Monday, 24 June 2019


Well what a week that was ! rain rain and yet more rain ! With a little bit of dry weather just to save us from floating away!
The grass is now like a small meadow in the flower garden but although we have just had two lovely warm and sunny days, we've been too busy to get round to cutting it.

Although I did do a little weeding but still lots to do but it will get done over time, I just have to remember to take my gloves out with me when I go down the garden, so I can pull a few weeds as I pass.

Paul's been busy so it was not until today that more work was done in the kitchen.

I spent the morning clearing out the bottom cupboards ready for Paul to remove and replace them with the new one and the worktops and sink.

 Dishwasher removed and all ready for the change. I phoned my SIL to come and help remove the butler sink because it's heavy and Paul always seems to think I can manage the other side! But my right hand's grip is very weak due to the arthritis and old age! So not wanting to drop it , as I want to use it as a planter out in the garden, I called in my SIL.

But alas we ( that's the royal we ) could not undo the water pipe connection to the taps! And since Paul didn't want to land up breaking it and then needing an emergency plumber he stopped trying!

However we removed the old cupboards and put two of the new ones in, Paul did ask if I wanted half the worktop put in place but when I found out I'd need to help him take it back outside again when it needed cutting down to fit to the other half once the sink was removed , I declined!
So he bought in the off cut so we had somewhere to put the kettle.

Now we need a plumber to come and help remove and refit the sinks , which is a pain but better safe than sorry! But at least it's slowly coming together !
We are going to go with white between the worktops and top cupboards but in what ? Tiles? Acrylic? Glass ? The last two look great and very bright to reflect light but are very pricey for someone who is trying not to spend a fortune, so I will need to go look at some tiles to see if there is something that will fit the bill.

I'd like to say that I have been whizzing round , sorting things to donate, sell or recycle but it's been much more of a slow plod! But things are moving along , even if slowly and I am at the same time making decisions about where things can go etc.

I finally ordered a large outdoor storage box for the patio sofa cushions, after them spending most of the last two weeks sitting on the small yellow sofa in the dinning room and the larger ones propped up against the door in the living room. It should arrive this week ,  another week that will have more rain, so once it's been put together and  perfect place found for it to stand , the cushions will finally have a permanent home and the sofa will be once again available to use!

I have also sold a couple more things on ebay, so that's nice that they are finding new homes.

Well It's now actually Monday although I did start typing this at about 11.45 pm Sunday, so I'd best be off to bed since I've work tomorrow and lots to do.

I hope you all have a lovely healthy week ahead and those going to the festival in the US have a great fun filled time. I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos.



  1. Rather YOU than ME. These are the jobs that I just HATE doing so tend to keep things here just as they are.
    Dreading the fact that I have to have the large bay window at the front of the bungalow replaced very shortly due to it's rotting wood (and which might also mean having the dining room one next to it done so that it matches.)
    Are you having another Belfast sink or not?

    1. I love changing things but it's just finding enough time to get it done!

      The problem with having windows changed is you never really 'see' them because they are just windows and cost a small ransom! Good luck with having them changed.
      We are NOT having another Belfast /butler sink because all the tall people ( that's everyone but me ) complain it makes their backs hurt to have to bend down to use it.... which is a surprise since it's usually Paul and I who do all the washing up!! But we do have a lovely white ceramic sink that's fits into the worktop, which I hope to be able to show you all soon! :)

  2. It's looking great Dee, and seems like it hasn't far to go now....well sort of ;)
    Keep up the good work!