Saturday 8 June 2019


"Toby! Your not supposed to be outside!" Zak calls after Toby, who is hurrying down the garden
" Yes I am " answers Toby

" You are not! " says Zak catching up " Mum said you was not allowed out after school for a month because you went to Norfolk "
" Exactly !" says Toby

" Exactly? " asks Zak
"Yes exactly " replies Toby " Mum said I was not allowed outside after school for a month  correct?
" Yes"
" Well it's Saturday so there is no school so I can come outside "

Zak's not quite sure that's what Mum meant when she banned Toby but asks instead " Why are we going to the folly? "
" Because " Toby says , finally stopping , so Zak can catch his breath....

" Because " repeats Toby his voice lowering " Last night when everyone was in bed ,I was standing on the kitchen counter trying to reach the biscuits when I saw a bright light and heard a thud at the bottom of the garden "
Keeping his own voice low Zak asks " How did you see a light if you had your head in the biscuit barrel? "
" I didn't have my head in the biscuit barrel! " says Toby raising his voice, then dropping it low again " I'd dropped a biscuit on the counter and was trying to find it when this light appeared, I saw the biscuit , then wondered where the light had come from! "
" And "
"and it came from down here because I was facing the back doors and could see the light through the gap in the curtains !" says Toby triumphantly

Then Toby's off again heading for the archway into the folly, Zak hurries on behind.

The boys stop near to the opening. Toby looks serious, Zak worried.
" What if it was an alien space craft ? " worried Zak
" Cool!" says Toby

" Maybe you'd best stay here Zak, then you can go get help if it's aliens!" Toby says gleefully
"Let's go get help anyway " Zak pleads shakily
" Nah ! "

Toby goes over to the archway, then looks inside " Wow! " he exclaims turning to Zak he calls " You just got to see this! " then he's gone.

Zak moves closer to the archway , he's feeling a little sick in his stomach " Toby ! Toby ! " he calls softly not wanting to let any aliens inside know he's around!

Muttering to himself shakily " Toby if you are being eaten by an alien I'm never talking to you again!" he moves closer and peeps round .

Once he manages to open his eyes , which were refusing to open, he sees Toby grinning at him.

"Come on Zak " calls Toby loudly " Look it's Santa's sleigh ! In our garden! "

Finally Zak manages to unfreeze his limbs and walks up to Toby . "Why would Santa's sleigh be in our garden in June! " he tells Toby " It must belong to Mum or Dad "
" What would they be doing with a red sleigh just like Santa's ? "
" How do you know Santa's sleigh is red? "
" because it is "
" That's not an answer " scoffs Zak

" We need to hide it " Toby looks around " maybe we could pull it into those bushes? "
" Why do we need to hide it? "
" Because we don't want the others nabbing it, it's ours, our secret " grins Toby happily
" according to you it's Santa's and he'll probably be back tonight to claim it !"
" Not " says Toby smugly " If he cannot find it!"

" That's stealing! " says Zak shocked
" Is not!"
"Is Too !"
"Too" "
while they are arguing they fail to notice they are no longer alone...

"Just great " something sighs " Kids "

to be continued....



  1. Ooooh how intriguing! What on earth is Santa's sleigh doing in your garden in June???? Love the two boys...I always enjoy seeing Toby and Zac!

  2. The stories you write about these two mischievous boys are really great Dee and the photo are wonderful. I, like Sharon always enjoy seeing them.
    Big hugs,

  3. Never a dull moment with those two. If it is indeed Santa's sleigh, stealing it will most certainly result in stockings full of coal for both boys come Christmas time. I suppose June is too early to be worrying about things like that.

  4. Ha ha! That Toby! He's a boy after my own heart (and his Mum's I think?) - biscuit first, look to see what the strange light in the sky is second.

    Well boys - I think it would be absolutely perfect if Santa came twice a year instead of just once. Were you particularly good from December 2018 until now? Do you merit a second delivery of prezzies from Santa? Fingers crossed for you because I think all the Sasha Villagers (even Mr. Mossy and Lucas) deserve amid-summer Christmas. But, as the Gregor Daddies point out, stealing the sleigh might not be your best option......

  5. These Toby and Zac story posts are always my very favourite (as are the Bramber Bear snippets.) Just love to see their so very different reactions and interpretations to these situations and the way they 'bounce' off each other.
    BTW.I had completely forgotten about The Folly.
    More please!

  6. So what can it be - a lost reindeer or something more sinister??

  7. I lay awake all night, tossing and turning and not only because my stringing has broken and my head fallen off. This seemed to be A VERY WORRYING SITUATION. My birthday is in December and if Santa might be popping up in June, maybe Christmas and my birthday would be cancelled?

    Then, at 4 a.m. it struck me. OF COURSE!!!!! Mr. Dad is such a lovely person, HE must be Santa! There we were, thinking Santa lives at the North Pole and all the time, he's actually situated in the South East of England and the North Pole story is just a myth to throw us off the scent.

    Maybe I should go down to The Sasha Village to check out my theory?
    Bertie Button.