Friday 5 January 2024


 Five days into the new year already, so time for those lovely doll photos to share.

And what a great photo to start this year's doll photos with a group of button nosed Gregoropolis family from daddy Steve. They told him they were welcoming the new year with ginger beer... at least he thought they said ginger beer..

Here in the village a young bear cub is hiding behind a Christmas scene while explaining to granny Fortuna that he was tripped up and robbed of his clothes! Granny rolls her eyes knowing just who the culprit is!

Meanwhile some young toddler is hanging with his crew and very pleased with himself!

Chris from the north sends us a photo of her sweet red head with teddy.

From Chris in the south, we have Hattie with her teddy.

From RoRoPo ,Clara is wearing her summer hat, just in case it arrives early, summer that is!  while Holly ,  Julchen and Adelheid know that winter is still going to carry on sweeping across the country !

Thank you to those sending in their photos, still time to have yours added, just send them in.

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