Tuesday 2 January 2024



 I hope you all had a lovely restful Christmas and a good new years eve. 

So a new year starts and who knows what it will be bring us. Here in the uk, it's more grey cold days at present with only the odd burst of sunshine but the shortest day's been and gone, so the days will get longer and hopefully brighter.

Here in the Sasha village it's going to be the year of the house and garden, well I say garden but in truth it's always the year of the garden because something always needs doing!

But now we are getting older and so are some of the things in the house, so we will be having some work done to get the place sorted for our old age! 

It's also appears to be a green year with a splash of lavender/ purple! One of the first things we have done, even before this new year started, was to go and order two new sofas for out living room. I'd already seen and decided on which style of sofa I wanted but needed to go to a showroom and try it out and see it in the 'flesh' so to speak. Now as you will all know, what something looks like in a magazine or advert, can look a lot different when seen for real.

I have seen a year or so back an armchair in a beautiful William Morris fabric, in a golden yellow which I loved and then they started showing it in a red version. Perfect I thought! I could have one of the sofas in the WM fabric in red and another in a plain red to compliment it. So sat on sofas, got a swatch of the colours, got a price, but was going to wait for the sales to start after Christmas before placing order.

But even while I was in the showroom, I stated that the swatch of fabric was different to the colours in the armchair advert photos, oh no they say it's just how it's been lit! Yeah right. So once back home I looked at the fabric and decided that it was nothing like the fabric on the advert and if I did order a sofa in it, I would be bitterly disappointed in what arrived! I had also suggested to Paul about having two different sofa's, which he'd disagreed with at the time. Another thing about taking some time to decide. allowed me to realise that we were about to buy sofas in almost exactly the same colour we always seemed to have bought our sofas in! 

So once the sales started we went back to the showroom, but took Lindsey with us, to have a sounding board, a great help. She agreed that two different sofa's would work which allowed me to have a beautiful checked fabric I'd seen that wouldn't work on the bigger sofa due to lining up but would work on the second smaller sofa, then I found the perfect swatch! Gorgeous greens with a splash of lavender! It sang to me! So once that was decided on, it was easy then to get the bigger sofa in plain Lavender! A big change from the deep burgandy red of our original choice! It means we may have to tweak the room slightly, since it's mainly blue and red but so be it!


Libby and Magda wearing this years house colours. One of the reasons I say it's going to be the year of green and lavender/purple is the kitchen! Yes I know we did start but ever really finished the kitchen and I was very happy with my deep dark blue cupboard doors, however it's not been finished and over the last year I have decided that it's too dark and needs a total refit! I know I know again! But yes it does and funnily enough I decided that a mid to pale green would be the answer to brightening it up! This was before the sofa colourway was decided! In fact I looked at lilac's and lavender too! 

Now it seams that the breakfast kitchen area of the downstairs is to be completely changed about and cupboards etc moved and changed made. Naturally I'm all ready to empty cupboards and start moving things that we can, while Paul's we need to order in the new appliances and units etc before we start! Mmm , so I have started emptying a few cupboards of things we never use, so the local charity shops will be getting some good quality kitchen/dinning items over the next few weeks and if a small cupboard finds it's self suddenly moved across the floor so I can 'see' if an idea will work, well it must need doing!

On the doll front, I nearly ended the year on a new doll purchase but it was half hearted, so I was outbid ! A shame she was a nice doll but it wasn't meant to be. Everything else is calm and still in my doll world at present and likely to stay that way for a while , what with my tooth extraction happening on Wednesday, and the house refurb decisions being made, but hopefully the Sasha will be appearing on and off over these coming winter months. I will do doll photo day again this year on the fifth of each month, you are welcome to join in if you have time to take or send in a photo.

Now I'm off to find somewhere I can store all the things that will need moving while we pull the downstairs apart over the next few months.

Wishing you all a happy healthy fun filled 2024


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