Sunday, 30 June 2019


Well we are now baking in the blazing flaming June sunshine... even if it's only managed to arrive at the very last few days of the month!

It seems we go from one extreme to the other.. pouring cold rain and now blazing hot sunshine .. and yes as a true Brit .. this weather is too hot!    Don't get me wrong , I enjoy some lovely sunny warm weather the same as everyone else but not this 30 plus, it's fine if you are unemployed /retired and can stay home and choose when and if you go out but it's no fun if you have to go out when it's just too hot.

But the early mornings and late evenings are just lovely and a great time to get outside and actually enjoy the warm weather.

Saturday ,weather wise , was way too hot by early afternoon, Paul, trooper that he is, spent almost all day taking out the old sink, with help from a friend with plumbing experience, and then, alone, fitting the new sink and the worktops.

Today Sunday , at least it's a nicer heat, lovely and warm with a breeze much easier to get things done.

At last things are coming together in the kitchen, the new sink and tap is in , the wooden worktops have had one coat of protection/sealer on it, will need another plus then waxing with wire wool. Today Paul's added the three doors he had ready and waiting and as cut the door for under the sink and the piece of infill for the corner at the bottom. The three doors need another coat of paint before the handles are added.

So we took a trip out to a tile showroom and found some tiles we liked, bought a couple of samples to decide which to go with.

We need white to help give the kitchen some light but were thinking of maybe having a line of the blue going round too.

We considered this teal blue also but decided the darker blue would be better.

However I wanted something different for behind the range cooker and saw some nice patterned tiles
 which turned out to be William Morris ! I know I cannot seem to escape from the man!

I am really fancying these for behind the range and have ordered a sample so I can decide for sure.

We also liked these which we saw in the store , these are based on the arts and crafts movement too.

 much lighter but introduces red, I do like red but was planning on keeping to blues and yellows.
 So we'll decide once the samples arrive as to which one we go with but it's WM that have the edge at present.

Because we are going to have the patterned tiles behind the range , we'll just have the long white tiles between the units and worktops.

Well another month's passed in a blur! Tomorrow we start the second half of the year, July a lovely month, in which I have a week off! and also a birthday !

So wishing everyone a happy healthy week ahead.



  1. It's coming together and looking good! I love the blue paint color and also all of your potential tile choices. You can't go wrong with William Morris! The hot weather makes me very unmotivated, and I especially dislike heat and high humidity together.

  2. New kitchen looking really good. Love the tiles too.
    The hot weather didn't arrive here - it's been warm but too many showers!
    Hope you're having a great birthday and fun week.

  3. Hi Dee!
    Now as much as I like the WM tiles (they are gorgeous), if it was my kitchen, I would go with the arts & craft one and use the border tile shown at the bottom, as the accent with a subway tile in the same colour as the background. But it's not my kitchen and I'm sure you will make up your own mind, after all you will be the one using the kitchen. :)
    P.S. you can send some of that heat downunder, I love the heat!

  4. You've been busy and it shows, the kitchen is coming along nicely. I like the white sink and drainer, and those patterned tiles are beautiful!