch too.....good luck getting the slow process of the decorating done now. The prep really does take forever.

    1. It is Jane , if only I could squeeze in another one but I think Paul may just divorce me if I tried! and I won't blame him! lol
      What's a cabinet of dolls for if not to nosy ? I love seeing what people have and how they display them and how they are dressed.
      Yes oneday.. maybe this Friday I'll actually cut the fabric up!! I must do it this weekend, poor Faith needs that dress!
      I am really pleased with those two shades, slightly gone off the other two I have so may need to sell those ones and find another couple :)
      slowly onwards.. :)

  3. What a perfect cabinet for your fabulous doll collection. Paul is the greatest to agree that the cabinet would be for the dolls. It is so nice to have flexible shelves too. It feels good to find the right space for our dolls. 😊

    I love your vintage flycatcher lampshades! They are so colorful and I bet they look exceptionally pretty when the lights are on at night. I look forward to seeing which wallpaper you selected. It will be so lovely when it is all done! 😊xxx

    1. He is Ginger,the poor mans surrounded by my dolls and all their trappings and they do have many trappings!It is so nice to finally have another space for them and know they are protected when I'm not using them.

      They do look lovely when lit and will go quite well with the hallway paper and paint once it's done. :) xx

  4. That cabinet is perfect and with there being enough space to have a 'room box' display, it will be great, especially as you could have the light coming in through the sides as well, making it great for photos. I'm glad you got to keep the whole cabinet for your dolls, I'm sure the linen would only get in the way....and maybe even create it's own dust as you took it in and out!!!
    Love the light fittings, my grandmother had some of these if I remember rightly.
    I'm glad you've chosen your wallpaper and look forward to seeing it all done.....AND the dresses for your KW girls ;)

    1. It is Sharon , mind you I could probably have filled the 'room box' too but so wanted the space I decided to keep it that way.
      The linen will a some stage get a new home but not in this cabinet! :)
      Your granny probably did as these ones are quite old ;)
      Yes it's good to finally know what paper we are going to use and what colours we are going for. Mm yes dresses must get on and do them!! :) xxx

  5. The cabinet is loaded with doll treasures. I like both of the light shades.

    1. Thank you, they are definitely treasures to me :) Glad you like the shades :)