Sunday, 14 August 2022


 Well, it appears the dry and hot weather is carrying on until Monday! After another week of the temperature ever increasing, I had hoped their forecast of a big drop in temperature form Monday was going to happen but now it seems another day and night to get through!

The promise of even a dash of rain never seems, to arrive along with rumours of thunderstorms! another myth, at least around these parts!

So, very little getting done around here at present and likely to remain that way while the weather tries to fry us!

Who among you read books? I ask because I have so many books I have recently read and have nowhere to actually put them without making things/places look untidy. So, do you read actual physical books? or do you kindle your books? 

I'm beginning to feel I should maybe treat myself to a kindle and start having books that way, much cheaper and no issues storing them etc. But on the other hand, I love having a physical book when I read! Maybe some of you avid readers out there, who maybe now use a Kindle can tell me if it's worth going along that route?

The newspaper I read is trying to encourage people to buy the paper in an online form, again it would be cheaper, save having to go and get one but cannot decide!

Part of me thinks, from an environmental standpoint, reducing the physical newspaper/ book will save lord knows how many trees, which we need to save the plant but the other side of me thinks will I be happy just reading from a kindle/laptop? 

Just a few that have found a space in front of others on a shelf!

However, on the doll front chaos is reigning!  I have just finished a layaway and then committed to another one! Bad! A friend offered me a doll who used to live here, and I'd love to get her back, so she is on the backburner.

Meanwhile I sold two Schoenhut dolls to a friend and did buy a couple of cheap outfits for a couple of my non-Sasha's who have been stuck in their original clothing for years! But the rest of the money is needed towards the garden remodelling!

I have been supposed to sort through more of the unused clothing to sell, but that's not happened yet! Part of me thinks sell it all and just keep what doesn't sell and start again but another side is, but I like all the clothes and some you cannot get hold of so easily anymore!

Poor Monica is still dressed as if she's off to visit for Sunday tea while all her siblings are mostly dressing in shorts and tee's. So that is something I will be doing this coming week, changing a few of the dolls into summer clothes because that is sure to bring along colder rainy weather.

I'll probably not be blogging for a few weeks, although I may put on a photo now and then, but I will be back on 1st September with a tale or two.

So, have a lovely healthy fulfilled couple of weeks and I will return soon



  1. Monica looks so sweet in her dress, I'm not sure she will appreciate summer clothes. Maybe just put off shoes and socks and run bare footed?
    I also love to read physical books and you would be baffled about the amount of books piled in my home. But place somehow is a matter of opinion, I think.
    A kindle seems to help keeping trees alive, and since I love trees so much it seemed to be a good way. But on the other side, they say there is so much energy needed to run PCs and the internet, all those servers, so the online reading of newspapers does not really help that much as we are used to think. And then the eyes grow tired by looking on screens. So I do not have a kindle or do read much online. But I always love to read your stories so I look forward to the ones you have already in mind...
    Stay healthy and have a good time!

    1. I agree that it becomes another screen that we have to look at and what if the battery needs topping up when I get to a good bit and don't want to put it down?
      I too love trees and I think i could plant a couple in the garden to compensate for my paper use!
      Stories coming in September... :)

  2. We have a subscription to the hardcopy of the NYT for my dad, and that includes access to the online edition too. I find lots of interesting articles in the physical copy that I never run across online, I think because visibility online is influenced by what others are looking at. Not sure I would like a Kindle, as I do like to hold a physical book, plus if you accidentally leave a book somewhere, you're only out the one book. I try to conserve in other ways - like buying Sasha dolls, which were made decades ago, and therefore use no new resources! Speaking of which, it's good to hear that someone else is being 'bad' too. Let's be bad together!

    1. That's interesting about not the same content due to other influences. And yes what if I lost my kindle with all my books on? or are they stored elsewhere? But then I'd have to buy another kindle to get at them!
      Yes Sasha! I am already doing my bit for sustainability buying Sasha's and other 'used' dolls etc
      I'm with you lets go bad d d d d d ! :)